Well *censored*! Ekun’s first thought after finishing this week’s episodes of My Love Eun Dong. Just when you think we are through the worst part of the storm, the next clap of thunder strikes letting you know it was just the eye. Join Unnichan, Pamela, and me as we weather the tragic waves of this week’s episodes.

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Unnichan: After last week, I went into these episodes believing we were finally moving in the right direction, but then the last five minutes of 14 happened.

Ekun: *Rolls Eyes* I was trying to wean myself into the hard stuff, but Unnichan is going right for the jugular.

Pamela: I mean…We might as well go big or go home (even though we are all typing this from home)...

Unnichan: You know I don’t believe in beating bushes, I beat tails. But either way, we did end on a serious note that of course creates a whole new bag of troubles for our couple. We’ve been leery of hoping for a happy ending and even with the ripple “Ra Il” reveal, there was a little light peeking through. Finally Hyun Soo knew the truth, he had his face to face confrontation and Eun Dong made her break, yet Show refuses to let all the guilty parties in this story live and take responsibility for their actions.

Ekun: Yeah... Narratively, I can understand why show would chose to utilize Jae Ho’s suicide as an outcome, but it totally sucks. Given that this is a continued pattern from 10 years ago, it is also a characteristic laced within the guilty party. His cowardice behavior has no end. I just do not like the message that this is an “okay” solution to this problem. I am sincerely hoping that Jae Ho lives once again. I keep thinking about how his death would be tragic for Ra Il, his mother, and cause continued problems for Hyun Soo and Eun Dong. It is almost as if he did it to be spiteful, but I totally understand Jae Ho was never in his right mind.

Pamela: He never was. That’s how he came to the decision to drive so recklessly ten years ago, and how he switches between being protective at Jung Eun’s side and the side that pins the guilt on her. I was almost thinking that he had gotten to a good place when he ceded the boy he had cared for as his son over to Hyun Soo, but I keep forgetting that we still have next week left until characters stop chipping away at the foundation between our main couple.

Unnichan: I will agree he was never very emotionally stable. And I think Ekun’s point about the repeated behavior is my largest issue, also that this narrative escape can somehow solve any problems. Because, it can’t. Everything Jae Ho does at this point is out of spite and deprecation. I’m sure we are supposed to sympathize with him, but I can’t. He makes these choices that are destructive and selfish. I think I could understand if it was about his illness or isolation; something predicated beyond his control, and he was just having a downtrodden moment, but it’s not. Therefore, it’s hard for me to think of his actions as anything but garnering attention and shirking responsibility. As far as Ra Il, it also doesn’t give him the chance to explain to this confused little boy but rather, could create a wound and scar in him that could take a lifetime to heal.

Ekun: Exactly. He claims that he genuinely loves Ra Il, but his actions often prove the opposite, and rather display how much he loves himself. We can discuss that all night, but other things did take place in the show. Let’s talk about those half- assed reporters publishing a one sided story… Hyun Bal’s idea to sue was the best idea ever uttered out of his mouth in 14 episodes. Even prodigals have a moment to shine.

Pamela: I will say that in theory, Jae Ho loves Ra Il. I will also say that the affection stems from his and Eun Dong’s father’s boxing of Eun Dong, which gave Jae Ho the son he wasn’t supposed to have. Jae Ho loves Ra Il because he was the one fathering him, but he also clings to the kid as the one thing that Eun Dong loved in their relationship. Her father got to those reporters, though...I don’t understand how, but he did. 

Lazy, desperate reporting is a bit of a frustrating plot point, considering the evidence against the story that was right there. Characters make and perpetuate assumptions about the main couple: that Hyun Soo is just stealing Eun Dong away from a happy life; that Eun Dong deserves to be trapped in said life; that some part of her wanted to be; that Hyun Soo is an obsessed husband-wannabe. However, if you just watch them together, or if you hear their words and actually listen, it’s obvious that the story was pulled out from the deepest crevice of Eun Dong’s father’s lie hole.

