The story line is finally moving along! This week all the ladies were going gaga over Do Young as she proved to be the heroine in this week’s episodes. Captain Choi and President Kang are going head to head, and everyone is wondering what is going to happen next. Join Ajummah, Wendilynn and Amy as they discuss the latest episodes of Mrs. Cop.

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Ajummah: Now things are starting to move along! At the very least there’s more action and I am here for it! So much I want to talk about, I don’t know where to begin. Do Young was a beast these past episodes. Watching her fight made me want to join a gym, though I probably wouldn’t look that cool.

Wendilynn: She was very cool this week. I like her and you can see why Jin Woo is impressed with his partner. Does anyone crack a smile whenever he refers to her as his work wife? I like that the team is used to her quirks now and don’t try to change her. Although, when they were advising her how to handle new partner hazing, she was really cute about her cluelessness.

Amy: Do Young was amazing this week. I can’t believe she took down all those men; it made me want to start working out as well. I love how Jin Woo and Do Young’s relationship is turning out. The hazing process was hilarious. Jin Woo’s face while at the restaurant after the rest of the team found out what the bet was about had me laughing the whole scene.

Ajummah: She definitely was clueless about the whole thing which is ridiculous considering how smart she’s supposed to be. But I understand the need to paint her in this light. *shakes fist at k-drama writers*

On a more serious note, I sobbed when the cop found out he lost the use of his legs. I like how the drama is showing the non-glamorous side to being on the job. My heart broke for him and his family and I could actually feel the rage that Jong-ho had when he ran out of the hospital room. I understood Jong-ho’s wife when she told him she was so thankful it wasn’t him on that bed and even though he basically called her a monster for saying that, I felt he understood her position too.

Wendilynn: She understands her husband well. I hope they weren’t foreshadowing that he won’t stop till he dies catching the bad guy. That would totally suck. As it is, they grazed his arm when they shot Jae Wan. I feel bad the kid had to die, but he was asking for it by using that gun. The sniveling little weasel probably would have been a better human being if he had been anyone else’s son. It was touching to see how much President Kang truly loved his son, but the man has no recognition that he is the reason his son died. Not the cops.

Ajummah: President Kang is sailing down “De Nile” (see what I did there). I’ve never seen someone so drunk on his own power. He’s making rash decisions and it is costing him greatly. First with the gold, now with the life of his son. He keeps on going, however. Things are getting more crazy and he seems to be hell-bent on ending Captain Choi’s life and career. He’d probably before the former of the two.

I was NOT surprised when he dropped his bombshell saying that the detective at the time of her father’s death was none other than Chief Yeom. I knew there had to be a reason why he was aiding President Kang so much. What a dirty, lying, no-good so and so. Really gets my blood going when he enters the screen.

Wendilynn: I knew Yeom was dirty, but I always assumed it was because him and Kang were like childhood friends from the same neighborhood. I didn’t realize he was in on the cop killing cover up. That was a bit of a bombshell to me. That makes him more dangerous to Young Jin. As we see with the bribery charge. What do you bet that box that was sent to her house is the ‘evidence’?

Amy: Just as I started to forgive Chief Yeom a little bit, he goes and does stuff like this. I get that he wants to keep his career, but I wonder if he has any conscious. Maybe he’s doing this for his daughter, who was mentioned a while back? Regardless, it’s disappointing to see that Chief Yeom isn’t even a bit sorry for killing Young Jin’s father. Plus, now he’s trying to end Young Jin’s career. Honestly, I was worried at first that the box was something to hurt Young Jin’s sister or daughter. So, I’m actually relieved that the box is probably the money.

Ajummah: Agreed. And I doubt her sister will even give it a second thought. *sigh* This whole bribery thing better get resolved quickly, though because I am ready for the end of President Kang. Not only that, how many episodes are left? We are in the home stretch so we really don’t have time for this. Also, didn’t someone accuse her of bribery before? Like during the first 2 episodes? I feel like the writers are repeating themselves with this storyline.

Wendilynn: I think bribery is the easiest way to take cops down. The easiest to fabricate. They went to all that trouble to bring that club gangster in and then she just let him go. Since Kang has convinced him to perjure himself by saying he’s bribing her, it’s an easy set up. I’m just hopping Mabbaki will eventually come clean and clear up this mess.

Ajummah: Ah yes. Mabbaki. What a hot mess that scene that was. I made my husband watch and asked him if someone slapped him like that, would you do what he asked you to do. He said probably not. So I really hope that he get’s himself together and takes care of his affairs, instead of following President Kang’s orders. I guess only time will tell.

Amy: I feel slightly sorry for Mabbaki. People kept calling him ignorant and treating him like trash. And slapping him is really disrespectful, even if Secretary Yoon had the power to do so. I get the feeling that Mabbaki will fix this since there’s only 2 episodes left. There aren’t many other quick solutions. Mabbaki seemed like a decently nice person though in the interrogation room, so I’m definitely hopeful.

Wendilynn: Yeah, I felt like Mabbaki was being treated like the neighborhood dog. Makes you wonder what Kang has on him to make him heel, other than to threaten his life. I’m sort of glad we are in the home stretch and the story is FINALLY moving towards our showdown with Kang. I felt like things have been set up for too many episodes. Although, that just might have been maneuvering to catch Kang later. However, the minute Jae Wan died, I instantly knew that the sister and daughter’s life are now in danger. Kang won’t see the balance that since he killed her dad, he lost his son. He will go after her daughter, I’m sure. A child for a child. The fact that Kang has no sense of responsibility for his actions is sort of amazing to me. Often the bad guy has some sense that their life has some consequences, but when he was talking about throwing the beanball I realized that he doesn’t have any sense of responsibility at all. No wonder his son was a mess.

So what do you think? Will the bribery case get resolved quickly or will President Kang win this round? Also what do you think is in the box at Captain Choi’s house? Is it evidence against her or something more sinister? Will President Kang want a child’s life for a child’s life? So many questions, so little episodes left. Leave your thoughts and comments below and we will see you next week.

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