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Director Kim Ki Deok’s new movie Moebius is now essentially banned from South Korea. Picking on its themes of incest as the reason, the Korea Media Rating Board gave the movie the most restrictive rating out of 5, making it almost impossible to be seen in theaters.

To this, director Kim Ki Deok didn’t back down. He decided to request reevaluation of the movie. He said that “Adults in South Korea should be given the chance to watch and decide … if the reevaluation stays the same, I’ll have to give up streaming in theaters of South Korea.”

On the reevaluation request, the director summarized the movie as the story in which “The jealousy and anger of the couple who lost faith are passed on to their son, making everyone live in guilt and sorrow, which eventually leads to giving up of pleasure and desire.” I know this summary doesn’t help much, and one would have to watch the movie to get what he's saying.

The director also added that, “Even though physically, the son’s body is used, if you watch the movie carefully, the meaning is different … it’s an important tool which was inevitable to express the concept.” "Although minors might misunderstand the movie, I believe that Korean adults older than 19 wouldn't interpret the meaning and topic of the movie in dangerous ways."

Lastly, he used a pretty gross metaphor, “To make our society into a culturally progressive and mature one, before the social taboo grows into pus, through free expression and debate, we should squeeze the pus out and widen our perspectives.” Oh...kay...