So. Many. Confessions this week! Mostly sweet and heartfelt, but leave it to Soo Ah to put a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Join Cici, Wendylyn, and me, OhSoEnthusiastic, as we dissect these confessions and what they mean for our characters.

Wendilynn: There were a lot of confessions in these two episodes. At least four sincere ones and one fake one.

Cici: It was nice to finally get some clarity on TA Woo Young’s feelings. We sort of knew all along that he liked Mi Rae, but he was always so mild-mannered and nice, sometimes it was hard to tell if he was just being supportive in a big brother sort of way, or if he really liked her. Now we know.

OhSoEnthusiastic: There was never any doubt in my mind he liked her. He was clearly just not sure how, or if he should, go about pursuing her. When he confessed to liking her, and his response to her asking why was because she was pretty, I thought the writers were going to leave it there. Then he said all those nice things about her, what a sweet and decent person she is. I won’t lie. I did kind of hope they would leave it at ‘Because you’re pretty,’ because as much as I love him, I ship Mi Rae and Kyung Seok pretty hard. And I kind of wanted him to have some sort of flaw, a reason for him to rethink his ‘type’ and give Mi Rae’s bestie a fair chance. But even still, I am glad that he’s such a lovely person.

Wendilynn: I like that they had him not care that she had plastic surgery. Yes, that’s what he noticed first, but its not what kept him looking at her. But, when compared to Kyung Seok liking her when she was “ugly”, it really can’t compare. I was tickled pink by the tomboy girl giving him that letter letting him know she liked him. As much as I would like T.A. Woo Young to get with Hyun Jung, I sort of would like the tomboy to get what she wants, showing that you don’t have to be some simpering pretty girl to get the boy you like.

Cici: I really appreciated Woo Young’s response to that letter. The first thing he said was how brave she was. And his second thought was how to let her down gently. I do like him. A lot. But I’m with you two, Kyung Seok is really the only one for Mi Rae. So before we get to his confession, can we talk about Soo Ah’s? Grrr. I don’t necessarily think hers was fake, just that it was motivated by all the wrong feelings. She is so jealous of anyone else who gets a guy to like them, she can’t stand coming in second place, much less not placing at all. She has hated Mi Rae all along, and she really can’t accept losing to her.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I think it’s fake, 100%. I think she probably does relate to him in terms of losing a loved one, and maybe she hopes that can turn into something else between them, but I don’t think she has any genuine romantic feelings towards him. I think it’s purely motivated by her need to be number one in everyone’s lives, or she feels like she’s failing somehow. Speaking of, I think we’re going to see that blow up in her face really soon with this new kid developing somewhat of a creepy obsession with her. Not saying I dislike this kid, but he’s really misunderstanding some things that are really very clear. As for our tomboy, my heart breaks for her right now. She’s so cute and forthright and unafraid of going for what she wants. She also has such pure reasoning for why she likes TA. But there’s just no chance for her to win his affections, and that sucks. I do feel like him getting together with Hyun Jung will carry the same message though, that you don’t have to make yourself into a certain ‘type’ in order to get the guy. You just have to show them how great your type is.

Wendilynn: Soo Ah is a social climber. She expects her looks to land her a rich husband, pure and simple. Kyung Seok totally nailed her when he told her she didn’t actually like him so why keep bothering unless she wanted something. He sees her for the slimy snake that she is. She only used their “shared lost parents” angle to try and weasel in and he didn’t fall for it. I loved it when he told her she needed to get professional help. I don’t wish anything bad to happen to her, but I think she’s in for a rude awakening when that classmate’s obsession goes wrong. He’s totally making up a relationship in his head, and that’s rule one in the stalker code.

