mygirl_newsThe Hong sisters' second smash hit in a chain of successful dramas beginning with Delightful Girl Chun-hyang, My Girl is a charming, well-written, funny affair from start to finish, and became an instant Kdrama classic. It's surprisingly hard to do romance well, but My Girl pulls it off in fine style with superb performances all around from now-superstars Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae, and Lee Jun Ki. Lee Da Hae and Lee Jun Ki had just come off successful roles in Green Rose and film hit The King and the Clown, respectively, and bringing their star power to the drama propelled both it and themselves to even greater fame. The drama's real breakout, however, was Lee Dong Wook, who having previously starred only in relatively under-the-radar dramas, made a sensation with the good looks, charm, and intense charisma which he brought to the role of Gong Chan, the drama's reserved, warm-hearted lead. Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) is wealthy, unattached, and heir to a large company. He has also lost both his parents and is devoted to what remains of his family, particularly his grandfather who is ailing. The old man, bedridden, is haunted with regret for a particular decision he made years ago - to cut off his only daughter when she decided to marry a man whom he disapproved of. His daughter and her husband were killed soon after, and the grandfather's main wish in life is to find the granddaughter he never met. Gong Chan, meeting one day a girl who looks very much like his dead aunt, is inspired to use her to fulfill his grandfather's last wish. Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hae) is the daughter of a compulsive gambler and has led a nomadic lifestyle, constantly on the run from her's father's debts. As such, she is used to adapting to new environments, and is also in desperate financial straits, so when Gong Chan offers to pay her to pretend to be his cousin and give his grandfather some comfort in his old age, she accepts. Unexpectedly, however, once Yoo Rin moves in with the family, Gong Chan starts to see more to this bright, cheerful girl, and a powerful, forbidden attraction springs up between them. Complicating things are Jung Woo (Lee Jun Ki), a playboy attached with close ties to the family who falls in love with Yoo Rin, and Seo Hyu (Park Si Yeon), Gong Chan's ex-girlfriend determined to get him back. What happens? Find out by watching My Girl here on DramaFever!