This is the week of continued attempts to meet with Eun Dong — attempts which ended her walking away instead of Hyun Soo's way. That awful song pun is worth it, as the couple finally has gotten to speak directly to each other's faces. Isn't that great? For our feels, yes. Otherwise? We'll have to see about that. Join Eboni-unni, Unnichan, and me as we explore the romantic roadblocks that are the paralyzed husband, the clingy fiance, and Eun Dong herself in episodes 5 and 6 of My Love Eun Dong.

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Pamela: Was I the only one making strange noises out of romantic feels while watching this week’s episodes? While I still maintain my stance that Hyun Soo has no calm in his stalking quest to bring himself and Eun Dong close again, I must say that the emotion in his face when he saw his first love walking down the sidewalk got to me a bit. His attempts at reuniting this couple are a bit muddled up by her husband, though - especially since the man, you know, is told to have sacrificed himself for her.

Unnichan: I’m not convinced Jae Ho sacrificed himself for anyone. How he got his injury is a part of the narrative that everyone is reciting but we aren’t sure of anything and honestly, I’m not sure we ever will be until Eun Dong gets her memories back. I have so little respect and trust for the people around her, even when she does confront them, I won’t doubt that they continue to keep secrets. I still view everything they’ve done as robbing Eun Dong. They have stolen her life and her choice. It’s not about Hyun Soo; it’s about her existence. She had a world before she met these parents, a grandmother she loved, things she experienced. It’s just plain cruel. And they are all guilty.

Ekun: I agree with Unnichan: Those *censored* are guilty and a mess. I don’t know what happened in that accident, but I don’t even care at this point. These people (Jae Ho, his family, Eun Dong fake family, Seo Ryung, Hyun Bal, etc) are all working so hard to keep these 2 people apart and for what? Money? Possession? Saving face? Just because they see each other’s face does not mean they have the guts, sense, or obligation to drop everything and run off into the sunset with one another. But if they did, and that is a big “if”, ExtraKun will not be mad because the people around them suck!


Pamela: If anything, letting the couple see each other could be argued to the outside world as an attempt to get closure...I say that knowing that this is a Korean drama, where fated lovers will rarely end as anything but. Hyun Soo said so himself that he needed to hear the story of Eun Dong’s recent life from Eun Dong herself. For the sake of curiosity, I would like to know the families’ motivations behind their secrecy towards her. How did they (and did they in the first place) even know about who Hyun Soo was to her, anyway? I ask this on her husband’s behalf, as he was pretty bent over Eun Dong being contacted.

Unnichan: I don’t think they did. Given the conversation between Mom and Dad, they didn’t know their story before the book. And as for Jae Ho, he didn’t know until that bathroom scene. He didn’t know that Ji Eun Ho and Hyun Soo were the same person. From what I can gather, everyone knew she was seeing someone else, someone she was in love with but it doesn’t seem as though they knew any more than that. And from what we saw of Eun Dong back then, she was very secretive. I don’t think she did it to be deceptive to anyone but she kept several things close to the vest and honestly, with the way things have turned out, she had reason to.

Ekun: Clearly. At one point, daddy dearest, Jae Ho, or someone was following her when she met Hyun Soo at the lake that one time. While they do not know the entire story, they know something. Since you mentioned Jae Ho and that bathroom scene last week: Can I say that this week he torn my britches this week with his… everything. Why don’t I feel anything but disdain and malice when it comes to her husband?


Pamela: That’s a good question, haha...Even so, I’m proud that he was able to recover a modicum of his leg strength this week. He himself isn’t a bad person - he just wants Eun Dong to be by his side out of comfort and what I hope is love. He also just wants to be able to walk again. That’s where it gets iffy, because it’s uncertain whether Jae Ho is keeping Eun Dong for the guilt in addition to their romantic relationship. I personally would feel some sort of pity for Jae Ho if and when Eun Dong leaves, after all the time he’s spent with her. (Although I now gesture to Hyun Soo’s point about loving her more after the little time he has had over the past two decades. It’s hard to pinpoint whose love is necessarily better under the different circumstances.)

Unnichan: But good and bad people don’t really exist though, do they? It’s more about what we do that defines us and right now, there is no excuse for what Jae Ho has done or continues to do. He’s not even trying to be upfront with her. Instead, he’s doing all he can, including, overexerting himself so she’ll run to his bedside, to keep his lies intact. [I mean he doesn’t want his doctor to know his progress? What was that about?] Why is the life he created based on lies, more important than her reality? Jae Ho isn’t a bystander or some innocent party, he’s a willing participant in this ruse and it doesn’t matter that he can’t walk. I hate he lost everything, but the more he keeps this albatross around her neck, the less I believe he loves her. Maybe he did years ago and has convinced himself that that justifies his actions but in the end it’s more like she owes him something for his own feelings; which she does not. I won’t say that she was right for cheating on him but I even think there’s more truth shrouding their relationship than what we know.

