Well well well. Just when you think you couldn't love Hyun Soo any more, hate Jae Ho to the core, want to slap Se Ryung in the face, and want fake fam to give Eun Dong her space—this week's episodes happen! Not sure about the others, but all the lying and throwing around of the "L" word made me sick to my tummy. All I could say to myself to the antagonists is, "You ain’t gotta lie to kick it! Ugh!” Join Unnichan, Pamela, and me as we discuss My Love Eun Dong!

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Unnichan: I’m thinking this week on My Love Eun Dong, show was trying to make a case for the paths that delve us into the past, the roads we've carved in the present and the journey toward the future. The problem for Eun Dong is that her present isn’t something she’s crafted herself. Instead, it’s a mirage other people have designed without even taking her into consideration. But in a world where Hyun Soo is her past, Jae Ho is her present and she’s daring to dream of Ji Eun Ho for the future, I don’t know how she hasn’t had a total meltdown by now.

Pamela: The meltdown’s been teased at in this week’s episodes, as has the struggle between the two men who love Eun Dong. One loves her as Ji Eun Dong, and the other as Seo Jung Eun. Park Hyun Soo has had her heart from the start, but Jae Ho doesn’t want to let up the fight to keep her from flight. (For whatever reason, I felt the sudden urge to rhyme. Smooth.) It’s undeniable that both do love her and are willing to better themselves for her, be it through habits and life goals or through physical recovery. That fact there is what makes it difficult to see Jae Ho as an enemy. Almost everyone is prickly about the prospect of Eun Dong even locking eyes with Hyun Soo because despite all of the effort that has been put into perpetuating Jung Eun’s relationship with Jae Ho, they don’t trust Eun Dong to stick around for him.

Ekun: I don't think this Unni can agree with you Pam. I can't offer empathy nor sympathy for Jae Ho and his predicament. He knew that Eun Dong wanted to leave him and he still went along with this charade of stealing her life—I can't call that love. I understand he thought what he was doing was best at the time, but what about now? This woman that you “love” wants to know the truth, and you still deny her and continue to lie... I can't give gold stars or the bear minimum of understanding when they are not earned.

Unnichan: The word love gets thrown around a lot, even by the characters but without taking into consideration that Love is about more than deep emotions, it’s about actions. It’s not secretive or deceptive. When you love someone, you put their needs and desires above your own, you think of them first. Your motives are about what is truly in their best interest, without finding a way to puff yourself up or condemn. I don’t see that from Jae Ho nor Jung Eun’s parents and certainly not Se Ryung.

 All those people do is put their best interests on the table and roll with it. I think Eun Dong said it best that it’s boggling no one has even tried to take pity (notice she used pity and not love) on her enough to at least try to be honest with her. Instead, they’d rather have her flapping in the wind, living lies. There is a big difference between making mistakes that come across as the limitations of humanity and outright choosing to hurt someone you claim to love to make yourself feel guiltless. It’s a shame Jung Eun has no one, at least Eun Dong had Hyun Soo.

Pamela: Those are very agreeable points...Hyun Soo is willing to let Eun Dong be who she was born to be, and is really the one encouraging it. It will take a lot of prodding towards the other side to free Eun Dong to choose her own path. While it would be nice and neat to leave the relationships as they are desired to be by everyone else, is the clean choice really the pure choice? 

Ekun: No girl, but did they take that into consideration when they decided to rape her of her life and create this glass house for her? I am not even caring about the pure choice, but the right choice. Her mother, Jae Ho, etc. throw love at her like it is the reason for doing what they wanted to. But if they loved her as they claimed, why is the lying still occurring? 

Unnichan: For me, everyone who “loves” Jung Eun should be choosing her. That is what I want. I want her to have her own life. It’s not about Jae Ho or Eun Ho but about Eun Dong. It’s about giving her, her life back. This week she clams up and isolates herself in a way because there’s no one around her she can trust; no one she can look to for comfort or understanding. She can’t go to Eun Ho, because she’s not Eun Dong, and she can’t talk to her husband because she no longer believes in Jung Eun. 

Pamela: Hyun Soo and Eun Dong, when they are together, are mutually enjoying themselves, not chained by fear or obligations. In the life that has been set up for Jung Eun, there are clouds of distrust, secrets, guilt, and supposed contentment. The commitments she is now a part of will be difficult to either keep or break, no matter which life she fully devotes her heart to. Hyun Soo, in terms of natural, unkindled affection, is a few pegs above his rival, however deeply the latter believes he needs her.

Ekun: Is Jae Ho the rival? I don't really care either way; I want Eun Dong to be rid of him. That is the only way she can take a step back and be able to get things under her control.

Unnichan: I found it interesting that she told her mother she can’t go on. It was surprising from a heroine because usually you would see her so weighed down by guilt that even with all the lies and secrets, she’d feel an obligation to Jae Ho, and stick it out solely because she owes him. I appreciate that’s not what we have here. I like that she has no intention of letting these people off the hook for what they’ve done, she just doesn’t know what she should do or how to continue because there are too many holes and history. It’s not at all black and white now that the ball is in her court. It’s not just about who did something wrong, now it’s about setting things back to where she can live and be herself.

