This week’s Mrs. Cop episodes have us taking a peek into the past of all the lead characters. We understand a bit more of Dong Il’s desperate need for revenge and why the KL President MUST GO. Wendilynn is under the weather so join Ajummah and Amy as they talk about what’s next for our heroine and why in the world it is so difficult for the team to ever get to the site of the crime on time.

Ajummah: Now I am understanding some things! Dong Il was set up by President Kang to kill Captain Choi’s father, though I still don’t know why, and he’s out for revenge. I have to admit, if I were him, I’d be right there with him. The rookies are forming a good bond and do I sense a future couple? So much is happening!

Amy: This week was intense. A lot was revealed in the two episodes, especially regarding the backstory of Dong II. I find Dong II’s story extremely sad. He did all those things in an attempt to save his daughter, but in the end was backstabbed by the KL President. I’m curious as to why Captain Choi’s father was targeted, but one things for sure: I’m starting to dislike the KL President more and more every episode. On the bright side, the scene where Do Young and Jin Woo were texting (and ignoring) each other was extremely cute. And the cafe scene was ever cuter. Jin Woo is definitely falling even if he doesn’t realize it.

Ajummah: I know from the flashbacks that Captain Choi’s father was a police officer as well. Maybe he was closing in on some of the president’s funny business and that’s why he had to go. Also I screamed at Dong Il (though I doubt he heard me) about President Kang. I’m sure all kdrama viewers saw that set-up a mile away. No way in the world Kang was going to let Dong Il and his crew kill him. I didn’t expect him to just SIT THERE and wait for the police come. I thought he’d escape through the back alley or something.

On the love front, I know Jin Woo is feeling...something. Why else would he finally pack away his ex’s personal property? I’m kind of surprised he kept the poker chip though. Do Young was cute texting him and demanding he call her back.

Amy: I’m assuming the same thing. Captain Choi’s father must have gotten in the way somehow and had to be rid of. And I also doubted that President Kang would be killed in the episode; it would have ended the entire show. It made sense for him to just sit there though. He was kidnapped, so he probably knew he could cover it up as a “self-defense” story. He is President Kang; he isn’t the type to run. I also agree that Jin Woo is feeling something for Do Young, but he doesn’t fully realize it yet. When he left the cafe looking back and smiling, it confirmed that he had some feelings though. But, I don’t think he returned the equipment because he was falling for Do Young, but because he was trying to move on. After joining the team, he started living his life again, so he probably returned the gear to help him start living in the present rather than the past. The poker chip was more important than the equipment, so I’m thinking he still needed to have that.

Ajummah: It will definitely be interesting to see how that progresses. On the Captain Choi front...I’m glad that she was finally able to go home and see her family. I had tears when I saw that her sister didn’t pass her exam. She’s been trying really hard to study and take care of her niece AND work...I think she works at the coffee shop, right? So for her to NOT made me sad and a bit upset with everyone. Why can’t they see her struggling? Why does her sister just EXPECT her to take care of everything? *ugh* Anyway, I know that Choi will get her act together on the family front I just hope that nothing happens to her daughter or sister before she does. I still have a feeling that something bad will happen to one of them before this series is through. Also, am I the only one that thinks she and Captain Park should become a couple? He seems very interested. If I was on the fence about it before, the fact that he said he was Ha Eun’s father solidified it. They would be a very cute family.

Amy: I was worried about where the sister went after discovering that she didn’t pass her exam. When I found out that she just went to visit her father’s grave, I was relieved because I thought she’d do something drastic. But the encounter with Dong II at the grave also made me anxious. I think Young Jin reacted inappropriately since her sister wasn’t feeling the best. I feel really bad for Young Jin’s sister. She has a lot of her plate. Like you said, she takes care of Ha Eun, works, and has to study too. She can’t really live her own life. I agree that something will happen and someone might get hurt, especially since Young Jin’s team is starting to investigate President Kang. Although I ship Captain Park and Young Jin a lot, I think he said he was Ha Eun’s father just to keep it from getting awkward since Ha Eun’s friend was there. It was probably also another hint at something from the writers since they have been dropping a lot of hints throughout the show. The show is definitely coming together now, so I’m really excited to see what happens between the team and President Kang.

Ajummah: My mind is jumping around all over the place! I can’t imagine what the next crime will be and I’m not sure how they are going to stop President Kang. He’s buying up gold and killing people and right now he’s thinking he’s the best thing on the planet. I don’t know about anyone else but I CANNOT wait for next week!

So what are your thoughts on this week's episodes? Do you think there are some couples brewing? Will Captain Choi beat President Kang? Do you believe something will happen to the family that will cause Captain Choi to really put the pressure on KL Group? Let's us know in the comments below! We'll see you next week.

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