As we delve deeper into the drama, new characters are brought into the spotlight joining Young Jin and her original team members. Han Jin Woo and Min Do Young are the new rookies who both showcase their polar opposite personalities that at times cause disputes between the two. With their different takes on solving cases, Young Jin must work not only as a captain, but also a teacher for her team. Join Wendilynn, Young Ajummah, and I, Amy, as we discuss these newest episodes of Mrs. Cop.

Ajummah: Now we are getting to the nitty gritty! I am not ashamed to say I like these last episodes better than the first ones. The team is finally together, they’re solving crimes and getting drunk on soju! I am loving Captain Choi and her no nonsense way of getting what she needs to solve a crime. I want to be her when I grow up, lol.

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Wendilynn: Its almost like we had one type of show the first 3 episodes and have a completely different show these next three. I have to admit, I was pulled out of it a little to see Capt. Choi acting like one of the guys and not her emotional self. It almost seemed like a different character then we had been introduced to. I could understand why Do Young felt confused and slightly disillusioned by her senior’s behaviors.

Amy: Speaking of Do Young feeling confused, she appeared to have lost some respect after seeing Young Jin playing the ladder game with the rest of the guys. After going through such a struggle chasing down a criminal to be accepted on the team, Do Young’s attitude changed completely. We see her almost “breaking down” as the episodes go on.


Ajummah: I identify with Capt. Choi because I am also a mom that tends to hang with the guys. I also wanted to be a cop when I was younger, lol. BUT I’ve decided that the first 3 episodes were necessary for backstory. That’s the only way I can not be confused. Now that we have her story and are beginning to see the rest of the team’s backstory, things are getting interesting. Did anyone else gasp when Jin Woo put the gun to his head?

Wendilynn: We certainly needed that backstory to set up our bad guy for this series. And no, you were not the only one whose mouth dropped open when he pulled out that gun next to the river. I knew Jin Woo was a mess after his fiancee died, but to know he was suicidal puts a whole new spin on things. It also explains why he goes barreling into dangerous situations. He can’t kill himself on his own, so he’s hoping someone else will remove the burden of living for him.

Amy: There is definitely more to Jin Woo’s suicidal behavior than just feeling depressed about losing his lover. He acts as though he feels at fault for his girlfriend’s death. I’m really curious to see how things play out. But after Jin Woo started working with his partner Do Young and with the team overall, his behavior seemed to be getting better. He definitely has demonstrated a strong fighting capability that the team was lacking. Jin Woo also seems to have a different kind of respect for Young Jin than Do Young does. He’s the type that sits back and listens, while Do Young is the type who voices her opinions.

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Ajummah: Ajummah’s predicts that those two will be a couple at some point in this drama and/or Capt. Choi and Park Jong Ho will become a couple. Now having said that...when are we going to get into Kikwang’s character? It’s been six episodes already and we’ve seen everyone but him outside of the work setting. I’m just curious if he’s going to be one of those idol actors that doesn’t REALLY have a role in the show, but just show his pretty face. Which I am definitely okay with. Thoughts?

Wendilynn: He hasn’t been totally useless. He’s definitely a working member of the team. When they finally captured the son who killed the actress in episode 4, it was Do Young and Ki Kwang who took him down. He’s also done a few other investigative parts. I like that he feels just like a part of the team and not there to just be a pretty face. As for romantic tendencies, I also think Do Young and Jin Woo will end up a couple. When they both caught Dal Hwan and then looked at who the other set of cuffs belonged to, I had to laugh at the long long stare of incredulity. And then to be paired up to the point that others are making jokes about being husband and wife, I just had to laugh. While Do Young is being played fairly straightforward and honest, Min Woo is being played much more subtly. Like when he was angry, instead of storming around like Do Young, he just ordered extra whip cream on his coffee. lol (sugar supposedly helping when you're angry)

Amy: I have to agree with Ajummah on this. Although I love Kikwang and all, he definitely seems to be playing the “just a pretty face” role in this drama. Although he physically knocked down the son in episode 4, Do Young was the one who got to put the handcuffs on. Even later, Young Jin complimented Do Young for being so composed while handcuffing for the first time. I had to go back and check the scene because it almost felt as though Do Young did all the work. Don’t get me wrong. I thought it was cool how Kikwang took down the criminal, but he’s definitely put in the shadows most of the time. As for Do Young and Jin Woo, I think they are definitely going to become a couple. I thought that when they first met too when working on controlling the protestors. The coffee shop scene was definitely cute. It felt as though Jin Woo was opening up to Do Young by admitting his anger, although in a more subtle way.


Ajummah: Now that we have the couples identified, what do you think is going to happen between Capt. Choi and the evil gangster daddy that’s trying to get his murderous son free? The previews looked interesting. I hope Capt. Choi doesn’t disappoint me and let the kid go in order to gain some type of information.

Wendilynn: What has me more interested is the killer of her father, who lets her hang around and growl at him, is following said gangster daddy. What’s the connection there? What does Park Dong ll feel he needs to find out or expose to gain redemption and forgiveness from Choi Young Jin?


Amy: I’m also extremely curious about what the connections are. Young Jin is acting awfully kind to the man who killed her father, so I wonder if it’s just because she’s a nice person, or if there’s more to it. It was also suspicious for him to hang around the gangster daddy. The thing that had me most curious though has got to be the ending of episode 6. When Do Young and Jin Woo were arguing and Do Young made the rude comment, Jin Woo seemed beyond offended, maybe even hurt. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown attached to the two bickering while working together, but I definitely hope it doesn’t get too serious and will be solved in next week’s episodes.

Ajummah: Hopefully these next episodes will be good. I felt a bit uneasy with the way episode 6 ended but hopefully things will be resolved quickly. I don’t want the team to get broken up as soon as they get together.

Wendilynn: I was either crying in laughter at these two or I was sitting there sort of stunned. Do Young was unfair, I thought, in taking her disillusion out on Min Woo. We know she’s misunderstanding him, but in my estimation, he did a good job at saving that girl, despite the cut neck. So when she sat there and yelled at him about how he hurts the people he should be saving, I felt that was going to far. But then to watch him freeze and go deathly pale at her words it made things click together. I have a big hunch that such a situation is exactly how his fiance died. It explains why he is suicidal, he must feel terribly responsible for her death. Its not like he’s really trying to live. If he doesn’t get that resolved soon, he’s going to end up a liability for everyone.

The team was just put together, but have already encountered several disputes. The two new rookies, Do Young and Jin Woo, appeared to have just started getting along, but finished up episode 6 on a sour note. Will the team be able to reconcile soon or will the arguments continue?

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