To find true love, we read advice columns, check the horoscope, or do a hundred other activities to find our best match, but really all we need is a cute and adorable dog to be the matchmaker. I've been watching  My Lovable Girl, not just for Rain and Krystal, but also for Dal Bong, who reminds me of love's best friends from other dramas.

#1. I was instantly smitten with Brown, who made Lee Min Ho follow him to find a cute girl and then started his LINE romance.

#2. There's Mo Mo, who pretended to chase after a basketball and took Lego Lee To Kirsten Ren in In A Good Way.

#3. Ding Ga was a puppy gift from So Ji Sub to Han Hyo Joo, and he would recognize So Ji Sub before Han Hyo Joo could in their lovely movie Always.

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#4. Which brings us right back to Dal Bong in My Lovable Girl, who not only took Rain to Krystal, but I think will also help mend the two broken hearts.

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Do you have a favorite dog or pet? Ever got a date because of your pet? Can you think of other dog matchmakers in dramas?

(In memory of my own golden retriever, Kringle.)