What happens when life throws you an unexpected curve ball and the path you carefully built for yourself suddenly disappears? Threedom, produced by MTV Brazil and now on DramaFever, tries to answer this question by following the lives of three strangers whose paths cross at the right place and time. Take a look:

The Gang:

Teco (Thiago Pinheiro) Teco was deported from England as soon as he set foot in the country as an exchange student. He is forced to move back to Brazil but is ashamed to tell his parents about what happened. Teco moves to Sao Paolo with nowhere to go while his family still proudly believes he is studying abroad.

Lud (Renata Gaspar) Tired of her family's rules, rebellious Lud decides to leave home to move in with a friend in Sao Paolo. Right after their lease is signed, he is relocated to Rio de Janeiro for work and leaves her with barely any notice. Lud is forced to find new ways to pay her rent.

Felipe (Marcelo Lourenco) Felipe works as a male model and has been living with his girlfriend for over six months. When she suddenly ends the relationship, he is left heart broken, confused, and with nowhere to go.

Watch the first episodes of this great coming of age story that reflects all the struggles and joys of growing up right here.