Mai Ratima is one of the most anticipated new movies of 2013. The movie’s director Yoo Ji Tae feels especially attached to this movie, because he wrote the plot 15 years ago, while a college student. This movie portrays the lives of Mai Ratima - an immigrant from Thailand, and Soo Young (Bae Soo Bin), a young unemployed man without family or friends. Both are neglected by society. One day, Soo Young happens to rescue Mai Ratima, and as you might have expected, the two fall in love. Healing each other’s pain, the couple moves to Seoul. To complicate matters, however, Soo Young is soon seduced by Young Jin (played by So Yoo Jin). The film will hit theaters this June. It would be  interesting to see what the director, Yoo Ji Tae who is also an actor, had to say as a student, though the plot does sound a little cliche.