Drama Debussie: Hello, fellow Movie Clubbers! This week we watched The Two Faces of My Girlfriend, which is not only a classic (at least to me) but a definite fave of mine. It made me love Bong Tae Gyu even more and made me finally (FINALLY) forgive Jung Ryeo Won for being the thorn in my side while watching My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

Watch now:

Zombie: I can see why this is a favorite of yours. It’s fantastic! Not only are the characters adorable, they’re surprisingly deep, which means you have so many reasons to love them and the story itself takes such an unexpected turn that you find yourself wondering what just happened, which, I admit, may sound bad but actually it’s a good thing. At least I thought it was.

Wendilynn: I admit that I had a hard time getting through the first 15 minutes. The introduction of his character was just not attractive in any way. I didn’t like it, but once he meets the girl, he totally changes and the movie was great after that. lol

Drama Debussie: The beginning was a little shaky seeing that it didn’t exactly match the themes that we later were exposed to but after that it was smooth sailing. With the exception of the rather surprising dark twist that came to smack us in our faces. We’ll get to that soon.

Wendilynn: That twist at the halfway mark you don’t see coming at all. But, to keep to our introductions, I will say the one funny thing that was both gross and hysterical was kissing that pig head. Just revolting, but so funny. The outtakes with it at the end were a riot.

Drama Debussie: One thing I love about this movie was that while it was set in reality, it was on a completely different universe which allowed it to be comically hilarious, then heartrendingly sad, and then back to hilarious to cushion the blow.

Zombie: I loved that fact that I went from laughing hysterically to bawling my eyes out to laughing again. It was such a roller-coaster of emotions but again, it was all in the best way possible. This movie made you feel all the feels, for all the right reasons, and that’s what made it so great.

Wendilynn: One of the things I’ve noticed about Asian comedies is that the situation itself may not be funny, but what happens because of that situation or around that situation is where the humor will often lay. For example, our sweet, dear Anni. She’s adorable and loving but when she falls asleep drunk in a room with a boy and her “older brother” personality shows up, what would happen in that situation? He’s going to beat your ever-loving butt. lol

Zombie: I absolutely loved how Gu Chang managed to find a way to both woo Anni and win over Hanni. Like he told his friend, it was like dating two women at once but he was okay with that, as long as it meant he got to spend time with the girl he loved. If that doesn’t say “true love” I don’t know what does.

Drama Debussie: He was able to find a way to accept every side of Yuri/Anni/Hanni (whew!). Isn’t that what we all want? Someone who accepts who we are in spite of all our baggage and mood swings. For all intents and purposes, it would have been easy to dismiss Gu Chang because he was, for lack of a better term, a loser. Although watching him find a reason to work for something that meant so much to him really catches you off guard because you suddenly have this respect for him that you didn’t think you would find.

Wendilynn: I think that Gu Chang’s experience with his Mom and sister allowed him to have compassion with Anni and gave him the urge to want to just help this hurt little girl. Then before he knows it, he’s got her “older brother” to deal with and he rises to the occasion. He was a loser because he never had a reason to not be one. Anni gave him a reason to be awesome. This movie really threw me for a loop because we think Gu Chang is handling one situation with Anni and Hanni and then we find out about Yuri and the movie totally changes into something else entirely with our love story. Anni and Hanni at least knew who he was, but Yuri had no clue. Now he’s in love with a girl who doesn’t even know who he is.

Zombie: I think the best part of this movie is watching Gu Chang grow. He may have started out as a “loser” but he certainly doesn’t end as one. He actually becomes someone to be admired and respected and loved. It left me hoping that Yuri will be able to see all of the good in him and come to love him as much as Anni/Hanni did. I have a feeling all will work out well for those two so I can walk away from this movie happy.

Drama Debussie: I can confidently say I walked away satisfied. Even though we had to walk away with an ear kiss which is...okay. It certainly matched the film’s quirkiness. I guess any skinship is better than none, right? Especially under these circumstances.