Cici: I no longer want anything horrible to happen to Soo Ah either, and that may be because she’s becoming a bit more of a rounded character. She feeds a stray kitten with no apparent weird motive. And the way she weighs herself and pops diet pills the moment she gains a little weight, then claims that her greatest insecurity is not being able to gain weight, are both symptoms of an eating disorder. The cat and the eating disorder could well be related--we know she comes from a background of poverty. Perhaps she knows what it’s like to be hungry, yet has been praised for being thin. That combination could mess with your mind. Don’t get me wrong, I still want her to get and stay as far away from our OTP as possible, but at least I don’t loathe her any more.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I think we’re definitely going to find out that the cat having the same name as this kid is a coincidence (a first for Soo Ah), and that she honestly hasn’t even noticed this guy before now. But by the time things get troublesome with him, it might not matter anymore, because her real motives for all of her relationships will have already been revealed. It’s going to be a case of the boy who cried wolf, then a real wolf shows up but no one’s around to save you from it. For Soo Ah’s sake, I really hope at least Mi Rae is there to help. I don’t see Soo Ah’s goals including finding a rich husband though. There haven’t been any contextual clues to really suggest this. I think her end goal is just to be adored by everyone around her, whether they have money or not. She needs constant reassurance of her worth, which is a very sad place to be. Breaking away from talking about Soo Ah for a moment, I just have to talk about the one thing in this drama that is causing me frustration. The lack of movement in some of our background couples. Tae Hee and Tae Young, Woo Jin and Jung Boon (ESPECIALLY Woo Jin and Jung Boon). I feel like the writers set those scenarios up to almost completely forget about them. Is it just me?

Wendilynn: They are minor characters so we only get their stories to fill in spaces. The side story I’m loving is Kyung Seok and his sister getting to know their mother again. She really is such a great character. I love that she handled Mi Rae’s confession about her feelings for her son with such delicacy. She just accepted her daughter, and she is just an all around amazing person. She was even great with Mi Rae’s parents, even when they accidentally insulted her, resulting in them finally being clued in to what derogatory terms their daughter was still dealing with.

Cici: I absolutely love Kyung Seok’s mom. She is a real class act. No evil mother-in-law vibes there at all, lol. But I have a different frustration. Where has the confident, kick-butt Mi Rae of the past gone? She is so intimidated by what others say or think about her, or even just what she imagines they’re thinking, that I want to shake her a little. If that was going to be the result of getting plastic surgery, why did she get it at all? Her situation hasn’t changed, at least not in her eyes. Even when Kyung Seok told her that he liked her, it wasn’t enough to get her over her certainty that they could never be together. This is like taking noble idiocy to the nth degree, and that’s really one of my very least favorite tropes. Maybe the writers should have her hit by the White Truck of Doom, get amnesia, and be unable to remember that she was ever bullied. Anything to get her to move on!

OhSoEnthusiastic: I agree that it was frustrating watching her push him away even once she knew, knew, that he liked her back. I definitely wanted to shake her as well. But that’s also kind of the point, isn’t it? That plastic surgery doesn’t fix emotional hurt and insecurity. She still has to deal with those underlying feelings that she tried to avoid by getting her face done. We also have to take into account that she had a larger stature as a child and therefore could make herself look more intimidating if necessary, whereas that’s not an option now, for multiple reasons. She’s also been through so much more bullying and verbal abuse since then. I don’t like that she continued to push Kyung Seok away even after he confessed to her, but I will never be frustrated or upset with her for not standing up for herself as often as she should, because every situation she’s been in I’m sitting here like, ‘Yeah. I probably would have responded that way too.’ Verbal abuse breaks you in a way that takes years to overcome. I speak with experience on this one. She has a lot of healing and self work to go.

Wendilynn: And I think you nailed it on the head Tori, the surgery didn’t fix her underlying insecurity. She just wants to be liked and not seen as some freak, and she’s afraid if she dates a “natural” beauty then she’ll get teased again. It's not fair or nice, but it is a reason. She hasn’t found her own worth yet, so she tries to hide. I think in this Soo Ah will do her a great service because she has to stand up for herself against Soo Ah, and I think eventually she will. But she has to start believing that she has the right to love who she wants. Her looks have nothing to do with her validity. Kyung Seok melted me though when he told her he’d wait for her. He understands and loves her anyway.

Cici: Ah, that line really got to me. He’s so quiet, but he doesn’t miss a thing, and his instant perceptions are never wrong. He not only understands Mi Rae, he understands the people around her. His reaction to that creepy sales associate who was commenting on the amount of plastic surgery she had gotten in such an objectifying way was awesome. He just decked him. And no amount of pressure was going to get him to give the guy a sincere apology. Yeah, he’s kind of perfect. Speaking of which, did you notice that Cha Eun Woo sang the OST part 7 in the last episode? Like I said, perfect.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Kyung Seok is great, because he likes the essence of Mi Rae. The thing(s) that make her her. Her personality, her quirks, everything. She’s beautiful to him with her old face and her new one, because she is beautiful to him.

What do you guys think of all these confessions? Who do you want TA to end up with? What do you think is going to happen with Soo Ah and her borderline stalker? Let us know in the comments below!

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