A con artist uses his newly blind brother to get out of jail. With Jo Jung Suk and  Do Kyung Soo as the male leads, I was expecting My Annoying Brother to be a fun ride with hijinks and lots of brotherly abuse and teasing. What we got was unexpectedly filled with heart, love, and redemption. Join Taleena and me, Wendilynn as we wring out our hankies about this heartwarming movie.


My Annoying Brother

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Do Kyung Soo (D.O.)

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(Warning: Spoilers below)

Taleena: When you asked me to review this with you Wendilynn, you didn’t warn me I’d need a few hankies. That was a cruel, cruel trick.

Wendilynn: Honestly, I didn’t know we’d need them either. I had avoided other reviews so I wouldn’t be prejudiced.

Taleena: I totally expected con artist with a heart of gold, a lot of really annoying miscommunication and a saucy side romance with Park Shin Hye. I expected it right up until the sauna back scrub - fully appreciating that the movie so far hadn’t been gratingly annoying - and by the time the brothers shared how they felt when Jo Jung Suk left home as a runaway, I was totally invested in them as characters and started to really love them both.

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Wendilynn: I would have to agree with you. When Jo Jung Suk was conning the parole board, I couldn’t believe they were falling for it, but he was very convincing. I was expecting his carelessness and neglect, but his character kept caring at moments I wasn’t expecting him to. Then we get to the outdoor scene before the sauna, where D.O lets him know that the family did not live happily without him, I found my heart melting there first. Then they get to the sauna and you have his line of “No runaway is happy” and I was sold on these two. So much heartache these two brothers suffered because some stupid neighbor had to mouth off their own prejudice.

Taleena: I found it utterly believable that a family fell apart over the smallest and stupidest of reasons. Feelings of acceptance can be so fragile at times, and when you make a big mistake often you feel like you have burned your bridges even when you haven’t. This is the huge tragedy - not that one brother was blinded, not that the other had cancer. Both were sad, but the tragedy was that they missed out on a relationship for 15 years, discovered it, and lost it again.

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Wendilynn: I agree that it was a tragedy. I was miffed with the cancer diagnosis though. Of course, it's cancer. Of course, they would go there. That trope should have been expected. I thought Jo Jung Suk did a great job in transitioning from a character that resents his brother to one who knows he needs to make sure his brother can survive on his own. Both of these boys are very convincing when they cry and each and every time I was pulled in and cried with them, whether I wanted to or not.

Taleena: OK. I have to disagree. I don’t care that we filled out our K-drama Trope BINGO cards. Yes, cancer is a go to trope, but the difference between a good K-drama and a bad K-drama is not whether or not it contains tropes, but whether the emotion is earned and how they sell the tropes. They earned it. The characters, even Park Shin Hye whose role was minimal, had a dimensional character which had a character arc of growth and change. Plus, it was not a switch flipping but it was small steps earned each time there was a change.

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Wendilynn: I agree that there weren’t any wasted tropes and they did earn every laugh and tear they get from the viewer. It just made me throw my hands up in the air, that’s all. I will agree that this movie didn’t throw anyone away. Park Shin Hye and Kim Gang Hyun both had small but significant roles. Their characters were more than two dimensional and brought heart and laughter when both brothers needed it.

Taleena: For such a tear jerking movie, it had some funny moments to it. I got a real chuckle out of the “learn to pick up a girl” scenes. I flat laughed until I snorted at the “eyes of the heart” line.


Wendilynn: The lesson on picking up girls was pretty good. D.O.’s scene with Lee Do Yeon was pretty good. She’s starting to become a favorite character actress. She’s everywhere. I admit, they had me laughing as well as wishing I could trade places.

Taleena: This movie had the potential to be a lot of things - a sports movie, a grifter movie, a romance, a high melodrama - but I am glad it went in the direction it did, a movie about restoration. In spite of the Olympic medal, it wasn’t about ambition or the judo win, but about whether Jo Jung Suk could die without worry. Despite casting an actress known for her romantic lead roles, it wasn’t about romance, it was about love. I liked that. I liked that they didn’t play up D.O as a swoony K-pop star but instead made him a handsome but problem beset young man. It all worked in just the right degree.

Wendilynn: D.O has enough acting credits that he’s earned the roles that require more than just standing there and looking good and he’s good at them. Both he and Jung Suk sold the nuances between the brothers. The director did a great job of those small moments that tell you hearts are moving. From small smiles to an eye that betrays its owner’s heart nothing ever felt overdone or fake. Their final phone call near the end, when D.O was letting his brother know that everything would be okay, that he would be okay, totally had me bawling. Letting him know that his brother was loved even as he was leaving him, just wrung me dry. I was sad and happy for them both. Loved them both so much by the end of this movie.

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Taleena: I agree. Overall, I give this movie 3 1/2 stars out of 5 with a two hankie warning. How about you?

Wendilynn: For myself, I give it a solid 4 stars. Good hankie warning. This movie is a good choice when you want something adorable and a little sassy but with enough heart to make you feel good even through your tears.  

That is how we felt about this movie, what were your thoughts and takeaways?   Tell us in the comments below.  


My Annoying Brother

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Do Kyung Soo (D.O.)

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