Wendilynn: Once Anni and Hanni are integrated back into Yuri, a scene which made me cry buckets, I loved that they show that Yuri had elements of both personalities in her own. The ear kiss being one of them. Little things that let Gu Chang know that the girl he loves is still there. I liked that Yuri’s sister, who knew every personality, had his back.

Drama Debussie: It’s always great when a beloved family member supports a romance. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it leaves us with a great comfort in knowing that the people that love one half of the romance that they know so well trusts the other half so explicitly that they are willing to help them along. It’s sweet and a nice break from the norm.

Zombie: I thought it was particularly thoughtful of Yuri’s sister to let Gu Chang be there when Hanni/Anni left. She could have been cruel and kept Gu Chang away from her sister but she didn’t. Instead she accepted Gu Chang’s feelings for her sister’s personalities and did what she could to give him closure. They both knew that sending Hanni/Anni away was for the best but that didn’t make things any easier for Gu Chang. Knowing he had Yuri’s sister’s support had to have helped in some small way at the time and it certainly made things easier for him later on. I liked that the sister didn’t force anything on Yuri but didn’t keep her away from Gu Chang, once the timing was right. This poor sister had a difficult part to play but I think she did it rather well.

Wendilynn: Agreed. She was a quiet, supportive character that was a linchpin for Gu Chang, not that he knew that. I liked that once Yuri was healthy again, he would sit and watch her run. Not approach her, but just enjoy looking at her. Of course, once she saw that phone and then approaches him. I just laughed. You could see a little bit of Hanni in that scene.

Drama Debussie: They were meeting for the “first time” but both in a better place all around. THAT I love. Made me melt just a little. Not nearly as much as when he took Anni to the ocean seeing that he was able to fulfill her last wish before she had to disappear forever. Although their movie ending not-so-first meeting comes in at a close second.

Wendilynn: I loved that line, “I’m waiting for my girlfriend, but she doesn’t know who I am”

Drama Debussie: *swoons*

Zombie: I’m just happy she finally turned around and ran back to Gu Chang. After who knows how many times of running past him, she finally gets to a place where she realizes there’s something more to this guy than meets the eye and she turns back. That was the moment for me, the one that made me believe everything will work out for these two. However, that ocean scene… That was the heart-breaker. Rip my heart out, why don’t you!

Wendilynn: That beach scene amazing. So many feels as you watch Anni and Gu Change love each other. It is also the first time that you realize that Anni knows what she is. I was honestly expecting Gu Chang to have to forcibly take Anni to the airport. Instead she goes on her own. Knowing what that would do to her.

Zombie: The fact that Anni’s last moments and memories were of the ocean and Gu Chang as the lighthouse really did break my heart. It didn’t help that he was sobbing outside the room at the same time either. Those two really made a positive impression on each other and they each helped the other grow into a better person. They had the kind of relationship most people only dream about and it was heartbreaking to watch them separate, even if it was ultimately for the best.

Wendilynn: That’s what makes this movie so amazing, in my opinion. The first half, you think you are dealing with one type of love story. Then you get the twist that knocks the breath out of you and you find yourself in a WHOLE DIFFERENT love story. One that is even deeper than the one you thought you’d been watching. Its amazing!

Drama Debussie: Nice to know this film still holds up after my first watch seven years ago. Why wouldn’t it, though? It revolves around the desires that we as humans have all our lives. Unconditional love that survives even in the rarest of circumstances. There’s also the idea of a second chance at love (or life) after your first chance ends so abruptly and tragically. If anything this film, even in its most ridiculous of moments, inspires hope. All in all, I rate this film as a MUST WATCH. Yes, in all caps. Of course, you guys probably already knew that was coming by now.

Zombie: I wholeheartedly agree. This really is a MUST WATCH movie and yes, it has to be in all caps because it’s just that good.

Wendilynn: Agreed, this is a MUST WATCH movie that I can happily recommend. Just remember that you have to sort of grin and bear it the first 15 minutes. Then its all awesome from there on out. 

Well, Movie Clubbers, what did you think of The Two Faces of My Girlfriend? Let us know in the comments below!

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