my-husbandswoman_newsMy Man's Woman, also known as My Husband's Woman, is a highly successful SBS drama that aired in 2007 to ratings in the higher end of 20% and 30%, reaching almost 40% in its final episode. These high ratings were in part due to its open and relatively groundbreaking treatment of the topic of adultery and sympathetic, multi-faceted portrayal of an adulteress.

Hwa Young (Kim Hee Ae) marries a Korean-American after college and moves with him to America. When his business fails, he commits suicide, and Hwa Young returns to Korea to start her life anew with the help of old friend Ji Soo (Bae Jung Ok). Ji Soo is married to Joon Pyo (Kim Sang Joong), whom she dated for seven years while trying to get the approval of his family before finally marrying him with their grudging consent.

When the widowed Hwa Young meets Joon Pyo, whose love for his wife has long since fled, she falls madly in love, and the two embark on a dangerous, dizzying affair. Ji-soo, who struggles to be the perfect wife under pressure from her in-laws, finds her world turned upside down when she discovers that her best friend is having an affair with her husband. Soon the three are caught in a maze in which the line between truth and lies, between the role of perfect wife and evil seductress, becomes surprisingly fluid.

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