Welcome to the movie club for Steal My Heart, starring the lovable Joo Won and the hilarious Kim Ah Joong! HallyuTanya, Firlambe, and Aunnie are here to bring you the best and worst of this film, so let's jump into this romantic comedy!

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Initial Impressions

Tanya: For me, there were a lot of unexpected, slightly cartoonish elements to this movie that stuck out for me, but in a good way.

Firnlambe: First impression was, dear God what did I get myself into. I knew there would be comedy, I just wasn’t expecting it to be so cheesy at times.

Aunnie: I really liked the cartoonish aspect of it, for some reason, it seemed to make the cheesy jokes much better and it merged smoothly with the rest of the movie.

The Characters

Tanya: I was really into the contrast of these characters. First we have a woman as the thief, which is not all that common, and the man was extremely naive. I think it was well played as far as the storyline went throughout the movie. It was also nice to get some of those flashbacks to how they knew each other in the past. I love Joo Won as a actor because he is so versatile...

Aunnie: I liked the dynamics as well and these two, I think they played off each other very well and made the movie funny because of it. Joo Won’s facial expressions were hysterical.

Firnlambe: Agreed, Joo Won’s ability to express his feelings in his facial features were classic. But I’m not sure if I like his character’s interacting with Ah Joong better or his constant personal struggle to keep her hidden from his coworkers more.

Memorable Scenes

Aunnie: Him attempting to keep her hidden was by far my favorite part. The costume he wore, priceless. Shout out to him in military garb!

Tanya: I think by far by favorite scene was him squirming in the back of the room as they reviewed the security camera footage from the drugstore. Jin Sook saves him with cough syrup and the cops laugh at his actions unknowingly.

Firnlambe: The scene that stands out the most to me is probably that initial introduction we had to the comedic humor. When they had the serial killer just flying through the air after being hit by the car, I was honest to God on the floor laughing.

Aunnie: Honestly, any scene that had Ah Joong in it--but probably the part with the gundam figurine. It was horrible breaking off just the arm but to practically crush the figurine in your grasp . . . she’s lucky she lived at all. Or, actually, Joo Won is lucky he didn’t have an aneurism! Over. (tee-hee-hee)

Tanya: I would have died if someone broke a collectable… I think the scene where Joo Won’s character, Ho Tae, is waiting with the flowers and couple rings pretty much broke my heart though. I was overtaken with feels on that one. I knew there was no way for that to end well. Did anyone else have similar feelings?

Aunnie: I’m a cryer. I mean, I can downright bawl at certain kdramas, but this one didn’t get me as much despite Joo Won being an amazing cryer (and I should know, I keep a record of my favorite Kdrama cryers). I think it had something to do with knowing they were going to work out no matter what.

Firnlambe: For me, I really have to be attached to the story’s characters. And honestly that is something only a few plot points can make me do. Like in last week’s Movie Club about all those personal stories….man my tear ducts got a work out there. This story didn’t really give me any sort of feels to that extent.

Tanya: I am still trying to figure out Jin Sook. Why teach people to steal and keep stealing if you have been so profitable? Isn’t there a point that you should just quit?

Aunnie: Maybe for thrills? I actually thought those scenes were kind of cute; we had the police’s POV which made her out to be this slick and sly woman when really, she’s Ms. Suzy Homemaker teaching gentle older people how to steal and get away with it. Over.

Firnlambe: I think she just got bored with life, she was able to secure all this “security” but in the end she still just felt empty. So she tried to fill the gap the only way she knew how, teaching others how to steal. Though I have to admit, my favorite “lesson” had to have been between her and Ho Tae. From him learning to pick the locked door, and failing miserably, to their reverse pick-pocket session . . . I was lovin every minute of it.

Tanya: The pick-pocket scene was… intense. I really do love that Ho Tae, in spite of knowing everything Jin Sook was doing was wrong, fell into her lifestyle willingly. His panic when she picked the lock on the door to his apartment after their accident was especially hilarious to me because he has gotten hurt but decided that beating his head into the taxi seat was a good idea. He doesn’t know how to handle her and that made it somewhat believable.

Aunnie: Yes, I loved those moments too! I think it showed the depth of their feelings despite being apart for 10 years. It as very obvious that his feelings for her surpassed even his sense of right and wrong. Doesn’t hurt that she looked adorable doing illegal things.

Tanya: I’ll take her lace up pants in black, please.

Aunnie: Great club wear, but as a Thieving Master . . . ? Not so much. Although, I suppose if the threat of getting arrested loomed over you every day, you might as well look good for your mug shot, right? (I’d make a joke about Justin Bieber, but honestly . . . he’s not worth it.)


Tanya: It was an okay movie. I like its unexpected comedic moments, but I think I could have been better.

Firnlambe: Personally this wasn’t my favorite movie, but I’d recommend people watch it at least once. The writers mixed the comedy, romantic undertones, and seriousness in such a way that things never really felt out of place. Even when the jokes and humor got a bit cheesy. 

Aunnie: I liked it enough to attempt to have my mother watch it (which means I liked it a lot) and I would recommend it but I’d only recommend it to people I think would like it—if that narrows down my answer.

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