*grabs mic* Has your first love ever called you in the middle of the night crying for you? Have those tears been a result of jumping over that final amnesiac hurdle? Then tune in to this week’s coverage of My Love Eun Dong, where Eboni-unni, Unnichan, and I check in with Eun Dong, Hyun Soo, and all the people posing as hurdles on their track of romance. Ahead, delve into the depths of Eun Dong’s battles against her husband and his attempts to guilt trip her back into his arms. As a bonus, you will be rewarded with a special shot of Joo Jin Mo’s loving gaze.

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Ekun: There are ssssssooooooooo many things that took place in these past 2 episodes! The best thing to happen was the reunion of Eun Dong and her beloved Hyun Soo Oppa. Now that Eun Dong’s memory has been recovered, there are several issues that have to be remedied. #1 Eun Dong leaving Jae Ho, #2 Eun Dong revealing the truth about Ra Il, #3 Eun Dong being able to move along despite the tragic event of being robbed the last 10 years of her life. While there are other things that need to fall into place, I find these to be the biggest… Thoughts?

Unnichan: I definitely think those are the top 3. Perhaps on my list a couple are inverted because as always, first and foremost, I need Eun Dong to get her life back! She keeps repeating that things need to be put back in their original place and I couldn’t agree more. Though it is something that can’t truly happen in its entirety, she can seek to pursue the life she originally wanted. For me, the best thing about Hyun Soo and Eun Dong is how simple their dreams are. All they have ever wanted is to love and be loved by one another. They don’t ask for anything else. I find them sincere and genuine in their love and that makes me root for them to complete it; making my hopes for them just as simple. The problem of course, is that now, there’s nothing simple at all about where they are or how they can reach that dream.


Pamela: The scenes in which Hyun Soo and Eun Dong are together without worries are such sweet scenes. I know I’m saying this because I can finally relate to these romantic scenes, but I mean it. That dream of just loving together is an innocent one. Especially now that Jae Ho is teetering so severely on the edge of intensive [insert word for immensely mean person I won’t say out of respect for my innocent reputation], I am certainly feeling less guilty about supporting this couple. There are many roadblocks in their way on their drive to romantic bliss, but their hands are finally locked again. I doubt ripping them apart will be as easy this time, as both sides are preparing to fight for the right to love.

Ekun: As I stated last week, Hyun Soo don’t give a damn. I think it is the one thing that Jae Ho, Seo Ryung, and now even Jung Eun’s father fail to comprehend. The obstacles they are trying to set before this couple are asinine at best! What continually boggles my mind, is how Jae Ho is always throwing out the fact that this couple (Eun Dong and Hyun Soo) ruined his life; when, from where I am standing, you ‘stole’ Eun Dong from Hyun Soo, attempted a couple's suicide, when that didn’t work you lied to her (for 10 years), and you STOLE someone else’s child! How exactly was your life ruined by the party in question? It all sounds self inflicted to me… Am I taking crazy pills?

Unnichan: You aren’t crazy but Jae Ho certainly is. One thing I rejoiced over this week was how the writer chose to deal with Eun Dong and her words when she spoke to Jae Ho about his accusations. With her memories in tact, she is now the complete Eun Dong we knew from the beginning; the one who spoke truth and wasn’t afraid to be herself, no matter the consequences. She knows that her life was ripped from her; that she is a victim in this situation and Jae Ho is not then says as much. I am not on board for a full-on affair between our lovers but I feel no guilt whatsoever about Eun Dong skipping joyfully away from Jae Ho and his delusions. I loved her saying the hard truths and revealing what we all knew to be true from the start, that Jae Ho acted knowingly, for himself. Because it’s what he wanted and he didn’t care about anything or anyone else. The fact he tried to kill them has such a deep stigma and sting, I can’t even begin. Then even now, he’s determined to hold on to someone else’s child because of his greed and scheme to try and create another one! I truly just can’t with that man.


Pamela: As great as it is that the character is continuing to recover, the man also just keeps playing the victim. The family members that stand behind him continue to perpetuate that image of him as one. They’re thieves, in some sort of sense. Hyun Soo is not a “new man” in Eun Dong’s life, and the “I loved her first” argument actually has some legitimacy in this context. She loved him first, and she loved him only and always. Those against this main relationship are seeking to hurt the both of them for the problems caused by the ones who tore them apart in the first place. Speaking of Eun Dong’s son, though, he’s in for a rocker. There is a smog of confusion waiting for him, and I have my predictions concerning how he’ll react once he himself is pushed into the crossfire, but he can’t be that much worse than Eun Dong’s and Jae Ho’s parents or than Jae Ho.

Ekun: Every time I think of that baby, Ra Il, tears come to my eyes (seriously crying as I type). For he is the most innocent party, who will suffer the greatest consequences. To be told that the person you love so dearly is a lying manipulating *censored* (perhaps not those exact words) will be the greatest task for Eun Dong and Hyun Soo. Fortunately he has multiple outlets to deal with the shock and hurt, but I think Min Ah will be his greatest ally in this tragic situation.


Unnichan: Ra Il is the biggest obstacle for these two because I don’t believe there is any way they can uncover this reveal that won’t be a huge blow to him or that he will accept willingly. On the surface, it seems as though Eun Dong just cheated on her boyfriend, got knocked up and either passed some other dude’s kid off as Jae Ho’s or he sacrificially raised another man’s kid because he’s so magnanimous (*gag*) and now that she’s found him again wants to ditch her normal life for a superstar. None of that is true, but how do you clear all the misconceptions when the facts or events line up? Ra Il loves Jae Ho and while I’d like to same for Jae Ho, I can’t. For, to me, he’s a selfish, cowardly manipulator and opportunist, who only seeks to make himself feel good (and guiltless). While he lived in his delusion, all was well because he’d convinced these people and himself they were his family, being they were under his spell, now the spell has been broken and he’s clamoring to keep his mirage from dripping away. But since we’ve all heard the one about grasping sand, we know it won’t work. I just feel heaps of sorrow for this little boy who doesn’t know his father and will probably take more than slight cajoling to even want to.

