Famikoto, a group of eight musicians, play traditional Japanese instruments. Wearing kimonos as they perform, everything about them is classical, except for the music that they play. 

Famikoto is a play on two words: Famicon, the Japanese word for NES, and koto, the traditional national instrument of Japan. Along with the koto, a beautiful string instrument, the group consists of shamisen and shakuhachi players, which are also traditional instruments of Japan. Usually, musicians who play these instruments play only classical songs that no one knows anymore, and for that reason, not many of the younger generation are into these time-honored instruments.

Can beauty buy happiness? Watch as Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul find out on Birth of a Beauty:

In Famikoto's case, the musicians play songs that everybody knows and loves: the songs of Nintendo. By playing gamer songs with their classical instruments, Famikoto has created a fun sound no one has ever heard before, all the while exposing many who otherwise might not be interested to the cool sounds of these traditional Japanese instruments. Their new set consists of Fire Emblem, the Disk System startup music,The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros

Check out the sounds of the traditional but modern and fun-loving band Famikoto.