The team is riding high after catching their serial killer and can now focus on stolen cars. Only that leads the team to gold bars and money laundering from our favorite bad guy. A kidnap attempt leads to the wrong person dying, but on the flip side, our two newest members of the team are flirting more than ever. Join, Amy, Young Ahjumma and me, Wendilynn as we discuss this weeks latest developments on Mrs. Cop.

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Amy: As the series continues, more and more is revealed. Young Jin and her team are getting closer to finally catching President Kang and I’m getting excited for when that finally happens. Can we first start off on the scene with President Kang and the Chinese investor? The more I see President Kang, the more I can’t stand his arrogant attitude. He’s just acts so powerful and controlling, even around another authoritative man. Drives me insane.

Ajummah: I am so back and forth with this drama. We know that President Kang is the route of all evil. We know that the team will have to catch him. We know that Captain Choi is not being the best when it comes to her family. I want to stop watching because we haven’t proceeded further than these statements. I keep coming back for more, though. *sigh*

President Kang is evil. Pure evil. I should have known that he killed Young Jin’s father and set up Dong Il. I should have known he would have Dong Il killed at the hospital. I still screamed at the screen when I saw that Dong Il didn’t make it. Why in the world did he //not// blink faster when he was answering Young Jin about whether or not he killed her father??? Why didn’t she turn to look at him one more time before leaving the room? All these questions I yelled out when I was watching this week’s episode.


Wendilynn: I’m also with you on the story needing to move forward more. We saw new scenes of information we already knew just told differently. And other than leading Capt Choi to know who killed her father, nothing else came from Dong ll storyline. But they could have told us that information in one scene, not 3 episodes. What other point did he have?

Amy: I hated the scenes at the hospital. I was also yelling at Young Jin to turn back; Dong II just continued blinking. My heart broke when he died. He wasn’t a bad person. The old lady running the beat up restaurant also said Dong II had a soft heart. I hate President Kang so much. I can’t stand watching him, so I guess I should compliment the actor and writers for creating such an unpleasant character.

I agree though that the show isn’t exactly going anywhere. The team just gets new cases that involve President Kang, which slowly leads to new hints. I’m happy that Young Jin and her sister made up though. That was some progress, but I feel bad for Nam Jin and Ha Eun since Young Jin is still never home.

Ajummah: The writers showed what happened to Nam Jin and Ha Eun while Young Jin wasn’t there. Ha Eun misses her mother terribly and is truly a brat to her aunt. Nam Jin has tried desperately for YEARS to become a public servant but can’t pass the test. I shed several tears when Young Jin handed Nam Jin the job application and Nam Jin went off on her, saying that she has nothing on her own and that when they were little her sister wouldn’t let her have anything free. Gosh I feel so bad for Nam Jin. I hope that she gets herself together in the coming episodes.

I thought the writers would continue with that topic but it seems like they went back and repeated the last two weeks episodes about KL Group. When are they going to progress? Hopefully next week we’ll see some advancement with the storyline.


Amy: Although the family life in this show isn’t the best, I can see why the writers aren’t including much of it in the story line. In the end, this is a detective show about catching the bad guys. But I do still hope that Young Jin will spend more time with Ha Eun. Since she encouraged Nam Jin to continue striving for the Public Servant test, I hope Nam Jin will also eventually pass the test.

On the bright side, I’m so happy Young Jin and her team caught the truck carrying all the gold. Seeing President Kang so angry like that made me really happy. I can’t wait to see him crumble.

Wendilynn: The problem is that the premise of the show was how a single mom cop balanced family and work. And they’ve dropped that expectation after the second episode. She was so conflicted about her daughter in the first two episodes and now she’s just one of the guys, I’m not real happy about it. At some point, I’m sure we’re going to get her family in danger as Kang goes after them to get revenge as all his plans going up in smoke every time they are around. lol


Ajummah: LOL! You really dislike him, Amy. I agree though. I also want his lawyer crew AND that slimy prosecutor to get their comeuppance. Everyone seems to be against the team. Even their own Chief, so I’m not sure how they are going to go about collecting evidence against President Kang, but I know they will. I want someone to smack Madame Park. Her whole existence got on my nerves.

As far as the family life, I just want SOMETHING to happen. Either the rookie cops confess their love for each other and/or Young Jin figures out how to balance family life and work life better.

Amy: Yes, I hate President Kang’s guts! His secretary gets on my nerves as well. Don’t get me started on the Prosecutor. He’s playing the typically “I’m better than cops” prosecutor role in a lot of dramas that really annoys me. The system just seems so corrupted, especially with the chief of police, someone who should be the most earnest yet is also playing with the system.

Madame Park doesn’t seem too bad. Her conversation with Captain Park about people from her past makes it seem like she’s also struggled too. I don’t dislike her that much; she seems to be doing what she’s doing to survive better than she has in the past.


Ajummah: mmmm I still don’t like her. She was trying to get too goody goody with President Kang. I’m not sure if they will even continue with her role. I really just want next week to come so we can see the continuation of this. I want the writers to do better. CAN YOU HEAR ME WRITERS??? I like the idea of this drama and don’t want to see it do poorly in the middle of the series, like a lot of dramas do.

Wendilynn: As a bit of typecasting fun trivia. Has anyone noticed how similar in appearance the two actors playing the bad guy secretaries are between this show and Yong Pal? I suggest you check it out. As for Madam Park, I was ambivalent about her character. It’s fun to see her flirt with Capt. Park but she also comes across as a throwaway character. I personally see her dead by Kang at some point just because he’s a royal bastard. 

Capt Choi now knows who the murderer of her father is.  She's just tazered the annoying Secretary, what will she do to Kang?  And what will he do back now that he knows she knows?  Leave your comments below. 

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