This week, we see our story finally get to the good stuff. 14 episodes of setup are now paying off on what is going to be a really awesome story arc. Revenge gets tangled up in another game by our serial killer. Secrets are found out and investigations have begun. Lines have been drawn, and by then end of it, either Young Jin or President Kang will be dead. Only, who will it be? Join Amy, Young Ajummah, and me, Wendilynn, as we talk about the story so far on Mrs. Cop.

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Ajummah: Why do they wait until almost the end of the series to REALLY start ramping up the awesomeness? Those episodes were amazing!

Wendilynn: I’m totally with you. THIS is what I’ve been waiting all series for. For once I could not get enough or hit the ‘next episode’ button fast enough.

Amy: These episodes definitely had me on the edge of my seat! I love how they tied the serial killer back in!

Ajummah: Alright let’s get into this. My mind was everywhere but that! I thought there would be evidence of Young Jin’s crimes in the box but it turned out to be that creepy puzzle. I knew right away that the missing piece meant someone either had something they wanted to say, or that they wanted to keep someone quiet. I NEVER thought that the serial killer would be making a return. I had almost forgotten about him and all his crazy.

Wendilynn: I’m with you on that. I expected the box to be faked evidence. Then when I saw the puzzle I thought President Kang was sending a message that he was going to silence Young Jin once and for all. Probably going to take out the daughter. When they finally link that puzzle to the serial killer I just about fell through the floor. I had forgotten that he and President Kang had a connection AND that he had stolen those bribery files from Pres. Kang’s computer. When he made killing President Kang a condition of his helping her, I admit, I got excited. I was like, “oh my gosh, this is going to get good”. lol


Amy: The files had always been in the back of my mind, but I didn't expect the puzzle to be from the serial killer. I also thought it was a sign that someone would be killer, since it wasn't bribery money.

Ajummah: I know that Young Jin is hurting over finding out Chief Yeom helped kill her father so I believe that she really would kill President Kang. And President Kang is STILL acting like he has no worries or cares. The way he ordered his secretary to put “an end” to the men that were boycotting his construction site. Seriously!!! He’s despicable and needs to be either in jail or..well handled the way the serial killer wants him to be handled.

Wendilynn: I don’t think she knows he was involved in covering up her Dad’s murder. All they know is that Chief Yeom and President Kang are ‘involved” and of course, she’s now seen that Chief Yeom is on the bribe list. In a way, it was unlucky that the internal review guy was chatting with Chief Park. Nothing like drunk confessions to get people thinking. I will say this. I felt a little sorry for Pres. Kang when he clearly hurt over the death of his son. But, this week proved that the man has absolutely no moral compass whatsoever. Killing all those workers just so they can replace a public official was just galling. Good grief, they then compensated the families for more than the back pay was worth. Did they deliberately not pay the wages so they could set this situation up?

MCe15  fire.jpg

Amy: I also don't think Young Jin knows about Chief Yeom being involved in her father's death. I don't think she'd be so easy on him if she did. And the poor workers. The scene in the hospital broke my heart. The children having to see their parent in wraps and with burns all over made me really want President Kang to pay.

Ajummah: I think they did deliberately not pay them. President Kang does anything he wants to get what he needs done. As a parent I understand the pain when you see your child in pain...but I never once wanted to do any harm to anyone because of it. This final showdown between Young Jin and President Kang will definitely be interesting.

Was anyone surprised to see how President Kang chose to handle her? I thought he was going to go after her daughter, a life for a life type of thing, but he went straight for her. Will she be able to get out from this situation? I was so upset that I have to wait another week before I find out.

Wendilynn: Yeah, that was a pretty awesome cliff hanger.  What I found interesting is that the only reason he hasn’t taken her out yet is because she is still a cop. That conversation between him and Yeom about how once she’s fired she’s no longer family was illuminating. Chief Yeom really has gone probably as far as he wants to go. He’s not the sort to kill innocent people and his horror at President Kang’s intentions didn’t look fake. But, now that Yeom knows he’s being investigated, I’m not sure what he will do.

[MCe15 not yoru family.jpg

Ajummah: I thought he was going to commit suicide honestly. When he was looking at the pictures of his daughter, but I’m glad he didn’t. Maybe he’ll somehow stay off the hook and just quietly disappear. I hope that Young Jin gets out of her current situation and ends up with Chief Park. I like those two together. Additionally I don’t know if I want Do Young to end up with Jin Woo. I kind of like them as just work partners.

Wendilynn: I’m with you on that, I want them to stay work partners, too. I realized when they were staying overnight, that they need to keep that relationship platonic. It would be a mess otherwise. I also want Chief Park to get something going with Young Jin. They really do need each other. They are a good match. I found it interesting that Chief Park got the Superintendent to go along with the investigation of Chief Yeom. That means there are other things over the years that have made the higher ups question stuff. I noticed the Superintendent didn’t fight the idea.

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Amy: Speaking of the Do Young and Jin Woo love line, the scene with the doctor at the forensics lab had me cracking up. It was cute to see the awkward encounter and Jin Woo's jealous reaction. I hope they do get together and same with Captain Park and Young Jin.

Ajummah: Everyone's a suspect and everyone suspects everyone else. The suspicions are HIGH! I think the Superintendent smelled something fishy with Chief Yeom which is why he gave Chief Park the go ahead. But what I want to know is who called Chief Yeom and told him that Chief Park and the Superintendent met. I hope there isn’t a rat in the squad. That would make me really sad at this point.


Wendilynn: I think our core squad is good. But Chief Yeom would have his people in various places. It’s the only way you can be corrupt. However, I think we now have a potential source of betrayal coming from President Kang’s lawyer. He made her schmooze that slimy dude, doing who knows what. She is NOT happy that she was used in such a way. She is not a prostitute and she was essentially sold for the night. I don’t see her sticking around for that much longer.

Amy: The lawyer is definitely starting to rethink her loyalty. She did so much for President Kang, yet he's still forcing this upon her. I hope she realizes that she doesn't need to do this for her career; she's obviously an amazing lawyer who can do better elsewhere.


Ajummah: Agreed. And ewww. That man was a sleaze ball and yet another reason why I dislike President Kang. I would treat my lawyer like gold if I were an international crime boss. I’m sure she’ll take her revenge on him soon enough. I wonder what will become of the secretary though. He seems pretty loyal to President Kang and he’s got some blood on his hands himself.

Wendilynn: The secretary comes from the streets, the same as Kang. He’s just as morally corrupt. Two peas in a pod, those two. Speaking of corrupt, I’m still reeling over the new “game” our serial killer has initiated. He realized the scenario building between Young Jin and Kang and in true sadistic fashion has set up his pieces for what is probably the ultimate game for him. Making her sign a contract that she must kill Kang. The thought occurred to me that Kang is going to kill her or die trying, so it probably is a moot point that there is a contract. Its either Kill or be Killed. 

Young Jin is being strangled.  President Kang's slush fund list is in the hands of who knows who else.  Will killing Young Jin keep it quiet?  When she gets free, just what war path will she find herself on? Don't forget to leave your comments below. 

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