Musical actor Min Woo Hyuk joined the cast yesterday, and it seems that he’s ready to become the best second male lead of 2018! Scroll down for synopsis, cast of characters (Seo Kang Joon, Lee Som, and more), and premiere date for this upcoming JTBC show.


When in love, we look through rose-colored glasses. The title, ‘The Third Charm,’ refers to this tendency to see things about one’s partner in a positive light. It takes us to On Joon Young (Seo Kang Joon) and Lee Young Jae’s (Lee Som) love life through four seasons, time lapsing 12 years: Spring of the year they turn 20, summer of the year they turn 27, fall and winter of their year 32. ‘The Third Charm’ will be produced by prolific director Pyo Min Soo of ‘Full House,’ ‘The World That They Live In,’ ‘Iris 2,’ ‘Ho Goo's Love,’ and ‘Producer.’ ‘The Third Charm’ is scheduled to premiere in September.

Cast of Characters

Seo Kang Joon

On Joon Young is a nerd, perfectionist, obsessed with cleanliness, and just way too sensitive. On his first blind date, he meets Lee Young Jae (Lee Som), and they start dating.

Lee Som

Lee Young Jae is impulsive and emotional, but honest is her strength. Having grown up without parents, she gives up a college degree to become a hair stylist with a dream to become rich. She gets dragged to a blind date by a friend, where she meets On Joon Young.

Min Woo Hyuk

Shin Ho Chul is a plastic surgeon with an office in Gangnam. He’s hot, competent, and humble. He gets a haircut at the shop Young Jae works, and has a crush on her. He’s flexible, understanding, and the complete opposite of Joon Young. Will he win Young Jae’s heart and become a winning second male lead?

Yang Dong Geun

Lee Soo Jae is Young Jae’s older brother. He becomes the head of household in high school, but he always finds a reason to smile. He runs a coffee truck and writes scenarios at night.

Lee Yoon Ji

Baek Joo Ran is the owner of the hair salon Young Jae works at and also her best friend. She’s had a satisfying career but is yet to find her life partner.

Shin Do Hyun

When Kim So Hee, Young Jae’s high school friend, becomes a top star, will they keep their bond strong or become frenemies?

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