Want to get that chocolate abs six pack with absolutely no effort? It's easy if you know body artist Hikaru Cho. You won't believe your eyes as you see the simple steps she took to turn a guy with an average body into a head-turning Spartan soldier!

Here's our average guy before his transformation. Probably not the best photo he's ever taken, but he's about to get completely made over.

Hikaru Cho arrives on the scene!

And fortunately she's brought her magic paints with her.

The transformation slowly begins to take shape.

That tickles!

The most important touch might be the black cape.

Now he's ready to rock! (In classic Hollywood makeover form, he ditched the glasses and got a haircut too).

Time to show off that body with a run around the neighborhood!

The hero of kids everywhere!

Back home, just like Cinderella after midnight, he returns to his everyday physique.

It was nice while it lasted!