Mi Rae has learned that Kyung Seok never made fun of her back in middle school. This changes how she feels about him and she has no idea how to feel about him wanting to be friends. In the meantime, Kyung Seok finds out the truth behind his mother leaving and he is fed up with his father’s lies. Can he learn to live without depending on his father’s money while catching Mi Rae’s eye? And when will Soo Ah get a clue? Join Cici, OhSoEnthusiastic, and me, Wendilynn as we enjoy watching Kyung Seok getting jealous in My ID is Gangnam Beauty.

Cici: I love the underlying theme of friendship and what it means that has permeated all of the episodes so far. It's such a precious commodity, far better than physical beauty. But it’s something that we have to learn to give as well as accept. Both Mi Rae and Kyung Seok are struggling with that a little right now.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Well, at least on Mi Rae’s part, I think it’s because she’s so used to being mistreated that she might not know how to allow people outside of her family and best friend to be so kind to her. She’s let her guard down with Soo Ah some, but Kyung Seok isn’t looking for just a surface friendship with her, which Soo Ah probably is. Kyung Seok wants to be genuinely close, and that can be a scary thing. For Kyung Seok’s part, I think Mi Rae is going to be the one who really helps him open up with others and be willing to let people in. They’re essentially guiding each other out of their fear driven choice to hide away from the world.

Wendilynn: Learning to accept others and not expect the worst is something Mi Rae is certainly learning. I like that she and Kyung Seok have cleared the air about what happened between them in middle school. Kyung Seok learned all sorts of truths in these episodes. Learning the real reason for his mom’s bizarre behavior has shaken his world in many ways. Learning how to lean on others and not be so self contained will be a big one for him.

Cici: It was so touching when he actually followed Mi Rae’s request and went to see his mom in the hospital. That was the only way he could begin to understand the real reason for her leaving them. I think he always knew that his dad was probably at the heart of the matter, but when his dad told him that he “only hit his mom once,” and that it was hard enough to damage her olfactory nerve, that had to shake him up. No wonder he decided he had to leave home.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I do question the logistics of hitting someone hard enough to damage their sense of smell. I feel like that would involve something a lot stronger and heavier than a fist, but I’ll go with it, lol. I’m mostly just excited to see our competitors for Mi Rae’s heart living together now. It’s going to be hilarious as all get out. (I personally have my fingers crossed that TA will fall for Mi Rae’s best friend, as I am a strong (figure out the word later) for adorable, tied together with a bow, happy endings in dramas, lol.)

Wendilynn: I would like for Hyun Jung and the TA to get together. She is crushing on him pretty hard, but she’s not stupid, she knows he probably likes Mi Rae. I also like that Kyung Seok is living with him because the jealousy will be hilarious. On the nice side, anyone else would just tell him to run back to daddy and his money. Our TA is a special guy. I can see why Mi Rae’s mom wants him as a son-in-law.

Cici: That’s only because she hasn’t met Kyung Seok yet, lol. But TA is pretty cool. He’s smart but also kind. The fact that he made the deal to accept less rent from Kyong Seok in return for his doing all of the household chores will doubtless lead to some hilarity. I can completely see Kyung Seok as the fanatically neat, why-did-you-just-walk-across-my-clean-floor type. All that being said, I do think they will end up being good friends. As soon as the jealousy issue is resolved.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Oh, yeah. She’s probably aware of his feelings for Mi Rae at this point, or at least has an inkling about them. But we, the audience, all know that’s not going to happen, so the two of them might as well get a happy ending with each other. (Look, I’m a romance fangirl, and I will always be a romance fangirl, and I’m gonna daydream about it whether it happens or not. So you might as well make it happen, writers. I - I mean, the audience demands it.) I do think Kyung Seok and TA will end up getting along well with each other, once they get past a few hurdles, probably. And the whole, being into the same girl, thing. They’re both very stand up kind of guys. Very principled and responsible.

Wendilynn: They are very principled and this show keeps its principles about what is right and wrong. The seniors who misbehaved by having the girls dress sexy for the festival had their butts handed to them and had to apologize. Soo Ah is about to get caught in some lies, and others are being held accountable for their actions. There is an interesting set of morality that the show is supporting that goes against the “pretty and rich get away with everything” trope we normally see in these situations. The show is even busting the “seniors should always be followed and never disagreed with” cultural trope. When someone does something wrong, even if they are a senior, you shouldn’t just blindly follow.

Cici: I thought it was interesting that Chan Woo apologized to Kyung Seok. I doubt his sincerity, but hey, it’s a start. It would be so much better if he apologized sincerely to Mi Rae, and actually changed his ways. Now Soo Ah--it really got to me how she just assumed that she and Kyung Seok had become friends just because he didn’t shut her down when she talked to him. Nope. Not happening. At this point, Mi Rae is the only friend that Kyung Seok has. And she is rapidly realizing that she can’t really look at him as just a friend.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I feel for what is eventually going to happen to Soo Ah. She’s obviously been overcompensating as a way to make people like her, but it’s going to backfire on her so hard. And I know you guys will disagree, but I don’t think she deserves that. I’m still of the mindset that she’s not this evil person, but just very lost and lonely and going about making friends in all the wrong ways. I want her to learn that what she’s been doing is wrong and hurtful and unjustifiable, but I also want her to be redeemed and eventually be able to find the relationships she clearly so desperately seeks.

Wendilynn: I understanding those feelings for Soo Ah, I feel a little sorry for her as well, but in her jealousy for Kyung Seok’s attention, she’s really crossing lines. What she did contacting that kid from middle school and getting her nickname known around school was low. Using the mother angle is also low. She knows she’s pretty and she knows that she can use that beauty to attract a rich man. It's just that the man she wants to attract sees through her like glass and he wants no part of her schemes. After all his dad has put their family through, he won’t stand for anyone who is fake.

Cici: Well. y'all are much kinder than I am. There are a few things that Soo Ah has done that I just can’t stomach. Her lying and manipulations with Mi Rae are one thing, but at least she has Kyung Seok to stand up for her. The way she immediately went after Tae Hee’s new boyfriend, just because she knew she could, was despicable. And the way she treated her poor grandmother like dirt just because she didn’t want to be seen with her was unforgivable. She may get a redemption arc in the end, but it’s going to have to be one heck of an arc! I know! Maybe Kyung Seok’s dad will adopt her. They deserve each other!

Wendilynn: Wow, Mr Do would finally have a child he could be proud of. I loved when Kyung Seok told his sister that there was no crime in being bad at school. He’s such a good big brother. Now its time for him to learn to be a great friend and then boyfriend.

Are you looking forward to the jealousy between our two newest roommates? Can Kyung Seok survive with some help from his friends? Tell us in the comments below.

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