The romance and the bromance are both heating up, with Do Kyung Seok at the center of it all. Join Wendilynn, OhSoEnthusiastic, and me, Cici, as we review the latest developments in episodes 9 and 10 of My ID is Gangnam Beauty.

Wendilynn: You know, we got to see a really cute side to Kyung Seok. He hides it well behind that stoic mask of his, but he’s a very emotional person.

Cici: He’s very perceptive when it comes to the feelings of others, especially the women he cares about. He was such a good big brother when his sister came to visit, and I almost died when he told Mi Rae to call him “oppa”.

Cici: I also love how he’s picking up on the things Woo Young says, and then turning around and applying them with his sister. Doesn’t he realize that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Their interactions are so funny, and are rapidly becoming my favorite part of the show. An epic bromance is being born from their mutual jealousy.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Ah, bromance. How I love it. Let me count the ways. What I’m really loving though is how mom is already just as smitten with Kyung Seok as she is with TA. She’s having first and second lead feels, lol. I am bothered by the comments she keeps making about how ‘now Mi Rae’s pretty, pretty people like her’ and stuff like that. It’s concerning to me that a mother would talk that way about her child.

Wendilynn: Did anyone else laugh when her parents misunderstood what the term “Gangnam Beauty” meant? I mean, it's really a mean thing to call someone, but to her unknowing parents, they thought it was a good thing. I am impressed over and over again how this show chooses to talk about the emotional health of both beautiful and plain people. I really feel like this show is holding up a mirror to the shallow nature of those obsessed with beauty. I mean, that coffee manager was going to fire a perfectly good employee over someone's looks. I really loved that Kyung Seok refused to take someone else’s job over it.

Cici: Kyung Seok usually has such a solemn face, I sometimes have a hard time figuring out just what is going on in his mind. I’m often surprised at how sensitive he actually is, and I’m convinced now that when he says he just doesn’t want to harm anyone, he means it. His experience of peoples’ reactions to his physical appearance has been so different than Mi Rae’s, it is really indicative of his character that he refuses to judge people based on their looks, and that he has never felt popular just because he’s handsome. He’s not above wowing people he wants to impress, though. And yes, I think it’s completely hilarious when the characters in a drama say something like this:

OhSoEnthusiastic: I thought they were going to be really upset after hearing people say that about Mi Rae, but no. They totally thought it was a compliment, lol. I’m glad that, at least for now, they are able to stay in this bubble of happiness for a bit. I fully expect the show to bring them back down from that high at some point, because plastic surgery doesn’t make your life all sunshine and roses, but I’m glad they can at least be happy for her for now. As for Kyung Seok having no idea about his popularity, I think he hasn’t ever thought of himself as popular, because he’s always been too busy thinking about everything else going on in his life to devote any time to that stuff.

Wendilynn: We’ve seen how fake Kyung Seok’s father is, so I think that inured him against other fake people. And those chasing the rich and beautiful are as fake as they come. I’m so glad Mi Rae is wising up about Soo Ah. I’m just waiting for that classmate to expose Soo Ah for the conniving, evil, petty witch that she is.

Cici: Kyung Seok has said that he always felt like an outcast, and I can see how that could happen. Sometimes a person is so beautiful, or talented, or smart, that they intimidate all the other people around them. Everyone thinks they have a lot of friends, but no one actually approaches them. I think that’s what happened to Kyung Seok in middle school. At least with Mi Rae, she is willing to hang out with him and be friends, accepting him for who he is. Soo Ah, on the other hand, only befriends attractive people who she thinks can further her own popularity. What did you ladies think of her venomous tirade about people with plastic surgery stealing the admiration that should belong to “natural” beauties?

OhSoEnthusiastic: I’ve already said this to you guys in private, so I guess I’ll say it here for everyone at home, but Soo officially the worst in my book. Up until the last few episodes, everything she’s done could have been explained as, at best, unintentionally cruel, and at worst, badly motivated but nothing that made her devoid of humanity altogether. I was expecting the writers to make her more human and relatable as the story went on, but the last few eps have shown me that my initial assumptions about her appear to be wrong, and the writers aren’t going for lonely girl looking for acceptance in all the wrong ways. It’s lonely girl looking for acceptance in all the wrong ways, and she’s totally cool with it. Her trying to convince Mi Rae into backing down from Kyung Seok is proof. She knows she’s an awful person, and she doesn’t even care. I think what surprised me the most with that conversation was how Mi Rae responded. I expected her to give in to Soo Ah’s demand and back away from Kyung Seok, but it looks like this challenge is only going to strengthen her feelings for him.