Pamela: One aspect of this story is that of choice. Ra Il will have to make the choice between his parents, as long as his parents do not rob him of that opportunity. Eun Dong has to ensure that her ability to choose is no longer infringed upon either. That sand has passed Jae Ho’s hands and has fallen to the ground. He can’t pick all of it back up, no matter how much strength he regains. It’s a matter of the heart, and that cannot be won one-sidedly. Hyun Soo has been assertive in bringing Eun Dong back to him, but it was Eun Dong who made the decision to reach out and close the rest of the gap between them. Each time they meet, the passion flares more and more with each minute. When Jae Ho spends time with her, it becomes more of an attempt to make her stay now, as opposed to simply maintaining that small little spark of a fire.


Ekun: but therein lies the issue, the fire was never ignited--it was all a farce. Speaking of flames being extinguished, Hyun Bal’s wife came in, with a fire of her own, to downpour on his feelings for the child he has been running around with! For she is not having it with this non talented baby always bring juice boxes and demanding rides. And we cracked the mystery of his marital status. It is very much still in tact--like she tacked his tail. Oops. Just when you couldn’t think any less of him too…


Unnichan: Look Hyun Bal’s wife showing up was exactly what we needed. I appreciated those off kilter moments of comedy in these episodes. And while Hyun Bal is being really dumb in his personal life, I am so very glad he is finally catching a clue in his professional life--- realizing that Se Ryung is complete slime! I believe in the beginning he thought that perhaps she was the best route for his friend, in business and pleasure but now he knows that he was being short-sighted (much like he and little piano child). I also liked that this was the second time Se Ryung was told her tactics won’t work. And though I was virtually miffed by her psychotic response, I was equally glad she finally came off her “I love Eun Ho” front. She’s definitely all about breaking if she can’t have and sorry kids, that’s nothing more than trying to possess a person by any means, including damaging. I truly thought I was crazy at this moment because she’s talking about taking and destroying something that Eun Ho told her long ago he didn’t care about apart from Eun Dong. Now that he has her, what would ripping all these other things away really mean? That’s right---- absolutely nothing.

Pamela: He already neglects his career for the sake of loving Eun Dong, so if his acting status plummets in the next few episodes due to the vengeance of Se Ryung and the others, I predict that he will be okay with it. Love, to him, means being with the one significant to him and being significant to her in return. Love, to the rest, means making the other stick around because he or she is significant to them. Se Ryung and Hyun Bal are, amongst others, characters who could be happy, but are stuck looking around for what will make them so. They haven’t found that something, so by taking those who know what they need to be happy, maybe they’ll be content with their lives.

Ekun: In other words Pam, misery loves company (which is so freakin’ true). Look, Se Ryung is not caring about happiness now, she has to win. If she wanted happiness, she would have settled down with ‘bed buddy boo” a long time ago. I too was in awe of the rubbish flying out of her mouth in regards to destroying Eun Ho’s career and whatnot--I got news for you hateful wench (Se Ryung): Aside from killing Eun Dong, there is nothing you can take from Hyun Soo that will make him come over. And if you harm her, you better prepare a burial shroud for yourself… because Hyun Soo will kill you. Last thing I can think of to discuss is Jung Eun’s hateful, surly, loser father. So aboji? We going to the reporter claiming this whole story is fake? How Eun Ho is destroying a family? What about you all did to Eun Dong and her family?! I was so thankful reporter had ??? in his eyes--like what he was being told was complete B and S.


Unnichan: This comes back to just how short-sighted and irrational all these people are around our lovers. They truly don’t know with whom they are dealing. They say these things and push these buttons, all for their own gain and fail to look at anything else. I know it’s too much to ask at this point for these people to start acting like they actually love these two, but at the very least they could use their sponge. The best thing about Daddy going to the press is Reporter side-eyeing him and actually having a valid point-- what would Ji Eun Ho want with his daughter, if there isn’t a slight twinge of truth to his tale? I foresee this attempt backfiring in so many ways, for so many reasons and it all having to do with the fact these people are clueless. However, this development has brought up (and out) what we’d guessed as well, that Daddy and Jae Ho were in cahoots and the latter’s relationship with Jung Eun was forced for a reason. I just wonder what this incident was and how guilty Daddy really is. All I can think is just how sorry that man has turned out to be, given, now we know he’s indebted to Jae Ho and still won’t lift a finger to help him or his daughter financially. Ah, it also reminds that when he told Jung Eun that she owed Jae Ho, he was actually just laying his burden onto her.

Pamela: It is going to be so satisfying once the comeuppance begins. The quest for freedom from these forced burdens is something Eun Dong can’t pull out of since she now fully recognizes who she is. The characters each have their own shackles, and some need to learn that theirs are not fit to imprison other people with them. There has been a nice setup of characters having personal conflicts, for the most part, and how these setbacks will be addressed is something I’m looking forward to. Only once these people get over themselves will the characters (most important to the plot, Eun Dong and Hyun Soo) find some sort of happy ending. Living with the paranoia of being left alone or living a life of lies seem to make for a very uncomfortable existence. It’s up to each person here to love or accept the truths at hand with these relationships.

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