September 8 was Chuseok, one of the biggest national holidays in Korea. In order to celebrate, the cast of the upcoming drama My Lovable Girl wrote handwritten messages, and leading man Rain purchased gifts for the cast and crew.

Koreans celebrate Chuseok (sometimes called "Korean Thanksgiving") on the brightest full moon of the year, which falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. This year, Chuseok fell on September 8, though the holiday celebrations ran for three days, from September 7-9. Many Koreans celebrate the holiday by going to their ancestral homes and paying respects to their ancestors.


In honor of the holiday, the cast of My Lovable Girl, including Rain, Krystal, Cha Ye Ryung, and L, just to name a few, wrote some hand-written greetings encouraging fans to have a plentiful holiday. They also encouraged fans to watch My Lovable Girl, which will be a heartwarming drama that people can watch with their families.

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Taking his holiday wishes a step further, Rain reportedly purchased fall jackets for over 100 staff members on the show! It's a generous, suitable gift for an autumn holiday.

My Lovable Girl premieres on September 17. You can watch the trailer below and sign up for new episode alerts HERE.

Did you celebrate Chuseok? What did you do for the holiday? Comment below!