Ekun: Since we are discussing deceptive and rancid folk, we cannot neglect that wench Seo Ryung. Her showing up at Eun Dong’s job, her running into the bed of another man when Eun Ho jilts her, and her audacious hypocrisy! Here I was last week trying to give her the bear minimum and she has gone and *censored* that up! Not to mention, how are you blaming a person for something they don’t even know they are guilty of?! You KNOW Eun Dong doesn’t remember a thing! Girl, bye! The way this character has turned out, is one the reasons I hate how women are depicted in society. For this character is the epitome of everything that is wrong with women today. *Slides off soapbox*


Pamela: Somebody’s a little grumpy about a certain character, haha...There’s a sense of paranoia surrounding the enigma that is Eun Dong’s existence. People don’t want to lose who they have, and so must prevent others from having as well. I will say that Seo Ryung is presenting her jealousy in a somewhat backhanded way. She can speak her mind and her insistence on being the wife of the great Eun Ho, as long as she doesn’t have to say it to the face of the person she’s concerned with. As Eun Dong’s memory is unclouded, so are the motivations behind those around her.

Unnichan: Seo Ryung, why must I even speak about this girl? I mean really? She showed us what she was about last week and of course nothing has really changed. She even tried to pull a Lot’s daughter this week! The only thing that I appreciate is showing the vast contrast between what she labels as love and what real love is. Hyun Soo is obsessive, but when he says he loves Eun Dong, it’s not just words, we see it in everything he does concerning her--- from the very beginning of their relationship. Seo Ryung said something that stuck with me about people thinking that their love is more important than the feelings of those around them (Hyun Bal alluded to it too), and while on the surface, you’d like to label Hyun Soo this way, once you take into account that he’s been very respectful of her feelings while also being completely transparent, is also in and of itself a type of generosity. It’s not selfish at all. Ultimately, Seo Ryung is in denial. But not only regarding her feelings for Eun Ho. She’s also lying to herself about whatever she’s doing with her boy toy.

Ekun: My question to that is: who is the boy toy? I am now intrigued with him and why it seems he is playing the “I ain’t got feelings for you” game with Seo Ryung. In any event. I. Don’t. Like. That. Seo Ryung! Let’s discuss the thing that makes me cry for so many reasons: Hyun Soo! Like Pam said earlier, I caught all sorts of feelings when he was able to see Eun Dong again. But the moment that made it dangerous was when they were able to get together and chat… No one needs Hyun Soo/Eun Ho looking at them like that! I would be scared and confused too Eun Dong (as I was as a viewer with Joo Jin Mo!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!! Fangirl momo ends here...maybe)!


Pamela: Hyun Soo’s love for Eun Dong is intense, but it is an emotion that has both been honed while retaining its raw state. The results of the two of them being able to meet in person - in public and just meeting at all - will be a sight to see. We are still not yet at the point when Eun Dong can admit her identity. She has somewhat done so to herself, and her thoughts are beginning to leak out in conversation, but the existential lightbulb has not brightened to its full extent yet. When that happens is when the situation will become a lot more treacherous for her and Hyun Soo.

Unnichan: Their surprise meeting was exactly that and I thank you Dong Gyu! I totally understand why Hyun Soo made the choice to keep his distance but this way works so much more for me. And we also got to see Hyun Soo’s active dedication to loving her as she is and that was just beautiful to see. The way love and memories is depicted in this story is quite romantic and harrowing all at the same time, in that love isn’t about butterflies and fantasies but something tangible and crippling. I love how Hyun Soo found out for certain that Jung Eun was Eun Dong, because throughout the entirety of the ghostwriting process I was floored she didn’t have a moment just like that. It was wonderfully done, to have something slip by and later revealed. Something undeniable and solid. Something he kept from the world because he loves her. Something she remembered through his love.

So...just how blocked is the road to love? We don't entirely know the answer, and neither do Hyun Soo and Eun Dong. The stakes are being set and the gate to Eun Dong's memories is being slowly opened. (Elsa, tell the guards to open up the gate with a bit more urgency, please.) How complicated of an obstacle do you see our second leads and Eun Dong's current family (including that son of hers) as in this love? Do you agree with where the story is going so far? Let us know in the comments below, or we'll have to hire some ghost-comment-writers to talk to us.

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