Fans of My Love From Another Star collectively scream and cry as their fantasy bubble is burst by photos that reveal a mismatch of the highest form between the two beloved leads. Here's why! (Warning, graphic photos)

DramaFever is risking our fans' ire in publishing this photo. However, it is already becoming viral in the K-drama world as we see Kim Soo Hyun standing on what appears to be a cinder block to match the tall Jeon Ji Hyun for their romantic close-ups.

Kim Soo Hyun is by no means short. At 180 cm (or 5.9 ft.), he is tall and handsome. Jeon Ji Hyun is 172 cm (5.6 ft.) and definitely looks well suited to Kim's height. However, when Jeon stepped into her 20-cm high heels, the director must have felt the resulting match was not good enough and made Kim stand on the special-effect-helper block.

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Kim's scene with Park Hei Jin also needed some help, as Park Is 186 cm (6.10 ft.) and stands quite a bit taller than Kim. It's unclear whether Kim is standing on a block once again in these photos, or maybe the camera angle is adjusted to minimize the height difference.