Because every K-drama ending leaves us wanting more and daydreaming about the characters, I could not help myself and wrote this, an epilogue for Rain's drama Please Come Back, Mister

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Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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Please Come Back , Mister: Epilogue
"We Are Destiny"

It’s not the last time Lee Hae-joon sees that woman.

It was… odd, to say the least, how he felt like he had seen her before when it was actually the first time they crossed path, but there was a familiarity that struck him. Her eyes, perhaps. Or maybe it was the way she smiled. Definitely, there was an uncanny feeling around her, and some warmth that embraced him when they were face-to-face. When he was in front of her he really felt like she was someone important for him.

As he had thought, odd.

However, if their paths never crossed before, the future was most definitely different for them. Many things were different for him now.

Manager Ma had become Secretary Ma and was, certainly, his most loyal employee. The man seemed to worship the ground Lee Hae-joon stepped on. Every time he saw his burning loyalty and admiration, he was reminded of the letter he found when he came back to Sunjin Store, from a man telling him he had gifted him with loyal employees who also respected him. Throughout the pass of time, Hae-joon had confirmed such words and he had to admit although different, it was just so pleasant. The feeling of acceptance and love was new to him, normally he only felt hated or feared, but now he felt unconditionally needed.

If someone had indeed pretended to be him for two months, the same two months he spent stranded in an island, then he couldn’t be angry at that man. Although his plans had been shattered, it had been for the best. He had been given a second chance in life, and he was appreciating things he never did before.

“President Lee,” Secretary Ma said after coming into his office. Despite finding odd the glass walls, he hadn’t had them changed. He had grown fond of the concept of transparency, and for that same reason, he didn’t want to change office even after staying as president of the store. “Miss Kang is here,” the man informed.

Nodding, Hae-joon motioned for the man to make the woman come in. Buttoning his jacket again as he stood up to greet her, he was surprised to find the woman from the lobby again. She was also surprised to see him, but her smile was charming after that.

“We meet again,” she said, standing graciously in front of him. “Mr. Lee.”

“It’s a pleasant surprise, Miss Kang,” he replied, offering his hand and then motioning for her to get comfortable. Secretary Ma was instructed to bring coffee for them. “If I had known we’d be making business after that day, I would’ve invited you to have dinner at least.”

She smiled in that kind and cheeky way that struck him as familiar.

“Now I understand why you seemed familiar that day,” she mentioned. “When considering a store to expand my business, I probably saw a picture of you.”

“Not likely,” he commented. “I didn’t assume this position until a month ago or so.” As she seemed to consider the situation, he did the same, wondering why that woman felt so oddly familiar. “I lived in the States for many years, making a name for myself. I heard you expanded your business there, too. Perhaps we crossed paths there.”

“Perhaps,” she hummed but she didn’t sound convinced, just like he didn’t think it was just that.

Kang Hong-nan, the woman in front of him, was the designer of her own clothing line, high fashion. Currently, she was thinking of having a store for her work, and seemed to incline for Sunjin. The business was still in negotiations, but it was basically a deal.

Those negotiations, trying to get her to sign with them, meant having them meeting in many occasions, and every time it was the same feeling. As sappy as it sounded, it indeed felt like their destinies were tangled together. Were they perhaps entangled in their past lives?

In one of their meetings, Secretary Ma told him that Song Lee-yeon was in the store, and seeing that as a good opportunity, he asked the man to bring the actress and face of Sunjin Store to make the formal introductions.

With the actress came her manager, a tall and young man that stood near but didn’t take part of the interactions. He did, however, stare at miss Hong-nan as if he could also recognise her, but when the woman caught his eyes, he looked down.

“Hong-nan-ssi,” Hae-joon began. “I’m proud to introduce you to the face of Sunjin Group, Song Lee-yeon.”

The women shook hands and smiled at each other, gazes fixed for perhaps too long, brows knitting together a bit, in that expression that alluded to a mind trying really hard to put the pieces together.

“I’m a big fan,” Hong-nan said. “I’d be honoured if you would be the model for my clothing line.”

