Who doesn’t love a clever heist movie? Add in a stellar cast that not only keeps us on our toes but pleases our eyes, and you have the perfect formula for a date-night movie that even the guys will appreciate. Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe, and me, Cici, as we discuss the latest DramaFever movie treat, The Technicians.

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead. LOTS of spoilers.  

Wendilynn: And a treat is right. I referred to this movie as candy with a twist, because it was just so much fun to watch that it was fun like candy.

Cici: LOL. Well, there certainly was enough eye candy. I mean, does Kim Woo Bin even know how to take a bad picture?


Cici: I rest my case.

Wendilynn: All three main actors were great to watch. Kim Woo Bin wasn’t the only one whose performance I enjoyed.

Firnlambe: There were so many people in this film . . . it actually startled me that I recognized as many as I did. Though I’ll be honest it took me nearly the entire movie to place where I had seen Cho’s head minion. I just couldn’t place him without his long Joseon era locks.


Wendilynn: Firnlambe, are you referring to Scarface? I was also startled to see him. I first saw him in What’s Up and enjoyed him in that show. I loved watching how deadly he was. I got a kick out of that, for some reason.

Firnlambe: Yeah! Scarface . . . He’s also in Shine or Go Crazy as one of the Princes, but his demeanor and long hair really is polar opposite to his bad ass persona here in the film.

Cici: I loved seeing Go Chang Suk from Kill Me, Heal Me. He is one of my favorite character actors. He’s not only humorous, he just seems so huggable.


Wendilynn: Doesn’t he, though? He’s like a favorite uncle you can’t wait to hang out with. His role in this movie was both fun and very, very nervous. lol

Cici: I was really surprised at how well Lee Hyun Woo played his part as well. Kept me guessing up to the very end.


Wendilynn: He was very convincing as the betrayer. I bought it hook, line and sinker until the reveal.

Firnlambe: I bought it right up until he stabbed Koo In . . . as soon as he went all stabby stab, I just knew something had to be up.

Wendilynn: I was still buying it up until he went to rescue the girl. I had figured that Ji Hyuk had figured he would be betrayed and so was counting on it as part of his plan. At least, that is what I was hoping.

Firnlambe: Ok we should curb our raging Fangirl selves just enough to move on. I totally love everything about how the plot went down. I thought I had it figured out and then BAM! twists and turns for everyone!

Cici: I appreciated the foreshadowing that was part of the early plot development. When Ji Hyuk mentioned that his process for counterfeiting money was susceptible to alcohol, and that that might come in handy, I wondered how that would affect the plot.


Wendilynn: I have to admit I thought that scene was a throw away. I was really confused for the first part of this movie because the phoenix statue steal, the diamond robbery and the counterfeit money didn’t make sense to me at first. It wasn’t until the police found the secret planning room that it all fell together for me and I realized that all the earlier scenes were part of the overall plan. Up till that point, I just considered those scenes plot devices to show how clever Ji Hyuk was.


Firnlambe: It may not have been noticeable how they were all connected but HUGE kudos to the extremely talented writers working on this movie. I just may have to squirrel away their names so I can be on the look out for their future works.

Cici: I’m with both of you--I did not realize that each heist was just a set-up for the real plan until the end. It was so cleverly put together, I really had to watch it twice to catch on. Money was never the motive--it was all about justice... tinged, of course, with revenge.

Wendilynn: This movie held its secrets VERY well. When the reveal started near the end, I was surprised with how much I had not noticed or taken seriously.

Firnlambe: I have to say it . . . . please tell me I wasn’t the only one who was glad to see the bumbling idiot side kick from Triangle and Shine or Go Crazy in a more “sane” role.


Cici: After seeing Shin Seung Hwan in Triangle I had a hard time taking him seriously as a clever cop. At least for the first few scenes. I eventually warmed up to him, though.

Wendilynn: Now see, I first saw him in Blade Man as the female lead’s best friend. So I was happy to see him as the head cop. Now what I really appreciated was that the cops were not stupid in this movie. They understood they were behind the 8 ball so to speak. They knew they were dealing with someone very clever and so just went to work. I really appreciated that they didn’t make the cops dumb. I also loved that Ji Hyuk made them part of his plan, although they didn’t realize that.

Firnlambe: Good grief--I’m having a really tough time finding anything I didn’t particularly like about this movie. Normally there is at least something that I feel could have been better. WAIT!!! I know!! I wish they had given Woo Bin more of a character that was spectacularly smart AND able to throw a punch like a pro. His lead pipe skills need some work.

Wendilynn: You do realize that he was expecting them to show up, right? He wasn’t trying to really fight back hard.

Cici: You also realize that this was not Healer, right?

Firnlambe: yes yes yes . . . . but it’s so much more pleasing to the eye when they can kick ass while being super intelligent. I did mention that there was very little in this movie for me to nit-pick at lol.

Wendilynn: I didn’t mind the lack of severe fighting skills since the plot twists were more than enough to satisfy me. As I think about what each set up meant, I just enjoy this movie so much more. For instance, the scene where he’s setting up the fake company papers and gets caught by President Cho. All of that was to give the guys switching the money more time. Did I realize that at the time? NOOOOOOOO, I had to think about it for awhile. I love when a movie does that.

Cici: It just shows how well the lead character is able to understand and predict human nature, and then use that ability to further his own plans. It’s especially nice when the audience is allowed to catch on...it makes us feel equally clever!

Wendilynn: So, final recommendations?

Cici: Two thumbs enthusiastically up! 

Wendilynn: I can happily recommend this movie to anyone. This is a good date movie because both parties will find something to enjoy in this movie. The twists, even though you are expecting them from a heist movie, are still surprising. If you like Ocean’s Eleven, The Italian Job or Insadong Scandal than you will really enjoy this movie.

Firnlambe: THIEF!!! Do not channel your inner Technician and steal all of the analogies I was wanting to make //silently plots a Drama Club revenge// . . . . . yes to all of the above. If you love having awesome characters who don’t end up dying on you -- (¬_¬) I’m looking at you Secretly Greatly -- and you love just being able to sit back and enjoy a movie for exactly what it is, then this movie is right up your alley.

So there you have it, from the ladies who should know! Watch this movie with a friend, with your significant other, or all by yourself—just watch it! And let us know what you thought about it in the comments below!

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