This is a story about a man and the carrot pan flute he created. He wanted to make music but had no instruments. He longed for the beautiful sound only a pan flute could make -- but what could he do without one? Buy one? No, they're expensive. Borrow one? No, they're filled with someone else's germs.

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That's when the man met the bag full of carrots in his fridge and he knew at that moment his longing for a pan flute was over. The man went on to cut the carrots into a pan flute, tying them together with celery. And from that moment on, he and his carrot pan flute made beautiful music together. THE END.

Okay, so maybe the story's not true, but it's probably close enough, because this guy really did make a pan flute from carrots! Just check out the video below to see it:

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE