A blind woman regains her sight, only to find her boyfriend doesn't want her to see his face. Join Zombie, Wendilynn and Taleena as we discuss this week's movie, The Beast and the Beauty, starring Shin Min Ah and Ryoo Seung Bum.

Watch the movie now:

Taleena: Well, I don’t know about you ladies, but I loved this movie. It helps that Shin Min Ah is my favorite K Drama actress.

Zombie: I laughed so many times during this film. It was so funny! Frustrating at times but still funny.

Wendilynn: I also had a fun time with this movie. For me the quirky character I was paying attention to was the gangster.

Zombie: I enjoyed this film quite a bit, I was only frustrated with Dong Gun assuming he was too ugly to be with Hae Joo. I mean I get his insecurities and all but he took them way too far.

Wendilynn: I agree it was frustrating, but look how her family freaked out when he showed up at the hospital.

Taleena: I half expected this to segue into a Cyrano story. I am glad that his prosecutor friend really was a friend and helped bring them back together. I LOVED how she was able to understand how much he really did love her. The scene where she saw his picture folded back was moving. They had a good pay off with all the characters. 

Wendilynn: I agree the pay off was very good. I laughed when we started to get to know the prosecutor. From how they build him up you’re expecting this suave playboy type and he was a total dork. lol Handsome yes, but just had no clue how to win a girl.

Taleena: Yeah it really was Dong Gun’s perspective versus the reality.

Wendilynn: That was really a running theme throughout this whole movie. Perception vs. Reality.

Zombie: I think my favorite character in this entire movie was Dragon 17. He was so stinking hilarious with his constant plots to murder Tak Jun Ha and the way Dong Gun was constantly trying to get away from all the crazy. I think the best part was when Dong Gun just gave up trying to run away and befriended the crazy mobster. I absolutely loved their interaction, it was so darn funny.

Taleena: I loved him too, although I am sure I was influenced by recently seeing him play Il Rak’s dad in Tomorrow’s Cantabile.

Zombie: That certainly didn’t hurt anything!

Wendilynn: That was what I kept thinking. “This is what ll Rak’s Dad would be like if he were a gangster”. Here he was trying to kill the prosecutor to get a higher standing in the gang and he was about as threatening as a cotton ball.

Taleena: I just felt so happy in the end when he used the toy sword on Tak Jun Ha. Proving, if only to himself, how tough he was able to be an assassin - if he wanted.

Zombie: Well the way he came out of nowhere with that plastic knife proves that he might have the skills to be an assassin after all. I mean he would have been quite successful had that knife been real. Maybe it took him an entire movie to develop those skills but I think he had them. He just chose not to use them at that moment which made me smile. A crook with a conscience is always fun.

Wendilynn: The way he hid behind the wall to taunt Jun Ha and how relieved he was when he didn’t hit him while stuck on the shopping cart told me he couldn’t really hurt anyone. It was funny how he kept mis-interpreting everything to try and goad Dong Gun on to do the work for him. 

Taleena: Everyone in his gang made me laugh for some reason. When Shin Min Ah tries to wipe off the tattoos they all fell in love with her. Bald Gangster freaking out when Tak Jun Ha almost flipped his desk was great.

Zombie: I loved how Hae Joo was able to charm an entire paddy wagon full of gangsters and had the biggest, toughest of them wrapped around her little finger. The way he wore that handkerchief around his neck… I was cracking up. Again, a bad guy with a soft spot, how can you not love that?

Wendilynn: She was just adorable the whole way. She was never a wilting flower. She wasn’t simple. And when she got pissed she beat the crap out of people. lol 

Taleena: It’s the dimples, she has an irresistible smile. Wendilynn, you are right - she never is a wilting flower, but still manages to be vulnerable. Wow! The lounge singer had an AMAZING voice.


Wendilynn: Yeah, she did. I was jealous.

Zombie: I just wanted to hang out there for a while, listen to the music and just chill. It seemed like a very cool place and I loved that Hae Joo was the pianist. What a great job. I was jealous of that, getting to play good music all night long. I’d love that.

Taleena: That band was great. I play and a good group has a vibe together.

Wendilynn: Yes they did. I found it interesting that when she went back after getting her sight back, she discovered that she needed to still play with her eyes closed. And that was her journey while she waited for her boyfriend to show back up. Finding out that this beautiful world she had inhabited with him was not really so beautiful by herself.

Zombie: It’s such a romantic idea isn’t it? That the world isn’t nearly as lovely when you haven’t got someone around to make it so. Wow. I sound like such a sap!

Taleena: Hey, being a sap is OK. You make up for grinch like folks whose hearts are two sizes too small.

Zombie: Maybe I’m more of a hopeless romantic. That sounds about right. Either way, the idea of having someone in your life who makes the world a better place is quite romantic and I loved that. I also loved the fact that it didn’t matter what Dong Gun looked like on the outside but it was his inner beauty that brightened Hae Joo’s world. Again, that’s just so romantic! Yup, I’m a sap.

Wendilynn: I’m a sap right with you. Our lives are so much brighter with loved ones in it, then when we are by ourselves.

Taleena: So over all how many stars would you give this? I give 5 of 5 stars. I am going to make the Dear Husband watch this one with me. I’ll give him the big cute eye flutters.

Wendilynn: I thought you said he didn’t fall for those? lol I would give this 4 out of 5 because while I enjoyed this a lot, its a light hearted romantic comedy but not one that I consider a “must see”.

Zombie: I give it 4 out of 5 as well. It was good but I didn’t feel the need to rush out and tell the rest of the world they had to go watch it right this second. I’m not even sure I’d watch it a second time. Maybe if I ran out of dramas to watch and I was in the mood for a hearty chuckle every now and then...

Taleena: I’ll make him meatball sub Wendilynn; THAT’ll reel him in. I just love Shin Min Ah so much it bumped it to my must watch list.

Wendilynn: She’s always fun to watch and is in some really fun movies. I also liked our two male leads and they played their roles well. 

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