Memories are powerful and though in My Love Eun Dong, Hyun Soo's are still flashing in motion picture splendor, for someone who's convinced they are someone else, even fragments of the past can seem like nothing more than reel fantasies. Ji Eun Dong has been given a paint by numbers canvas of her life and love, but after spending a few hours with Ji Eun Ho's voice and their love story, she's beginning to believe her niggling feelings are much more than getting lost in a good book.

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Unnichan: This show wants to see me dead--- for the mere fact that we aren’t dealing with one force or even two that can and will keep our lovers apart but that the contention is not only Eun Dong’s mind (or Seo Jung Eun, rather) but the secrets and lies that surround her. Can the love and memories of one man come in and shatter all that? But I guess the bigger question as a viewer is, should I really want him to?

Pamela: That, I guess, is why they revealed Eun Dong’s identity to Hyun Soo/Eun Ho in the second week - we will get to see the full impact of his efforts to pull her back to him. While it’s likely that her adoptive family and her husband’s family have pushed the amnesiac Eun Dong into her life as Jung Eun, she does have this whole life for herself. She is married - and the man she’s married to kind of needs her support.

Ekun: Look, I need something to shatter this life that “fake family” has created for Eun Dong. This is just utterly ridiculous! Her dad drives the point that she is the reason her husband is disabled, her mother-in-law wants her to be superwoman, and I am not convinced that kid is not Hyun Soo/Eun Ho’s.

Unnichan: I agree. But I actually like that we have high stakes here and the lines show is painting are in a grey at best. Because, though it’s true she has a husband and a child (that it is either Hyun Soo’s or unrelated to her), they are apart of this package deal that began with a lie. And a pretty big lie at that! Jae-ho does need her, but from where we sit right now, he virtually stole her from her real world and painted in a reality he wanted, chock full of emotional guilt to keep her with him.

Pamela: The implications are dangerous, and the drama runs the risk of having ridiculous plot resolutions, however entertaining they may be. After all, Eun Ho is a man in his mid-to-late thirties who wears hoodies and ripped jeans; maturity doesn’t seem to be his strong point, haha…

Ekun: While I am anxious to have things bust wide open, on the other side, these are some pretty life altering things not only for Eun Dong; but for Eun Ho. I would hate to see him “tear something up” just to get Eun Dong… Including himself.

Unnichan: I find it interesting that for the majority of these episodes I figured Jung Eun actually loved Jae Ho and their life, that she'd just lost her memories but her life was one she chose. Then she has this conversation with Hyun Ah and everything shifts. We knew she was questioning her past and the stories she’s been fed, but it wasn’t until then that I began to think that perhaps she’s just going through the motions because she believes that’s who Seo Jung Eun is.

Pamela: It does provide a legitimate justification for Eun Dong returning to Hyun Soo. She would be making her own decision. However, there is that guilt that her new family places on her to remain in the life she’s lived for the past ten years, and that will probably be an obstacle.

Ekun: It will be a trying task to step away from the character her “fake family” has so eloquently placed her in. And given her personality, I can see her knowing the truth and still wanting to make it work with her family.

Unnichan: I, for one, am concerned will have a hard accepting the truth, even though it seems a large part of her wants to find it.

Pamela: She has gotten used to the story of Seo Jung Eun, and it won’t be so easy to remove herself from that. I am glad, though, that she got to write out her own story, too, as she got to react to the truth before finding out that it is her truth. It is the truth she at least had the option to live.

Ekun: I was very thankful when Hyun Ah encouraged her to find the truth about her memories and past. Her pulling those fragments from her past as she writes was beautiful? Poetic? Fate? I can’t quite articulate it, but her strong reactions and knowing details is not just a testament how bomb of a writer she is.

Unnichan: Her reaction to her story was perfect, wasn’t it? Watching her listen to stories of this little girl, then young woman; the way she took in that information and created her own understanding of Eun Dong’s motivations and feelings was rather comical and poignant. Much like any other person would but this time she also had the full on intensity and knowledge of Hyun Soo, which reminds me of how frightened I was when he made the kiss connection (not a moment too soon, may I add) and needed to see her, right that instant!

Pamela: He figured it all out on his own, which I found interesting when I watched the end of this week’s episodes. (Other people found it interesting that I was whimpering on the floor during my Phys. Ed. class with my phone raised in the air, but that’s a story for another time.) There is a part of me hoping that the double meaning that I analyzed when Eun Dong said it was too late to meet Hyun Soo will just be me looking too deeply into things. Both of the main characters have been brought together each decade simply by feeling how intensely they are drawn together, and this is no exception. The draw is still there - even when Hyun Soo knew next to nothing about his ghost writer, he was still very curious about her, and Eun Dong felt the pang with each memory she typed.