Wendilynn: Soo Ah is so outclassed it’s not even funny. I get that Soo Ah sees her beauty as her ticket out of poverty and I don’t blame her for that. Her willingness to destroy others to achieve her goals is what makes her despicable. She has no idea that Kyung Seok liked Mi Rae before she had plastic surgery, so she doesn’t realize that going after the “I’m the real beauty and deserve him” angle is just not going to work. Mi Rae knows that he liked her original face and you don’t turn your back on that type of man. That’s a keeper and I think Mi Rae knows it, she just doesn’t believe it yet. She doesn’t want to push anything on Kyung Seok even though we all know he’s more than ready to jump in. I loved when he told his mother that he didn’t care about the past but that he just wanted them all to stop hurting. His heart is so pure and I really can’t wait for Mi Rae to accept it. Even if his arm isn’t as strong. (chuckles) Dude… did you see all those veins in those boys’ forearms? *fans self*

Cici: There were so many cute moments when Kyung Seok basically confessed to Mi Rae, but she just can’t quite accept it. I love the whole scrimmaging thing that’s going on between him and Woo Young. The way he glares at Woo Young every time he thinks he’s putting the moves on Mi Rae has me laughing out loud while I wait for one of them to say, “I saw her first!”

Cici: That arm wrestling match, which he “deliberately” lost, was just one of those moments. But I really loved it when he told the kid on the bus that he was Mi Rae’s boyfriend. She was so shocked! And he was all, “What?” So cute!

OhSoEnthusiastic: I don’t think Mi Rae actually knows/understands that he thought she was cute back then, just that he didn’t dislike her like she assumed he did. And I think the reason she’s been running from her growing feelings from him might have a little more to do with her not wanting to get attached and make assumptions about his feelings when there’s a high (in her mind) chance he’s not interested. She also has no experience in flirting, dating, and relationships, so she’s really not picking up on the subtle things like we are. (Side note: Popping veins usually just gross me out and make me anxious, because I’m afraid the person is going to hurt themselves, lol.) I have to admit I’m not really finding the fighting over her as amusing as I would like, mainly because it feels too childish to me, and Kyung Seok tends to get a little too controlly for my tastes. But I also think I might be misconstruing some of those moments, so I’m trying to not be too judgey. I totally heart him and Mi Rae together, as much as I love TA, and I definitely think Kyung Seok only has the best intentions.

Wendilynn: It's totally childish and that’s what I love. That scene over contracts, blankets and sharing food was hilarious. The silent eye communications going on behind the mom’s back had me laughing so much. They both like Mi Rae but neither one is mean spirited so its more adorable to me than anything else. And I sort of wish Kyung Seok’s mom didn’t enter the picture quite as early as she did. I felt that they didn’t give Kyung Seok enough suffer time. I really liked that line that real life starts when you move out and I thought he should have suffered more than just one day. Mind you, he’s smart so he had it figured out as soon as he went through one day, but still. I also wondered how he was going to be a salesperson with that stiff face of his, but I was pleasantly surprised to see him being kind and ingratiating as an employee for that furniture store.

Cici: Much as I love TA, I really hope he ends up with Hyun Jung. She is totally smitten by him, and the two of them have such compatible personalities. I think he does like Mi Rae, but I’m not sure that it’s in more than a big-brother protective way. I will say he earned extra points in my book when he told Mi Rae that she was the prettiest girl in their department, and that if she had plastic surgery to become prettier, she shouldn’t feel bad about it but should own it. Kyung Seok has basically been saying the same thing each time he tells her to just be herself. Now if she would just get her confidence and fighting spirit back, I’d feel a lot better. Ironically, that may be just what Soo Ah’s attack accomplishes.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Kyung Seok most definitely has the best ‘shoots you with daggers and fireballs and a million killer bees’ face of all time. I die every time he makes it, lol. I’m really torn on who TA should end up with now though. I was totally rooting for him and Hyun Jung, but now that other girl likes him, and that pairing makes me just as giggly. Ah, drama gods! Why you gotta make it so hard out here for a drama lover? Weh??? Weh?! What I really want to know is are you guys just as seethingly angry as I am at Soo Ah trying to break up such a cute couple as Tae Hee and Tae Young? Girl betta step back before I rip her fingernails off. (And Tae Young better wake up soon before I shave his head in the middle of the night and glue bird feathers all over it.)

Wendilynn: I agree, if the tomboy wants to date the TA, she should get a chance. She’s adorable just as she is. I also want Tae Hee to wise up that her silent boyfriend is ashamed to be with her because he thinks a prettier woman is interested in him. I don’t think she’ll allow herself to be in the shadows for too much longer. She deserves to be happy and loved for who she is, which is pretty awesome, all things considered.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Right now, I just want Tae Hee to dump Tae Young on his face so he’ll be like ‘Sh*t. I’m about to screw this all up for myself’ and then maybe he’ll do right by her. Because she’s so dang cute! Why wouldn’t he be interested???

Cici: I think you two have hit the main theme of this drama right on the head. Everyone deserves to be loved for the people they are. But we have to remember that these characters are young and that their ideas of what matters are immature. Give them time, and they’ll figure out that while beauty may be skin deep, ugly goes clear to the bone. Soo Ah, you’ve been warned.

What do you think? Will the boys Soo Ah has been toying with finally come to their senses and run away? Will Mi Rae finally demonstrate the confidence her new face should have given her, and accept Kyung Seok's feelings? And who will the adorable TA, Woo Young, end up with? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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