Welcome to the land of the mundane, where every aspect of your life seems unremarkable. Where the elites want to rule the office while the rest of us would just like to pay off our debts. It’s a dark and depressing land, but sometimes fate has a sense of humor. Come join Firnlambe, OhSoEnthusiastic, and I, Tiara, as we try to navigate these opaque streets.

Firnlambe: First, I’m so glad to be back and working with the Drama Club. It’s been a while and I’ve needed the sense of home I get working with you all. Secondly, and more importantly…...I can’t tell if I loved the steady stream of information, or hated how freaking slow said information was distributed.

Tiara: I agree with your first, Firnlambe. It’s good to be back talking about dramaland again. I hope it’s like riding a bike and you never forget how. As to the second, I understand your feelings. My Mister isn’t exactly easing us into these characters' lives. I feel like the drama has just thrown us into the deep end of the pool, but it was kind enough to give us flotation devices to keep us from drowning. It’s normally not the type of drama I go for, but I’m glad I’ve taken the chance.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I’m not having that problem at all. This drama is really gripping me so far. I love the characters, the intrigue, how completely depressing and relatable everything is (that’s a sentence I never expected to write in my life, lol). It reminds me in some ways of Misaeng/Incomplete Life in how it’s constantly throwing you to the ground and stepping on you and just tearing your heart apart, but with Misaeng, there was always a glimmer of hope. Things would get better eventually. Here, I /feel/ a sense of hope that things will eventually be made right, but not because the drama is actually /giving/ me that hope. The story is pretty bleak. I just believe that things are going to right themselves at some point, because these characters clearly deserve it.

Firnlambe: I'm glad one of us isn't having that torn feeling, but with you Tiara, I normally would never watch something like this and I honestly only started it because of the actors. I am immensely happy that the plot is much more engaging than the summary made it seem. So far I’m thinking IU’s character is the most intriguing out of those that I've seen. I can’t pick a favorite out of her scenes.

Tiara: I’ll confess to picking My Mister for IU. I’m beginning to wonder if she’s going to break me again after what I went through in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. I agree about the plot and summary being night and day which is a positive thing. The drama is really showing the mundane, depressing, and dark side of everyday life. It’s not really a groundbreaking plot, but there is just something compelling. Heck, the office politics too isn’t new in dramaland yet it’s feels different. Maybe it’s the quirky humor because I laughed way more than I expected with how dark the drama went. Oh, and I totally agree about Ji An. I just love the introduction to her character by killing the ladybug. Total badass.

Firnlambe: The ladybug, her smooth pick up of Ki Hoon’s phone, heck--even her quick wit is amazing. She was able to think up a plan on the fly to retrieve the 50 Million Won and then her whole plan for stealing the money to begin with, I really do love her, lol. I’m also loving the relationship between Dong Hoon and his brothers.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Ji An is ballsy as heck. I can only /dream/ of being as gutsy and unfussed as her. Her life is terrible, and if I were in her position, I wouldn’t be handling it nearly as well as she is.

Tiara: Yes she is. LOL, The elevator scene had me rolling with laughter. Ji An may have been dealt a bad hand, but the girl is one smart cookie. Her ability to think on her feet is amazing. She’s not beaten down by the crappy life. Instead, she’s encased in impenetrable armor. Nothing seems to really phase her anymore. Ji An may not speak much but her actions say more than words. I’m rooting for her and grandma. I’m on the fence with Sang Hoon and Ki Hoon. Dong Hoon is just too kind hearted hence him trying to save the ladybug. His brothers need to grow up and stop blaming their problems on the world.

Firnlambe: Ki Hoon is annoying at this point. Joon Young though, Joon Young is dead to me because he and Yoon Hee are being all cheaty cheaty, but mainly because I sense the potential for a blasted triangle--and I hate triangles during my dramas. It’s going to be really interesting watching Ji An work on getting Dong Hoon fired and then consequently fall for each other. Who wants to place bets on how many episodes before sparks start to fly?

OhSoEnthusiasitc: Um, I’m really hoping that’s not where this drama is going to go. Not because of the age difference, but because I have a strict no cheating policy in all areas of my life, including Asian dramas. I’m not against dramas that address it and how it can ruin people’s lives, but I’m not down with drama’s that write it into the story as something that is acceptable behavior. Nope. Nada. Not okay.

Firnlambe: An acceptable stance, but deep down I want there to at least be chemistry between the two of them.

