When an Oppa (boo not brother) says he is going to “go at your pace,” it is always his dream that you will catch up 5 seconds later! *Kekeke* For Park Hyun Soo, prayers do come true! *bows in reverence* My Love Eun Dong premiered this week, and I am so excited to to be in a club with the ever-wise Unnichan and lovable Pamela. Join us (I am the insane Ekun) as we discuss the highs, lows, and pacing of My Love Eun Dong.

Watch the premiere:

Ekun: I do not know about you guys, but I was more excited by the last 10 minutes of episode 2 than anything! I found some parts a bit draggy, but I am really excited now. However, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was excited by the kiss that matches Park Hyun Soo’s “pace”. Immediate thoughts on Park Hyun Soo? Ji Eun Dong?

Pamela: I’d say I’m excited to see how the drama manages the third attempt at the relationship. I didn’t so much find moments to be dragged as much as a bit obsessive. Most of the first two episodes, from my standpoint (well, actually, my sitpoint), were spent battling between my desire to flail happily over Hyun Soo and my recognition that the man has no calm when it comes to the cute Eun Dong.

Unnichan: No calm, is what makes Park Hyun Soo so wonderful. He starts out as this delinquent that just needed something to actually move his soul. 

And when he found that, he dug his feet in. True, it seems obsessive and it kind of is but in that endearing and rich way that should keep us desiring for him to get what he wants. Not just because it’s his desire or for some achievement but because his feelings for Eun Dong are that one thing that steadies him and truly has made him a better person.

Ekun: Pamela, he was a bit obsessive wasn’t he? I mean, staring in the window like he is going to eat her alive--I could not help but let my mind wander to Maroon 5’s Animals video. *shuts eyes* 

In any event, the 3rd time's the charm right? Though, realistically, it would probably be the most trying and complicated.

Pamela: Maybe it’s more the “promise” of each other that kept Hyun Soo searching for all this time? I’m fine with just going with the flow for the sake of the romance, but that promise will have to hold Hyun Soo pretty tightly for me to suspend a bit of that reality.

Unnichan:Look, twenty years is a long, long time. I can’t even tell you who or what I was loving 20 minutes ago, so, I definitely think it’s the might have been, what may have happened thing, that is keeping him hanging on. Plus, he’s pretty certain they were fated to be together, so there’s that. Not to mention that premonition moment he had, right before she left. He was very concerned about her return. And now, with her memory most likely wiped, Hyun Soo has an uphill climb with her. I won’t be surprised if she’s quite different from whom he knew. Like what happened in The Vow.

Ekun: This has been over a span of 20 years. I also question how Hyun Soo/ Eun Ho is able to stay dedicated to the ‘cause’ of Eun Dong for so long! Guess why they had to play that Bon Jovi’s Always… Foreshadowing? Am I too flimsy?

Pamela: I’m pretty flimsy myself; Eboni-unni—or at least I’m just new to this whole romantic-emotional-attachment thing. One thing is clear: Hyun Soo isn’t likely to give up anytime soon.

Unnichan: Look, as soon as baby sis rolled in I screamed “That’s my song!” And it’s absolutely perfect for this story. (Though Bon Jovi is pretty much perfect for all things.) I can totally see Hyun Soo crooning to that somewhere overlooking Seoul, with a dedication to Eun Dong in his heart.

Ekun: Let’s talk about Eun Dong real quick—was I the only one a bit annoyed with her in the 10 year time jump? I mean, I don’t dislike her, but Ekun is not for the games. Every time it came to Hyun Soo Oppa for a minute, she was playing. Was that supposed to be cute? Endearing? Me caring? Despite that, once she picked up to “Hyun Soo’s Pace” I was fine with her. I am also scared about what is going on in her home life! Her adopted father seems like he up to no good. Did you get that feeling too?

Pamela: I feel that. I feel that very intensely. In terms of Eun Dong’s actions towards Hyun Soo, I can see how she is meant to be cute and reluctant early on in Reunion Number One. She didn’t necessarily get on my nerves (as much as I wanted her to accept him, we’ve pointed out just how insistent he is), but I was very glad once she brought herself up to Hyun Soo’s speed. We don’t know, and may never know, if she ever regretted letting down her walls for him, but she is smiling in the days after the movie date. That’s all we have to go on. The issue of her father is one that I look forward to learning about - it will help understand the motivation behind that reluctance a bit.

