The letter has been read and the anthem sung, but My Love Eun Dong has given no indication — a home run results in a satisfying win. Jung Eun may have finally unlocked the cause of her thumping heart, but that doesn't change much when the life she's living is filled with cowards and opportunists and the one she dreamed of has become taboo. Fair play is the word of the day, but Ekun, Pamela and I can't shake the feeling that in this game, there may be no such thing. 

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Pamela: This was the week of pushing back. Eun Dong is attempting to resist Hyun Soo as their revived relationship intensifies, but she also is granted access to her memories of the times that sparked that relationship in the first place. The passion never left, and everyone knows it. She is both trying to stick by her husband and pushing him far away at the same time. How do you unnis feel about how the Seo Jung Eun and husband dilemmas have progressed this week?

Ekun: I have to be as nice as possible so I am not misinterpreted... JAE HO SUCKS! Given that, I applaud Jung Eun for telling Eun Ho she is a mother and wife. Trust, this Unni would be flying into the arms of Hyun Soo faster than light travels! Thankfully, Eun Dong's memories returned as the letter from Hyun Soo Oppa brought back the familiarity she has been desperately trying to attain. The only dilemma I see is how fast can we get them divorce papers processed (not that I advocate divorce, but the given circumstances...)!

Unnichan: *Sigh* Can we draw them up and sign them for them? ‘Cause lord knows I’m ready! And while I am not an advocate for divorce, I find this entire marriage in and of itself, a sham (and a shame). Jae Ho has been playing the victim intentionally and unintentionally, and I am truly tired of it. He needs to take responsibility for what he’s done and apologize to Eun Dong, Rae Il and Hyun Soo. I don’t mind if he wants to fight for his marriage or the life he’s made up but I do mind that he is doing everything but fight fair from a position of truthfulness. He’s manipulating and scheming and on top of it all, continuing to be a coward. Jung Eun is exhausted but I don’t believe she is confused. At the very least, she was between a boulder and a crawl space until the letter gave her a breakthrough, now I’m just concerned she’s going to bulldoze everyone on her way into Hyun Soo’s arms (I would).

Pamela: Hyun Ah is having concerns that Hyun Soo is being careless of everyone else’s emotions, but Jung Eun is taking into some consideration of her current life whilst running away from it. I can see why she would want to stay - she’s mentioned her husband and son, and there is also the possible detrimental impact her affair may have on Hyun Soo’s career. However, Unnichan said it all - she is exhausted. She knows what she wants, but is she ready to fight for it? Since she has regained the majority (if not, the entirety) of her memories as of this week, the motivation is something I hope is heightened. Divorce certainly isn’t an issue to be taken frivolously, but neither is the illusion that boxing Hyun Soo and Eun Dong will make everyone happy.

Ekun: I think that if I could muster up some other emotions beside rage and malice for Jae Ho; I could tumble more with the repercussions of the aftermath a divorce would cause. Being as though I tell Jae Ho (amongst a few other) to kiss my *censored* every week, I just keep it moving. He has lied to Jung Eun for years—I can't get over it. Speaking of people on my list, Hyun Ah ejected herself right to the top! If I thought the advice she was giving Hyun Soo was purely from a physician's standpoint, I would be cool. But her track record has proven once again she can't tell the difference between work and personal. What doctor calls a married man in the middle of the night for a family picnic?! In other words, Hyun Ah and I are done! *sticks fork in thigh*

Unnichan: Hyun Ah was indeed a disappointment this week. I find nothing wrong with being honest about her opinions or sharing the realities of Jae Ho’s emotional state affecting his recovery, however, she’s speaking into a situation she knows so little about, based on her emotional connection to this man and his problems, blaming her professional expertise. That is something I don’t like at all. I still can’t get over that she is displacing her own issues on this man and this couple, as if Jae Ho is her late husband and she is Jung Eun, which so doesn’t fly with me either. She’s known for allowing her personal issues to cloud her professional decisions and I guess ultimately this is just her MO. Hyun Soo may seem reckless, but at this point in time, even if it seems he doesn’t care about anyone but himself, he’s the only the person that is making sense. I hate that he is virtually spelled out his willingness to have an affair with Jung Eun (which they haven’t),but what matters most to me is that he’s honest, straightforward and sincere(especially since no one else is). He wants to wait but he’s not trying to be coy either. He wants this woman and he is making sure she knows where he stands.

Pamela: That bluntness of his is entertaining and definitely one of the drama’s aspects I support wholeheartedly. I place emphasis on the word “wholeheartedly,” as that’s how Hyun Soo operates. Every stare, every grip, every pout and scream is demonstrative of how much of himself he is putting on the line for this love to succeed. Part of me is unsure whether I am okay with the sense of entitlement he feels in being the first one to love her, although I know I disapprove of Jae Ho’s similar possessiveness. Maybe the reason for the latter is due to the drastic influence Jae Ho’s presence has had on the path Jung Eun has taken. I support his motivations for improving his body so quickly, but I do not support his other methods to get her to stay. Hyun Soo is willing to accept her as whichever identity she chooses to embrace, as long as that identity embraces him as well. (Although, you know, it would be nice for us to embrace him, but I’m only just barely legal, so I shall refrain.) He is willing to wait for the fight to turn in his favor, as his need for Eun Dong surpasses his desire to move at a faster pace than we once observed.

