This week’s episodes have seen the Mrs. Cop team busy chasing down evil. Serial killers, child porn rings, and their run-ins with the members of KL Group have been keeping the team on their toes. The questions keep piling up: How is KL Group connected with everything? What is this serial killer's plan? Why doesn't Captain Choi go home? Join Ajummah, Wendilynn and Amy as they discuss how the team plans on stopping evil during this week’s Drama Club.

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Ajummah: There’s certainly a lot going on these episodes. The team is searching for missing girls, a serial killer is on the loose and everyone is losing their tempers due to lack of sleep. I’m glad that Jin Woo and Do Young have resolved their differences because that whole scene pissed me off. Do Young did a lot of assuming and ran her mouth off. She even wrote up a negative report on Jin Woo. It was a bit funny to see when the truth about what happened on the subway came out, she looked really depressed. Still though, you would think that she would have asked Jin Woo about what happened instead of assuming. 

Amy: In every episode, more and more crimes are committed and they all seem to connect to the KLGroup. I’m also extremely happy that Jin Woo and Do Young made up; I personally think Do Young is overreacting too much though. When Do Young yelled at Jin Woo for not prioritizing correctly by saving the woman getting beat instead of the serial killer, I was definitely upset. I agree that catching the serial killer was important, but the woman could have also been hurt as well. 

Wendilynn: We really seem to have two threads going on in this drama. We have the education of our rookie and then the increasingly convoluted serial killer storyline. It was good to watch Do Young grow up a little, even if she still doesn’t see the bigger picture yet. And I have to hand it to the writers, this serial killer storyline is getting interesting. I thought they were just going to make it the “crime of the week” but then they had to involve KL group. oooh boy, someone is going to have fun and I think it will be the serial killer.

Ajummah: I agree Wendilynn. The serial killer seems to be smiling during every scene. Even when the police were with him, he was a grinning fool. Even more so because he realized they were clueless. My question is, where is the other girl he kidnapped? There were two and the team only saved one. When Jin Woo and Do Young stayed behind to search the cold storage, I thought for sure they would find a body. What is the point of these games? Does the serial killer have a grudge against Captain Choi? I have so many questions!!!

Amy: Since the serial killer worked in the gaming room and kidnapped some gaming girls, I feel as though he thinks all these killings are a part of some “game” he created. The serial killer is definitely making things more interesting. Young Jin even admitted to not knowing what to do at some point because of this guy. I think this guy is just some genius psychopath.

Wendilynn: I agree that he’s made this part of a game. Probably that frightening one that he’s creating. I can easily see him “testing” various scenarios. THEN, he gets arrested and released. THEN he runs into President Kang and learned about their feud. I noticed that he hacked into KL’s database and now has a list of all of President Kang’s bribes. This game has got to be very exciting for him. Pitting the police and President Kang against each other has to be quite the thrill. Killing the girls now becomes the bonus. Although, clearly that isn’t as exciting as the feud because he allowed one to live. 

Ajummah: I hope they find the other girl soon. I had a question pop up when I was watching episode 8. When does Captain Choi go home? All these girls are getting kidnapped and killed and she hasn’t once checked in on her daughter. I understand that as a cop, you can’t go home for long periods of time, especially when there is an active case but jeez! She hasn’t even checked on her daughter and sister. And poor sister! She’s going through a lot of crap with the little girl and has no one to help her. She’s trying to study for her exams, work and take care of her niece and Captain Choi can’t even answer her calls. That bit kind of annoyed me. I hope nothing bad happens to the little girl, but I suddenly have a bad feeling about things.

Amy: That is true. I think it is a bit too much for Young Jin to not contact her family at all. Her sister also has a life to live. I also have a bad feeling about things since the murderer President started looking up information about her. I also had a question after watching these two episodes. What is up with that released prisoner? He kidnaps the club owner and tells him he will give him a painful death to suffer through like how his daughter did. Then, he joins the KL group as a cleaner. What is he up too?

Wendilynn: I have a serious beef with them not being able to go home. I understand that the case is important, but you have cell phones for a reason. And this constant, “hurry and solve it quickly or we all get fired” attitude is for the birds. I don’t understand how that fosters the development of good detectives and cops to get things done well. Talk about an incentive to rush to judgement instead of solving the real case. And why did they have to report everything to the news right away? I get that it helped them find a lot of missing children, but that just puts their heads on the chopping block that much faster. Yeong Jin is finding herself right back into the same situation she had with her daughter in the first place if this keeps up. Amy, as for Dong ll, clearly he’s setting right whatever went wrong that got his daughter and Yeong Jin’s dad killed.

Ajummah: It does seem like everything is revolving around KL Group. Maybe the President had something to do with Dong Il’s daughter and Young Jin’s father’s deaths. I know that Dong Il is showing that he is a person not to be messed with. Right now Young Jin is distracted with the case she’s on but I know she’ll be checking in on Dong Il soon enough. Hopefully she’ll see that something is going on with him and that he’s trying to get to the President. What are everyone’s predictions for next week’s episodes?

Amy: I think we’re going to start getting to busting KL Group for all their crimes. My guess is that Young Jin is going to catch the serial killer and she’s going to somehow get the hacked records through him. Dong II will probably start getting more involved as well; we’ll probably get to know more about his plan to “right his wrongs.”

Wendilynn: I’m with you on the serial killer, I also think he’s going to play games and whoever saves the girl first will get special information. The problem, is that President Kang knows what the killer at least looks like. Yeong Jin doesn’t realize yet that she had her killer IN HER OFFICE and let him go. When she makes that connection she’s going to be PISSED!

Ajummah: I don't know about you ladies, but I'm interested in seeing what the next few episodes hold for our heroine and her team. Hopefully she'll be able to go home and at least talk to her child. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

So what are you're thoughts? Were you pleased with the way the storyline has been progressing? Will Captain Choi release the KL Group's son to get the information she needs? What is Dong Il's plan? Let us know in the comments below and make sure you watch the next episodes of Mrs. Cop on Dramafever!

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