Happy Labor Day, everybody! Who spent the weekend at the beach? At a barbecue? The Movie Club was watching The Huntresses and laughing up a storm. It was the perfect movie to celebrate the holidays with friends. Come join Pamela, Caroline, and Janice as we discuss what we loved about the new DramaFever movie!

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Caroline: What a fun weekend movie! It seemed fitting (and totally satisfying) that it was Labor Day Weekend and I was watching someone else “Labor” away (^___^) lol. It was undeniably catchy for a historical style movie, hilarious! I think if it had been another boring historical movie I would’ve been heartbroken because that’s just not what I’m used to seeing when I watch anything with Ha Ji Won.

Janice: The Huntresses was a really lighthearted romp for me. I have to admit, the comparison to Charlie’s Angels combined with Ha Ji Won was what made me want to watch it. I enjoyed the action comedy and was pleasantly surprised by the tech elements that gave the movie a slight steampunk-inspired feel. It sort of reminded me of Joss Whedon’s Hercules and Xena TV series.

Pamela: I wasn’t sure what to expect when pressing play - all I knew was that Ha Ji Won and Ga In were in the movie, and that it would have action in it. By the time I saw Ha Ji Won with her trusty yo-yo, it was obvious I was in for a fun ride. Now, as the summer ends, I’ll have my memories of that yo-yo to get me through the next year…

Caroline: Ji Won, Ugh, I truly love her acting. To me she’s everything and a bag of chips in this movie. It’s as if she submerges herself in her characters, it never feels off with her.

Pamela: Ha Ji Won is just an amazing and exquisite actress… *sighs* Normally, I feel a little put off when I’ve seen her put on her cute act (but only because I didn’t have enough time to expect or get used to it), but here...it was just great. I loved the fun she brought to the screen, and I was not left hanging without her signature glare.

Caroline: It was different to see Ga In acting though. I actually still don’t know how to feel about watching her on a screen for more than 3 minutes of music while she tells people to shove off, and I don’t know if her character was supposed to be giving off the “I really don’t feel like doing any significant amount of acting” vibe, just me?

Pamela: I agree with Caroline-unni to an extent, but I like the brush-off energy I got from her character because she reminded me of Paine from Final Fantasy X-2. I enjoyed her quite a bit, but it would have been nice to get a little more from her, in the end.

Caroline: As for Ye Won, I’ve never seen her act in anything so there’s nothing to compare it to, it was alright … I didn’t really understand what was going on with the mother in law, and then the husband .. Like, wait, what?

Pamela: I wasn’t sure what her character was supposed to be until halfway through, either, to be honest. It was nice that Hong Dan was an unni trying to look out for Ga Bi, but the way she was introduced was both charming, amusing, and confusing.

Janice: I totally agree with you both, I wasn’t sure if Ga In’s character was meant to be one- dimensional or if it was her acting skills. Ha Ji Won and the rest of the cast didn’t disappoint though, I loved Mu Myeong! I found his vacillation between being tough and being a coward amusing. I also loved that scene when Jin Ok visits Hong Dan’s mother-in-law and asks Hong Dan to show off her skills! We see that Hong Dan is the exact opposite of the wife stereotype, she can throw hairpins like knives, she can break stone, she can fight and is basically a badass. Her husband can do the cooking, thank you very much.

Caroline: But then what was the point?! Like she already hates her, does it matter if she’s a kick ass fighter who could potentially kill her? I don’t know. I didn’t get it =D lol She still won’t please the mother in law because mother in law wants a woman who will baby her already spoiled son.

Janice: Haha, I just thought it was a way for Jin Ok to defend Hong Dan against her mother-in-law in a pleasant, non-combative way. Her mother-in-law was ranting about Hong Dan being useless and in the end, everyone’s bowing down to each other. But yeah, I agree, the mother-in-law just wants Hong Dan to worship her son like she does.

Pamela: All the scene was was a tiny bit of exposition for her as a fighter and a bit more cute time for Ha Ji Won - which is still appreciated. They never revisited the scene or the relationships, but at least we got to see Hong Dan being graceful for five seconds before she kept falling everywhere (like we all do). I liked the scene a lot when it happened, but looking back on it now...it was just for laughs. Laughs were what I enjoyed most from the movie, though, so I’m not complaining. :)

Caroline: Mu Myeong, OMG, doesn’t he remind you of that Moulin Rouge guy? With the mustache? Zidler?

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Janice: Ha! Now that you mention it, yes, but in a less evil way. Speaking of things that the movie never revisited, there was one part that the writers left hanging that I wished they’d resolved in the end. How did Sa Hyeon lose his memories? I guess I can just chalk it up to Kim Ja Heon beating Sa Hyeon when he was a kid or something, causing him to lose his memories, but I wanted more than that, gosh darnit!

Pamela: I didn’t even really get that he had amnesia until he got stabbed and Ja Heon told him as much. I just thought he was being a little...jerk. This was one of the sloppier uses of memory loss, but at least I got to see my ducking fork again (my nickname for the guy after I saw Sly and Single Again). But still, I’m not sure which would have made more sense: memory loss or just being a little meanie stupid pants.

Janice: He was in Sly and Single Again? Now I have to go watch that!

Caroline: He was also a stud muffin Doctor in Good Doctor Janice! (Wink Wink).

Pamela: Shameless drama advertising’s always fun.

Janice: Haha, you guys are killing me. You both have just added 2 more reasons why I will be sleep-deprived in the coming weeks.

Caroline: *Sigh* .. It’s shameless that we only watch dramas for the chocolate abs ... I think the fact that younger Jin Ok looks nothing like older Jin Ok is a good reason to not know who she is. There’s nothing I hate more than “Memory Loss” anything in Korean Dramas or Movies. It’s almost as if the writer had no idea how to explain something that they decided pushing the amnesia button was the perfect way to just slide through it. Ugh. La Dramaland Frustrations.

Janice: Exactly! I wanted something a little more clever than the convenient amnesia card.

Pamela: The writers just didn’t have many options, I guess. He had his chance to redeem himself at the very end, and there weren’t many other ways that would have made his sudden shift to Team Yo Yo make sense.

Janice: Ha! Team Yo Yo, I like that. All in all, it was a minor detail and it didn’t detract from the movie in a big way.

Pamela: There were a bunch of leftover details and a few plot holes, but the movie was hilarious enough to make up for all that…so it was a great way to end the summer!

Janice: Absolutely! The Huntresses is a mood picker-upper, something to de-stress your day with.

Caroline: Definitely a must watch. Fill those Queues, grab your popcorn, and preferably a small drink because you might just laugh it down your trachea.

As a side note, does this (picture below) not remind you of “100 Days with Mr. Arrogant”?

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Who watched The Huntresses over the weekend? What did you think? Who were your favorite characters and what were your favorite scenes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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