Ekun: Viewers, readers, and fellow drama clubbers... If we only take one thing away from this show it should be this: Hyun Soo does not (nor will ever) give a damn. It is that very reason that makes Eun Dong/Jung Eun and Seo Ryung weak in the knees, pumps fear into the hearts of bastards like Jae Ho, and makes us at home swoon and root for him obnoxiously! While there are a lot of childlike elements within his character, he is a grown tail man who is out to get what he wants- openly and honestly.He gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "By any means necessary!" And yes Pam-ah... We all want to be embraced by a (if not the original) Hyun Soo Oppa. *Adds to Christmas list for Drama Santa*

Unnichan: Hyun Soo is certainly on my list, but he isn’t perfect either. Yet when he has moments like he pulled at the award ceremony, my heart stops. Jae Ho and Se Ryung did their best to show him up, but he got on stage and told them exactly what was what in a respectful and honorable way. He didn’t rub anything in anyone’s face, nor did he guilt trip or call dibs. To me, that is the kind of man that any woman would wear hearts in her eyes for the rest of her life for. He continues to be someone who is consistent and willing to go anywhere and do anything for the person he loves. I’m not sure that he really feels entitled but more that he’s stating a fact he needs Jung Eun to remember--- To me, it’s more an “I am yours and you are mine” thing in my mind. But all in all, I continue to respect all of his final decisions because he isn’t just running solely off the residues of past love but a well spring that has been replenished. My favorite moment this week was his face listening to Se Ryung talk about not giving up because I think more than ever before, her actions proved to him, he could never even want to love her and whatever she’s deeming love has little to nothing to do with him.

Pamela: One thing I’m curious about, in terms of Seo Ryung and Hyun Soo, is how their relationship progressed past that snark on the napkin to the point of engagement talks. Did his entertainment company strike up a deal with him? Because judging by the infinite nature of his hot heart spring, I doubt he would have agreed to the semi-friendship unless he was in it purely for a fun friend. I don’t mean that kind of fun friend...but what I am trying to say is that their relationship building into this one-sided engagement had to come from somewhere. He may not love her, but she certainly loves something about him. (It may just be her liking the challenge his attitude brings, or just an infatuation gone too far, but something had to happen.)

Ekun: This is a classic case of "Daddy I want a pony" and it happens to be Eun Ho. I am certain just as she has weaseled her way into Jae Ho's life through money and manipulation, is how she was able to run in the same circles with Eun Ho and his management company. As much as I hate that wench and everything she is to her core, I have to give a gold star on the business front... She makes her money and uses it to her advantage. But everything else gets a boo... Especially when she chides her real "fun friend" for catching feelings. How could he not when you always crying on his shoulder and sleeping in a bed with him?! #Ekuncannotcompute

Unnichan: And this is all I’m saying. I was beyond myself when Se Ryung tried to side eye her bed buddy for growing feelings. Girl, BYE! But I definitely think that “meet cute” with she and Eun Ho told me all I needed to know about how they began. She’s a rich, beautiful woman and who is used to getting everything and anyone but the one thing she wants, doesn’t even know she’s a live lusty woman. It made him more intriguing the more elusive he was and the rest is history. He even said himself that she presented herself as a buddy and he truly believed that’s what they were, until she started trying to slink into his bed. But that leads me to Hyun Bal--- am I the only one confused about his marital status and worried about he and this child actress? Last week, Se Ryung foreshadowed him never knowing real love (no comment) and this week he mentioned not having a first love to cry over because he married her. Then we have this little girl show up and I’m scared.

Pamela: Piano girl? Her presence is throwing me for a bit of a loop, too. Hyun Bal is concerned over his friend’s image as a result of an affair involving his first love, but Hyun Bal himself didn’t necessarily have to fight as hard for his - certainly not as long. As both he and Se Ryung have their own romantic others being strongly referred to and hinted at, they are even less deserving of having their hands on the rope that is being tugged by the sides supporting Hyun Soo and Jae Ho with Jung Eun/Eun Dong. With the last few weeks in the drama coming up, I hope the small side romances coming into light are given the development they deserve, as well as the continued progress of the battle of the Eun Ho Dong couple.

Ekun: Did I mention how Hyun Bal is on my list? He is, along with his gal pal Seo Ryung...Side couples don't mean that much to me in this show. Even though I know there is a strong possibility Hyun Soo and Eun Dong will not end up together, show needs to give me the courtesy with one good escapade, romp, or something with them. I am owed that as a viewer! Not necessarily an inappropriate one, but the bear minimum....

Unnichan: Look, you know I’m down for some lip-smacking fun! And I don’t think any of us are looking for a happily ever after for anyone in this show but I know for certain I am not in the mood for Hyun Bal having a tryst with a baby and Show trying to justify it with the world’s favorite catch-phrase “love is love.”

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