“I’d be delighted to do that,” the actress replied. “Your work is exquisite and just my style.”

The three sat and exchanged pleasant conversation. The two women seemed to click and get on perfectly, getting familiar and bonding. As Hae-joon watched them interact, he couldn’t stop feeling like that it was how it was supposed to be.

And like that, they kept meeting. She signed with Sunjin and a special event was held for the launch of the new brand for the store. A big party were every A-list was invited, other CEOs and politicians, but without a doubt, the two more dashing and breathtaking women in the room were both Kang Hong-nan and Song Lee-yeon.

He was a lucky man for walking next to them.

Hae-joon was pleased to be Hong-nan’s date and being the one making introductions for her. She was charismatic and witty, making people laugh and enjoy her company. It was only when she asked him to step outside for a bit that she relaxed, sitting and taking off her shoes in front of him.

“You’ll have to excuse me, but these are killing me,” she told him, smiling sheepishly. “Fashion is a very painful business.”

He laughed, asking with his expression if he could sit next to her, to which she nodded. “I’m just glad you feel comfortable enough around me.”

“It’s odd, isn’t it?” she mused, wrapping her arms around herself while Hae-joon took off his jacket to wrap it around her. She smiled grateful at him. “I feel indeed really comfortable around you.”

He chuckled, it was always so easy when she was around. Something about her made the smile come automatically to his lips.

“I still can’t get rid of the feeling we’ve met before,” he commented, his hands on the knee of the leg he crossed over the other. “But it’s impossible I wouldn’t remember you if we did.”

“I’ve thought about it,” she said then. “I think this is fate, or it feels like it. Like we were supposed to work together. Like I was supposed to get here. Meeting you and the people around you… it just clicks. You know what I mean?”

He nodded, because he felt the same way. He finally felt like he was where he was supposed to, he had earned his father’s approval and was showing everyone what a capable man he was. Moreover, he also felt that she fit in the place where he was supposed to be.

“Perhaps it is destiny that we met and we’re working together,” he agreed, looking ahead into the quiet night. Inside, the chatter was loud and happy, the music was barely a whisper to them, but it was soothing.

“It’s comfortable, isn’t it?” she asked, turning to look at him. He met her eyes, finding her smile just so beautiful.

“Indeed it is,” he replied, smiling himself. “I hope it continues like that.”

“Maybe someone pulled some strings for us to meet,” she guessed, chuckling lightly. “And this is only the beginning of a bright future.”

Whether it means just in business or more, it doesn’t really matter. It feels like their destinies are tangled in more than just one way, and as their friendship develops, the business proves a great decision, they keep growing closer. Hae-joon finds a friend in her and a woman that becomes indispensable in his life. Hong-nan feels the same, but she also finds Lee-yeon who becomes the friend she never had and always wanted.

“We are like destiny,” said the actress one day, smile happy and at ease. And nothing could be more true than that.

Maya, from the office where she monitored both Kim Young-soo and Han Gi-tak, watches the two original bodies interact with a smile on her face, seeing how those lives entwine together again. Maybe she pulled some strings to make that happen. A little nudge here and there, totally harmless. Those bodies that the two ahjussis borrowed for their time back on Earth, were always meant to be together, and she finally sees it’s a closed chapter.

She walks away from the office, the screens’ lights going off as she closes the door behind her, wishing them one last good luck to the living ones. She prays harder for the tall and gorgeous boy that always protected Gi-tak when he came back, and when he was alive. Choi Sung-jae. That sweet boy. She hopes he is always happy. Something was always different about him, but that is something she doesn’t know, something she isn’t supposed to remember. Her own past when she was alive, when she was just like them. The life she had there.

Only special souls get to work at the station. Kind and selfless souls that proved their worth. A soul that can give her life for her kid to save him when he goes into the street to retrieve his ball. A soul like Maya who despite not knowing why, will always look and love the boy who is back on Earth. Her son.

“Fighting,” she whispers to them all, hoping as well she won’t have to use that office again and every soul will go willingly to their destinations. “Time to go to my usual job,” she mumbles, her smile wide as she heads back to the station.

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