Pamela: A comment I’ve seen concerning this drama is that it is reminiscent of the older, classic dramas with its focus on reunited lovers and other longtime cliches. What’s nice about it, though, is the new take on the plot devices, and that Eun Dong is not letting others completely guilt trip her into abandoning the quest for her truth. She’s searching for the way out. While the focus doesn’t entirely have to be on her romantic choice, that is what set the ball in motion. The search for her has expanded to include her own efforts, which are also combined with the battle to be her own person. As a ghostwriter, she is to pretend to be someone she is not. As a person, the problem can be considered the same. Whether she gains the acceptance of those around her or not, it will be satisfying when she breaks out of her pre-made mold and creates her own. The same goes for the issue of Se Ryung and Hyun Soo (well...most people and Hyun Soo). The man may act like a child, but he has the heart and the intuition of an adult. He knows who he is and the life he wants. Se Ryung and the others in his professional life will hopefully realize that they can’t force him into a mold, either.

Ekun: Try as they may, Hyun Soo's posse is ever trying to put him in that mold. I appreciate Eun Dong for not letting this deception be swept under the rug.I am ever hopeful that she will have peace of mind. Se Ryung, she makes me cringe on site, so I was ecstatic when we only saw two scenes with her.I was not for her going to visit Hyun Ah! Another reason she's the worst type of person!

Unnichan: I was quite excited that we saw so little of Se Ryung but of course, what we did see was annoying. Her running to Hyun Ah to tattle on Eun Ho was just “urgh.” I’ve been concerned about Hyun Ah finding out who Eun Dong really is because of her attachment to Jae Ho and his plight and her general overall investment in her patients’ lives and recovery. However, for now, though I didn’t appreciate her comment about “protecting” Jung Eun, I was cool with not having a scene where she’s scolding or causing wedges. She comes across as wanting to stay diplomatic where her brother is concerned (especially given her own life choices), and I hope it stays that way. For some reason, she got several side-eyes from me with Jae Ho because I’m not sure how to process her draw to him. For, she isn’t above dating a patient for one but on the other hand, it feels as though she’s trying to live vicariously through his and Jung Eun’s relationship. I could be wrong but it all ruffles me a bit.

Pamela: That makes a lot of sense, really. It’ll be interesting to see where her character is taken for the second half of the drama. She could become a mediator for the main leads amongst all the hardships to come, as I don’t see her being an perpetuator of angst or anger for them. She can just be a friend for Jae Ho - and this I certainly hope for, to be honest, if only for the sake of the friendship between Ra Il and Mi Na. Hyun Ah is both removed from the action whilst being irrevocably tied to it, so I hope the best for her character development.

Ekun: Hyun Ah needs to stay where she is as a physician—for I too gave her the side eye when she mentioned protecting Jung Eun. I think I'm fearful because of her track record; but hopefully she will prove me wrong and be a neutral party. I know that she loves her brother, but her sympathy towards Jae Ho can cloud her judgement.

Unnichan: Ra Il and Mi Na. Two very interesting kiddies in my book. Both, children that seem to spend most their time trying to be little adults for one of their parents. I loved that Ra Il referred to Jae Ho as Superman because that’s exactly how any child should view his father and Jae Ho isn’t exempt from that. In her short scenes, Mi Na truly impressed me with her personality because she doesn’t actually smile or feel the need to (I love that!). She’s not mean or stubborn. She’s kind, yet strong minded. 

Pamela: You’ve got to admire how much potential the children have in strength. I hope we definitely get to see more of them in scenes apart from their parents, where they too can be themselves. Ra Il calling his father, “Superman” was such a sweet moment in the episode. There’s so much power behind that detail. It, as well as his tearful call for help, reminded me that he isn’t exempt from his family’s struggles. Mi Na has been part of the drama for a much shorter time span, but the way she attempted to comfort Ra Il in that self-assured little way of hers makes me curious to know how she has grown to deal with her own family.

Ekun: Ra Il is a trooper—and I hate that he loves Jae Ho much because it will destroy him when he finds out that the man believed to be his father is not. I think the show gave us more reasons to believe this when Hyun Soo was going over the accounts of the time before Eun Dong left the last time. Mi Na is the type of well behaved kid you would want around often. She reminds you that not all kids are... I won't finish my thought. 

Unnichan: That little girl isn’t a pushover. I want to know more about what her little mind is thinking and if it will be her that helps Ra Il the most. He’s struggling so much right now and his problems are only about to get bigger. His world is changing and given his personality, I can’t help but be worried with how he will process and deal with everything.

Pamela: Every character still has growing up to do, but these two haven’t had the chance to spread the process out over decades. How they have quickened their pace, and how they will either rise to or fall from the occasion in the rocky future of the drama will be a sight to see.

Ekun: I love how the show continues to get better and better! Here's to the second half being as good as the first!

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