In the romantic comedy Murphy's Law of LoveLi Jia Ying plays "Dr. Love," who specializes in helping people find their best match in love. In real life, however, she and her longtime boyfriend recently announced their break-up. What happened? And why do the fans of her hit drama seem to think the break-up is not bad for her?

It seems to be the norm these days that break-ups and other personal matters are announced via social media. On May 9, Li Jia Ying's boyfriend Ma Chih-Hsiang announced on Facebook that "After discussing thoroughly with mutual understanding, Jia Ying and I have decided to separate." He continued, "I'm thankful for the past 5 years where we matured by cheering and encouraging each other. Please don't be upset for us... we will think of each other as 'best friends' to move forward."

Li Jia Ying then shared his post and added her comment, "The decision to put down love is perhaps not a bad thing for us. Therefore, I'm wishing for a better future with a smile, and thank you for all the good things you've given me."

It was reported that the two longtime lovers could not reach a consensus for their future. For now they just want to work hard in their respective careers, and their agreement was reached early this year. Actor and director Ma Chih-Hsiang is 37 years old, and Li Jia Ying is 32 years old.

There were early signs for the break-up. When Li started promoting Murphy's Law of Love in March, she was asked about her marriage plans. She replied that she wanted to work hard and advance her career for the next 2 years before giving any thoughts to marriage. After Murphy's Law, her next show is Baby Daddy. A reporter asked her if she agreed with the idea of a baby before marriage, like her new character; she avoided answering. Her agent said she decided to publicly announce the break-up to avoid more questioning by the media.

Although fans were initially surprised, many of them are now seeing a silver lining. They are hoping the on-air strong chemistry between Jia Ying and Danson Tang will turn real off the screen. Murphy's Law of Love has been a popular hit in Taiwan and on DramaFever. The show gives hilarious accounts of the female lead's bad-luck streak, which made her formulate her own laws of romance. Will her meeting Danson turn out to be lucky or unlucky?

You can watch Li Jia Ying and Danson Tang in Murphy's Law of Love: