Talented South Korean singer K.Will's new song "Like A Star," which was produced for the drama My Love From Another Star, has topped real-time charts. This is the second time a song from My Love From Another Star's OST has reached the peak of popularity. The first one was the emotional ballad "My Destiny," by LYn.

I get a chill listening to this heart-tugging love song and can almost feel the same angst our favorite man from the star must be feeling but cannot resist. The song perfectly describes the extraordinary connection between the two souls from different planets. The lyrics begin with:

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing
In my heart, I can feel you

I knew I would fall in love with you
I had no choice but to love you
Because in my eyes, in my heart
You shine like a star

I start my day with you
I end my day with you
I only want one thing as the day ends
I couldn’t tell you I love you yet
So from slightly far away, behind you

I smile

You can find the complete lyrics on this site.

Since it's Wednesday, guess what we are waiting for? Yes, it's time for another episode of My Love From Another Star!