Unnichan: Alls I know is, I was worried that Eun Dong had already done some significant changing during their first separation (I blame the actress’s face), until she was talking with her friend, so I had to give some real thought about what on earth Eun Dong was doing playing around with Oppa. But I don’t really think that was her intention. I think she meant it, when she said he didn’t know what his feelings were for her and given we can assume some crazy crap is going on over at the house… well, I think she wanted to be sure, very sure, that she wasn’t misinterpreting his intentions. 

I definitely believe she too was missing and longing for him but with what has happened in her life thus far, hope is a precious commodity to her. I’m not into romantic notions and fantasies (you know, outside of the dramaverse) so, I get you Eun Dong.

Ekun: I guess you all have a point. I think I would have been even more annoyed if she was running into Oppa’s arm and bed (Yes, I went there). I love romance, fantasies, and tragic love stories… give me all that and more show!

Unnichan: And speaking of romantic notions, what about Sis and her Grey’s Anatomy Izzy moment? Falling for a cancer patient? The Parks raised some bleeding hearts, didn’t they?

Ekun: I do not know what to feel about sister and the love she has for a patient. It is unethical (1), it is def tragic (2), and I just do not think I can do it (3). While I love an “against all odds” love, the older I get, the more practical I become. Well, I am excited for the progression of the show--bring the popcorn throws, screams, and tears!

Pamela: Fun fact - there is a web drama that was released a little bit before the drama actually began. It has some of the parts from the first two episodes. (The first two episodes include the scenes from the web drama, but they fill in all the gaps.) When I watched that a few days ago, I got to see both 10-year breaks being led up to and I got to see a bit of the the aftermath of the second one. I have a couple of ideas about what may have happened to Eun Dong, but I will withhold them until next week. There is one bit of information I know of that will probably be released next week, but I can’t wait until we get the full story. Eun Dong was really beginning to accept the idea of Hyun Soo as a romantic partner.

Unnichan: I definitely think they are holding back on her side of things for now and I’m cool with that. I am ready to see what she has been doing, but I think it’s important for us to see the full breadth of Hyun Soo first, ‘cause the truth is, we know just as much about her now, as we did when they first met. The only difference is the urgency. When Hyun Soo decided to be her “neighborhood” oppa, he was a kid that didn’t think about separation or the future and whether he knew her full name. Now, I always thought that was important but for someone who thinks you have all the time in world, pacing yourself makes loads of sense. However, that wasn’t the case for them, therefore, our pace as viewers sped up the moment they met again. Once, they meet this time, we’ll have that same, “Uh he’s got to recognize her” and “Show, tell me what’s she’s been up to” feeling but I foresee drama slowing us down. I just wonder what Hyun Soo’s pace will be, this time around.

Ekun: I just hope that we as viewers will be able to appreciate and keep to Hyun Soo’s pace. Before we wrap this up, everyone needs to mention one thing they are desperately looking forward to. I for one am desperate for all things Joo Jin Mo; I meant to say I am really looking forward to how the writers will do the 3rd time around. I just find the concept itself intriguing—I want the feels and all!

Pamela: If I was this fangirled-up by seeing Baek Seung Hyeon again—and acknowledging the existence of GOT7’s Jr.—I am definitely ready for the weeks ahead that are filled with Joo Jin Mo. Did I say that out loud? I’m just here for the deep voices I mean, the deep romance. (I’m definitely looking forward to comparing yet another fictional romance to my first real-life one - as well as using the former as a way to poke fun at the latter; this should be fun.)

Ekun: Pam-ah?! Unni does not want to mention things that are GOT7… Though I am not that old, they remind me how I can be behind bars fooling with them. [End of Ekun’s bout of insanity regarding to GOT7]

Unnichan: Welp, when I turned this on, I was wondering if perhaps this was the drama I’ve been looking for in 2015. That one show that will rip my heart out, tear it apart and dare me to try and piece it together again. (Yes, I’ve been looking for such a thing. Judgments---> to the left) And though I’m certain, I still haven’t found it, Joo Jin Mo has an uncanny way of making me believe. 

They did such a great job casting the younger generation especially, Baek Seung Hyeon because he’s at portraying the depth of longing. For now, I’m sold into Hyun Soo’s obsessive service. And I will gladly sing my “Oppa” song (to the tune of Elmo’s original “Jacket” song) for the duration of this drama, no matter what happens.

And this just goes to show, how even Elmo is constantly breaking down barriers. *nods in agreement with self* What are you all thinking about the show? Let us know and join in the convo. Peace!

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