Well gang, it has come to this. The end game. President Kang and Young Jin finally meet face to face and only one will walk away alive.  Join Wendilynn, Ajummah and Amy as they discuss the nail-biting conclusion of Mrs. Cop.

Watch the finale:

Wendilynn: The last two episodes of this show totally rocked. I wish this series had been this good the whole way through.  THIS is what I had been expecting from this series and man oh man did it deliver.

Ajummah: I was hollering at the screen for two hours! The end was way better than the overall series. We got the ending that we expected, the action that was NEEDED and all the storylines were wrapped up nicely. Young Jin made me want to be her at the end of the last episode, lol.

Wendilynn: I know, right? I will say that if you are going to strangle Young Jin, you have to finish the job or she will wring your ever loving neck. I loved how she went from victim to getting confessions and bringing down Kang.

Amy: I loved how the last two episodes went quicker. Although I didn’t want the show to end, these episodes were action-packed and just amazing. I’m so glad there was a good ending. The writers did a nice job tying everything in.

Ajummah: I wanted to smack Young Jin’s sister, honestly, for showing up AFTER the fact. Where were you when she was on getting hurt? I’m glad that Young Jin could handle her own thugh. I wanted to high five her so bad after she walked into KL Group’s building to tell President Kang he had failed in trying to kill her. Like a BOSS!

Wendilynn: She was totally the Boss! I was yelling at the screen when Kang faked his death and everyone was just accepting it at face value. Only Young Jin knew he’d never suicide. The guy is a fighter, he’d never go willingly.

Amy: I couldn’t believe it either. I was sure that he wouldn’t kill himself; he had too much pride. I’m just happy that Young Jin didn’t give in to the autopsy reports.

Ajummah: He was a pompous jerk and didn’t have the guts to kill himself. It was weird that he decided to fake his own death but still went after the lawyer. He had to know that she wasn’t going to stay with him after he “gave her over” to the Congressman. Also I was a bit upset with the rookie cops for LEAVING Young Jin alone in that parking garage to get shot. Oh what a scene that was!

Wendilynn: Yeah, the writing was a little odd for the lawyer. Kang kept going on about developing feelings and it had nothing to do with that. He sold his lawyer for favors. That’s called betrayal. He betrayed her first as far as I’m concerned. She kept her head while being strangled though. Everyone was recording Kang everywhere so that everyone would know he was alive. And you are right. That final showdown with Kang and Young Jin was AMAZING! I just was not expecting it to get that down and dirty awesome.

Amy: Although Lawyer Kim wasn’t the most innocent person, I still felt slightly bad for her. President Kang forced her into aiding the Congressman and he’s getting mad at her. I just thought it was ironic how President Kang put the blame on her. I kind of wish she had survived though. And the final showdown was great! It may sound cruel, but I’m happy Young Jin finally brought justice to all those hurt by President Kang.

Ajummah: I kept hollering “Shoot him again!” And she did! That was the best part for me. The writers kept it logical. Cops don’t shoot to maim, they shoot to kill. So she kept shooting. I would have emptied the gun into that guy but you know...Ajummah can get a bit excessive, lol.

Wendilynn: Well, they have a lot of rules about gun use in these shows. She had to fire deliberately. She’d already been in trouble for emotionally shooting someone in the beginning. Everyone knew she wanted that man dead. And he gave her very valid reasons for shooting him as many times as she did. Gosh, that scene was so satisfying.

Amy: I just thought it was funny that President Kang brought out the knife. What was he going to do? Throw it at her? I’m pretty sure he was too weak to get up and stab her. But at least the knife gave Young Jin a valid reason to shoot him again and finally take him down.