Ekun: Now that dear readers, is called dangerously in love! The feeling of knowing you know this person without meeting, seeing, or really dealing with them. While watching the episodes, I felt that Eun Ho was going to find out it was Eun Dong first. Every time these two interact or come together, isn’t it he who is always seeking her out? While I hope the show is playing games with the idea of it being too late for them to make a comeback, it would be… No I can’t think of anything good about that outcome.

Unnichan: Hyun Soo is a pursuer and he’s persistent. Plus, Show has done a great job of making the distance between them palpable without drawing (too much) attention to the fact that he not only hadn’t spoken with her nor seen her. They used the distance to their advantage rather than an obvious ploy to keep them apart until next week. His irritation with Writer Seo was so completely understandable but also absolutely petty. Which one could just label as his need for this person to grasp the depth of his meaning and feelings, but I registered it as approval and interest. And I eat that stuff up; when a person falls all over again from another standpoint.

Pamela: He was willing to give her the time of day, I guess. The distance in time and in physical separation only emphasizes just how strong fate binds the two together. Each day they’ve spent apart makes the day they’ll reunite increasingly intense. How that intensity will play out, and whether that will be positive or negative at first, is something I’m kind of excited to see. The love is being built up again, and hopefully, the height of the emotions will be tall enough for the couple to climb over the wall that keeps them from being together longer than a few weeks per decade.

Ekun: OOOOO! I like that. Speaking of walls to keep these two apart; besides the “fake fam”, there is Seo Ryung and Eun Ho’s childhood friend (Hyun Bal); plotting and scheming to make sure they never meet face to face. I find Seo Ryung to be an interesting person in the few minutes that we have seen her. I do not care for what she is up to, but I don’t completely hate her like I would most characters like her, why is that?

Unnichan: Ugh! Don’t get me started on Hyun Bal! Honestly, I don’t understand how or why these two ever considered themselves friends in the first place but boys and girls live by a different code… so I was trying to let that go. But then, he’s linking loyalties to Seo Ryung and I’m just plain put out by it all. How does this girl, that you just met, take precedent over your life long friend’s happiness? It’s true Hyun Bal has always felt that Hyun Soo was too nostalgic but at the end of the day, Hyun Soo has never loved or thought of anyone else. Which of course is the same issue I have with Seo Ryung…that conversation at dinner really lit my fire. She says their situation (mainly her feelings) isn’t his fault but her own and he doesn’t have to apologize, yet makes Eun Ho feel guilty and responsibility every chance she gets!

Pamela: Hyun Bal and Seo Ryung, on one hand, may be looking to make themselves feel more comfortable, and they’re just waiting for Hyun Soo to come around. Hyun Bal wants his and Hyun Soo’s positions in the company to be more secure (because the two have worked long and hard to get where they are together), and Seo Ryung wants to be accepted into Hyun Soo’s exclusive heart. She could be a lot worse, and Eboni-unni is right that she isn’t necessarily as hateable as similar characters are, but we don’t know if she will actually become any worse yet. The same goes for Hyun Bal: what kind of friend (or frenemy) can he be to Hyun Soo?

Ekun: That kind of makes you believe that they were never friends because he was only and always looking out for numero uno. Unnichan is right though, I was irritated that she was trying to play some sort of game, making him feel one way, while something else is coming from her mouth. Hopefully (and this hope comes with only a grain of salt) she will just stay “blah” and not turn into the character that we hate deep down. On another note, Halmoni lost the letter? Why does this not sit well with me? Am I being foolish to believe that letter was stolen or something else? I was hoping that she really did turn it over to Eun Dong and was playing dumb, but it does not look to be the case. Maybe.

Unnichan: There's no deep down for me. Seo Ryung was dismissed the moment she showed up at Eun Ho's apartment looking for a shag.  Also, Halmoni doubt isn't odd at all and I have to admit I was a little irritated with her. For,initially, I was thinking she just lied about losing the letter, but now, it's possible it was just stolen. The whole thing just seems too shady to be legit. I wouldn't be surprised if we have Hyun Bal or someone equally horrible to thank.

Pamela: For the sake of our opinions of the little grandmother, I also hope that the letter was stolen. This drama does have the potential to be clever in revealing the secrets behind the plots that have been set up, and hopefully, the resolution of the questions being asked won’t just be an excuse to use those kinds of coincidences. As long as the letter’s contents find their way to Eun Dong, and as long as we don’t necessarily have to wait ten episodes for them, I think I’d be fine. Judging by the pacing so far, we may not have to wait quite that long.

Last week we ventured to let Oppa take the lead and try our best to keep up and it looks like Hyun Soo is at it again. But is his urgency too much too soon? Will Eun Dong take his hand follow him once again? Or is their wall too high to climb? And will this lost love letter ever reach it's owner? Tell us, do you think it was really lost or was it stolen? Comment below!

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