Tiara: Dong Hoon and Ji An’s relationship is unusual. He already thinks she helped him by “throwing” the bribe away. His brother’s sure think Ji An likes him. We know she failed to use him to pay off her douchebag loan shark. Not to mention, Dong Hoon is married with a kid. That makes any romantic relationship messy and complicated even more so when Yoon Hee is having an affair with her husband’s boss, Joon Young. I’m going to say not anytime soon because their fates in the love department kinda stink.

Firnlambe: Ok, that’s fair--but I do think there will at least be unresolved tension by episode. Now, speaking of his kid, //puts on tin-foil hat// I’m pretty certain that he had a tragic death. Which was the catalyst for Yoon Hee and Joon Young’s affair. There have been too many lingering shots on pictures with the child for me to not think he has a small part of the larger picture.

Tiara: I like the tin-foil hat theory. It did seem odd when we saw Dong Hoon’s kid only in pictures. If your theory is right, I wonder if Yoon Hee holds him responsible for their kid’s death. Joon Young is not only Dong Hoon’s boss, but his junior in college. She must really want to rub salt in his wounds. I already don’t like Yoon Hee as she isn’t relatable nor is she likeable. She should just come clean to her husband and end things.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Yoon Hee is a terrible person, and I want them to end their marriage immediately, but I actually quite like how she’s being written. I hate her, but I don’t hate her in the sense that I want her to disappear from the drama altogether. She’s a well written character. A well written character who appears to be a really terrible person too. As for the child theory, I clearly wasn’t paying close enough attention, because I didn’t even realize they have a child. If the child is dead, I think it’s going to be more a situation of their grief slowly driving them apart, not because either blames the other but because sometimes when you’re grieving, you can’t see or understand anyone else’s grief. You’re too consumed with your own.

Firnlambe: Ugh agreed. Yoon Hee is written very well, but she's also very annoying and I’m gonna hate when the kid comes back into the story in an attempt to make us empathize with her. I’m curious how much longer Joon Young will be able to effectively keep up his office facade now that the bribe attempt failed. This office is pretty cut-throat.

Tiara: Cut-throat is about as nice as you can call what happens in that office. The drama did warn us the office politics is just like a game of baduk. I don’t see Director Park or Executive Director Wang letting the bribe investigation go until they have someone to punish. Joon Young is totally a bad guy and it feels like the Director and Executive Director are the good guys. However, I’m not so sure I’m going to keep trusting them even after they helped Dong Hoon. In Dramaland, no one should be trusted in Office Politics or loan sharks. Speaking of them, I think Kwang II needs to take a chill pill and get over Ji An. I’m going to guess she did something to him that he can’t forgive but the guy is a tyrant, stalker, and an abuser who should go to jail.

Firnlambe: It better be something extraordinary, because if it turns out he’s doing this because he fancies her I’ll be annoyed. I’m curious as to why she needed money from him to begin with. I’m gonna assume that it was because of Grandma’s health. OH! That’s something else I wanted to bring up. I love that the writers incorporated sign language into the characters, just like they did in Heirs. I wonder if Grandma was always deaf.

Tiara: The use of sign language was a nice touch. Ji An knew how to sign which suggests to me that Grandma has used sign language to communicate for more than a few years. Ji An doesn’t seem to want Kwang II to know about Grandma, and this makes me curious if her reasons are to hide or protect. With our tough as nails lady now working to help fire Director Park and Dong Hoon, she’ll be spending a lot of time with Dong Hoon. Maybe his brothers and he can help out a stray cat in need and maybe allow her to bring her Grandma too.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I’m positive Kwang Il has a thing for her, but I don’t think that’s his sole reason for hounding her. He’s a loan shark, so I’m sure it started purely from a money angle. He just developed feelings for her over time, and now he’s using the money stuff as an excuse to be around her. And I get why he would be attracted to her. She’s tough as nails, and a guy following a ‘career path’ like his would probably be pretty impressed by that. But I do wonder about her hiding grandma from him. If he likes her like we’re speculating that he does, I’m honestly not sure if he would actually hurt grandma or not. I guess it’s all in the question of how much of his hounding is because of the money and how much is because of his attraction toward her. Hopefully, Dong Hoon and his lazy brothers can help Ji An either way, cause the poor girl needs a break. Her and Dong Hoon both do.

Tiara: My fingers are crossed Ji An is able to get a break and a little help from her friends. I might actually like the brothers if they can step up their game instead of being lazy bums. We'll have to wait and see! Until next time, watch more dramas!

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