Unnichan: Look, I was so floored by that trash from those reporters I can’t even begin! Seriously, where did they graduate? How have they remained a reputable establishment that actually deals with anything beyond smut? Because I do believe it’s in the top 5 rules of journalism to CHECK YOUR SOURCES! It’s not about covering up a story or sweeping it, it’s about proper reporting. They even discussed Eun Ho’s character and still chose not to get a comment from anyone. It was crazy and sloppy and I blame the writer. Hyun Bal is a total mess, but I’d being pinning the affidavit myself sending those fools to court over that crap. And while we are talking about reporting… Se Ryung tries to strike again. That woman is just spinning wheels at this point but with all her silly, it has given Hyun Bal an opportunity to at least surprise everyone and surface as a decent friend, who knows when to stop being jerked around.

Ekun: And just when you want to give him (Hyun Bal) a cookie or 2, he says he is in love with the piano baby child. Ugh! What makes it even worse; he has the gall to compare his situation to Hyun Soo and Eun dong… No no boo. That is like comparing sea turtles and mud. Se Ryung has to be the dumbest character on this show thus far. How can you just confirm Daddy’s bogus claims like you lived the life yourself?! Girl, it makes you look stupid and wait for it…. DESPERATE!

Pamela: It ruins any chances she would have had at this point, which were slim to none, anyway. Hyun Bal has gotten the life he wants, which was achieved through cheating with a girl he met after marriage. I was scoffing a bit as he described his new life choice to Hyun Soo, but at least he is stepping back, unlike Se Ryung. She just wanted a fancy Eun Ho by her side, and if someone else wants that as well, the claws come out. It’s not the worst thing for Eun Ho himself to be hurt in the process, because that still gives a chance for the other side to lose. (This is despite the fact that Se Ryung’s contribution of the week actually brought the fated couple closer.)

Unnichan: And I think that is something this drama showcases well—the many facets of desperation. It’s never a great place to be but in some situations it is relatable and even understandable. However, when you have a character like Daddy, it’s his gall that continues to grind me. We knew he was abusive, we just had no confirmation, then we get it and he pushes it all into the oblivion. But Eun Dong continues to remain winning for me; from telling Se Ryung what to do with her crazy to copping to trying to trap Hyun Soo. I don’t blame her, but I like that she, unlike many around her, doesn’t shy away from owning her actions. She doesn’t pretend to be right or justified. But she also isn’t ashamed of what she’s done, because she knows she has no reason to be. She refuses to take on burdens that are not her own and that kind of strength is so rewarding to see.

Ekun: Eun dong constantly gets cookies from me. She is quite strong in many respects, kind, and only wants to work to make the best decisions for everyone involved. Even if it is messy, she never turns her back, but faces it head on, I also love how she can wrangle in Hyun Soo when he is being forward marching and a bit selfish. Hyun Soo Oppa, we cannot just tell Ra Il that you are his dad! He (unfortunately) loves the man who is considered his dad. 

Children need time to adjust to such drastic changes—especially when it is something so complex adults can’t fully comprehend.

Pamela: Hyun Soo is a fiery character. When he has what he wants so close to being within his grasp, he will reach for it with all his might. He wants to pull his object of desire close as soon as possible. As a man in love, he is head over heels, and a bit too much blood has rushed to his head. The fact of the matter is that he can act with a degree of childishness. There is now an actual child involved, and the kid only knows that one man raised him and one man slept beside him for some reason. I really hope that Ra Il’s transition isn’t skipped over in the last episodes. We know that Hyun Soo is not likely to change his disposition too severely, and that stubborn passion is something that makes me curious for next week and that touches my heart in a raw sort of way.

Unnichan: He wants to get to know his son (RIGHT NOW) which makes all the sense in the world, but his situation is beyond delicate. Just like we said before, Ra Il is a wild card that can’t be predicted. 

But it was great that she coddled him after finding out he’s a father, knowing that he’s so childlike himself. I appreciate the balance they are for one another and also how she reminded him that no one knows him better than she does. His idea to escape is one I totally understand but I resonate with her aversion more. Mostly because it reminds me of what those robbers did to her life. Ultimately, Hyun Soo always makes the best and rather manly decision he can and I trust it will be no different with this last bump. I just wonder how much we will appreciate the fallout. This was one time Hyun Ah being overly invested worked in our best interest and I can only hope this leads to her actually saving a life.

What were your thoughts this week? Anyone else out there turning tables over because the show is ending next week? Join us as the finale can make us cry tears of joy or bleed tears of blood! Peace!

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