We really live in a changing world where the younger generation does what it wants, no matter what the norm is. In a traditional country like Japan, many behaviors and ways of life are still not accepted by the older generation, but girls like the multi-talented couple Aya Sato and Bambi just don't care.

Aya Sato and Bambi are two women from Japan who are madly in love with each other, and they are engaged to be married, even though Japan considers gay marriage to be illegal. They're also, as a team, awesome models, photographers, dancers, and multi-media artists, and they're on their way to stardom as they express themselves in a country that still shuns certain kinds of self-expression. For their talent and attitude, Aya and Bambi are getting featured in photo shoots and music videos and gaining more and more followers on their social media accounts every single day.

Stay on the lookout for these girls. They're the real thing.

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