It's award season, and the best moment on stage has got to be when Taiwan's 2015 Sanlih Drama Awards honored Danson Tang and Li Jia Ying's fantastic kisses in Murphy's Law of Love. Adding to the excitement was host Aaron Yan demonstrating a live kiss on stage with cohost Lulu and encouraging the shy winning couple to copy. Find out which dramas were among the competition for Best Kiss, and watch what happened on stage in a funny video from the award ceremony.

You can re-live Danson Tang and Li Jia Ying's amazing escalator kiss HERE. It's been praised as one of best kisses not only for its hotness but also for the length of time it took. It is but one of several heart-fluttering kiss scenes from the popular romcom. No wonder fans voted Murphy's Law of Love as the winner of the Best Kiss award, beating out Melvin Sia and Joanne Tseng in Dear Mom, Kingone Wang and Kirsten Ren in Someone Like YouMandy Wei and Jasper Liu in When I See You Again, and Lego Lee and Allison Lin in Love Cuisine.

But another best kiss occurred on stage on awards night, when hosts Aaron Yan (Just You, Fall in Love with Me) and co-host Lulu unabashedly demonstrated a kiss on stage, not once, but twice, to encourage the shy winning couple to copy. What do you think happened next?

The following video is unfortunately not subbed, so I have listed the time marks where key moments are explained right beneath the video. The video begins with Lulu and Aaron talking about the Best Kiss award:

00:30 - Lulu points to her script saying she is supposed to kiss Aaron, and Aaron looks at his script to confirm. The audience screams naturally.

01:00 - They do it! 

01:27 - Baron Chen and Megan Lai of Bromance appear on stage to present the Best Kiss award. Bromance has captured a lot of attention because Megan Lai is playing a girl who pretends to be a man and falls in love with Baron Chen.

01:40 - Baron says to Megan, "I'm an honest man, so I'll say this: you are attractive whether you have long hair or short hair," winning a round of applause. Megan replies, "It doesn't matter if you are wet or dry, you are always attractive." (They are making jokes abut wet kiss v. dry kiss.)

02:14 - Baron asks Megan, "Do you prefer dry kiss or wet kiss?" She slyly replied, "I don't know, because we haven't kissed in the drama yet." The host Lulu immediately urges them to kiss. Will they?

03:00 - (A rundown of the Best Kiss nominees.)

04:45 - Megan Lai announces the winner, Danson Tang and Li Jia Ying, who step on stage to receive the awards. (Don't you love seeing how gentlemanly Danson is in adjusting the mike for Jia Ying?)

05:50 - Li Jia Ying says she is very happy and thanks all the fans who voted for them. Danson also expresses his thanks.

06:30 - Lulu wants the winning couple to kiss on stage. Danson wants the hosts to demonstrate again, saying their earlier kiss demonstration was "too faked." (Do you agree?)

06:50 - Aaron and Lulu kiss again, enacting steps 1, 2, 3!

07:20 - Lulu now challenges Danson Tang and Li Jia Ying for a live kiss.

07:28 - Li seems to say that it is inconvenient to kiss holding the trophies. Megan immediately says, "I'll hold them for you."

07:36 - Danson wants Aaron and Lulu to demonstrate step by step again in order to follow suit.  

What do you think about the resulting double kiss? I think this kind of award is definitely more fun than the traditional categories. Taiwanese stars are also apparently more open to have fun on stage to please the fans.

Murphy's Law of Love also won Most Popular Drama at the Sanlih Drama Awards.

By the way, Lego Lee won Best Male Lead for Love Cuisine, and Megan Lai won Best Female Lead for Bromance. Although Melvin Sia and Joanne Tseng of Dear Mom lost out in the Best Kiss Award, they won Best On-Screen Couple.

 ~ NancyZdramaland

Watch the winning kiss in Murphy's Law of Love:

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