The big move to Korea finally happened! If you watch a lot of Korean dramas you might envision it a bit differently.

Perhaps you would immediately think of Seoul, lots of people, great shopping places, cute boys etc. My husband and I have moved in with his parents in a very rural area of Korea. It's very countryside and there is mostly just old people living here. Luckily I've stayed with my in-laws before so it wasn't a big shock, and although we've only been here for one week, it hasn't been uncomfortable. We will be here for at least several months of our two year stay in Korea.

I'm enjoying the things I don't usually see in Australia, like the ice on the river. It hasn't even snowed while we've been here and I'm not sure if it will, but the cold isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Hopefully there will be lots of inspiration for comics!

Nichola draws comics on her blog My Korean Husband and has a YouTube Channel with her husband.