Most people love kids, but no one likes hearing crying babies and kids at the movie theater. This fact makes it difficult for young parents to go enjoy the movies as a family without worrying about what to do if the little one gets wound up during the show. However, a movie theater franchise in Japan is making sure these parents and kids feel welcome.

TOHO Cinemas in Japan has introduced the "Mama's Club Theater," a special day set aside for young mothers (and fathers) to bring their crying babies to the movies without having to worry about interrupting other movie-goers. Once a month on a Thursday, young mothers can bring their babies to the theater and take in a movie together. Mama's Club Theater does have some rules though. Mothers are asked not to talk with other mothers during the movie; it's not a free-for-all. You also just can't let your baby wail all movie long; there should be an attempt made to quiet him or her down. But there's no need to carry your crying baby out of the theater during the best part of the movie, because there will be other mothers there, all with their little ones. The theater itself will also not be as dark as normal theaters, and is equipped with baby seats.

Because of Mama's Club Theater, mamas can now go watch movies like Disney's "Frozen" and share the experience with their cute, crying, loud newborns. And no one's gonna be be giving them the nasty "shut your baby up" look.

Make sure you check the schedule before you go to TOHO Cinemas.