The pieces are all starting to fall into place this week. Everyone is up to speed on the affair and Yoon Hee has found the motivation to start doing the right thing for once, Dong Hoon appears to have made it through the initial phase of job promotion unscathed, Ji An’s life seems to be moving in a good direction. Things are looking up for our leads. Join me, Firn, and Tiara as we catch up on everything that’s gone down.

Firnlambe: Soooooo a lot of information was thrown at us during these episodes. Personally I’m really glad our small side plots had some decent attention. Our broody debt collector Kwang Il, the entertainment duo, even Jung Hee and her ex-husband turned Monk had decent amounts of time spent heading towards closure or developing enough plot to keep me intrigued. (I’m looking at you, Monk couple).

Tiara: It was nice to see Kwang II back in the picture despite knowing the atrocious things he’s done to Ji An. He used to be the one who cared for her after the beating from his father. It makes me wonder if she was possibly his first love until she killed his father. Those feelings of love and care we’re twisted into hate and violence. Knowing his past doesn’t excuse his behavior towards Ji An, but it makes me wonder what kind of man he could have been if his father wasn’t such a bastard. Jung Hee just makes me sad. Granted, we don’t have all the facts about her relationship with the Monk, but from my understanding he walked out.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Yeeeesssss. I’ve enjoyed all of the side plots so far, so it was nice seeing them getting so much focus. We were pretty spot on about Kwang Il having a love/hate thing for Ji An. Hopefully, he’s gotten the hate part out of his system so he can forgive Ji An and they can both move on with their lives. I think the Monk couple are an interesting side plot, but I have to admit to not having much love or sympathy for the monk. I’m pretty much on Jung Hee’s side in that whole mess. My favorite side plot is clearly the entertainment duo though. This week actually had an interesting reveal that kind of changed our entire understanding of that whole situation. And now they’re together! All I want now is for them to get married and have cute kids and make movies together.

Firnlambe: Lol. Well I’m glad you are enjoying that couple to the fullest. While I do like them, the crying can get annoying. Aside from the sub-plots though, Ji An is by far--in my opinion--the best character out of the bunch. I really hope she can get decent closure at the end of all of this. She’s wicked smart and so quick on her feet. It’s too bad she hasn’t been able to do her own thing until recently. Watching her play Joon Young like a fiddle has been the highlight of this series for me, particularly once she brought Yoon Hee up to speed.

Tiara: Ji An truely is the smartest person in the whole drama. I’m happy to finally see her grow as a character. There is someone who’s accepted her, the good and the bad, and hasn’t thrown her away. She stayed late with Dong Hoon and the rest of the team to help them out without complaint. Yet the heartbreaking moment in these episodes was when the neighborhood gang walked her home and she told them “thank you.” This is probably the first time she meant those words and probably felt like a member of the group. I love the speech she gave at the end of episode 12 confirming what a good manager Dong Hoon is because he treats her like a human. Darn, where are those tissues at?

OhSoEnthusiastic: Ji An is officially international spy level amazing. The way she worked that interview in Dong Hoon’s favor was genius. She just used the truth to tell an even deeper truth. Dong Hoon is a good boss, a good co-worker, and a good person. He deserves the job. I’m glad she brought Yoon Hee into the situation, because even though I still don’t feel much sympathy for her, she proved to be very useful. I’m pretty over her whining about Dong Hoon taking care of his family. As he /should/. I could have understood if she’d simply felt neglected, like she didn’t have a place in his life next to the rest of his family. And that’s obviously part of it, but the idea that she should somehow have come /before/ his mother and brothers is childish and dumb. That’s not how families work. There’s no first and second. Every member of a family matters. But at least now that everyone knows that everyone knows about the affair, it’s proved to be a good kick in the pants for her to start doing right by Dong Hoon.

Firnlambe: Yes! I thought the same way regarding Yoon Hee and how she whined about her “place” in Dong Hoon’s life. Super annoying, and I hope she feels guilt over her actions for years to come. What I appreciated though, was once she knelt down to apologize Dong Hoon lost his entire calm facade. If they decide to try and stick it out together because of their son, that break down will go a long way in reminding Yoon Hee that Dong Hoon does in fact have emotions. The one part about bringing her up to speed that I enjoy most though? Watching her do her damndest to bring Joon Young down flat on his face. The meeting up on the roof was great. She was able to corner him into “playing fair,” and it helped them out immensely when Ji An was called in for her statements.

Tiara: The discussion between Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee was just raw and finally honest. I feel for Dong Hoon more in this argument due to Ji An’s stalking. However, I understand Yoon Hee more clearly than before. Dong Hoon provided for all of Yoon Hee’s physical needs, but he failed her as she talked about her emotional neglect and isolation she felt in her marriage. This in no way absolves her of cheating, but it helps to understand why she turned to someone who could give her the affection she craved. I find it interesting how quick Yoon Hee was willing to join forces with Ji An to bring down Joon Young, and I love that it’s because of Dong Hoon. They may have both betrayed him, but he’s the reason they’re fighting together.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Joon Young’s house of cards is slowly crumbling around him, and he’s helpless to do anything about it. He’s surrounded himself with people who are not particularly smart, only good for being yes men, and he took on Ji An not realizing just how terribly that would come back around to bite him in the ass. I won’t say I /enjoy/ watching everything fall apart for him, because it’s really quite sad watching someone who doesn’t know how to connect with others so instead he just uses them spiral so deeply. I think he’s secretly very lonely and insecure, and his way of coping with it is being manipulative and two-faced. His ultimate downfall is going to be an uncomfortable watch.

Firnlambe: Oh I can say with confidence that I am enjoying his house of cards come tumbling down. I agree that he is a very lonely soul, but that does not excuse his actions. I will pop popcorn and sip my Sprite watching him crash and burn. I only hope Dong Hoon can keep it together when his family finds out about Yoon Hee’s affair. You know that’s coming. We just don’t know how soon.

Tiara: Me too… I can’t wait until the house of cards burns. I’ll bring all the stuff to make s'mores from the fire. It’s only a matter of time before Joon Young goes down, but I get the feeling he won’t go down without a fight. I’m afraid he’s going to use Kwang II, and this will be his chance to really screw her over. I hope I’m wrong, because I’d rather have s’mores.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Well if the previews aren’t being misleading, it’s gonna be in the next two episodes. So that’s going to be fun. She said in sarcasm (F: ㅋㅋㅋ). Seriously though, that will probably be a good, albeit painful, thing. What you do in the dark will one day come to light, and it’s better to get it over with yourself as soon as possible. Hopefully, we’ll get a little bit of grandma being adorable grandma to counteract all that turmoil, because we’ll need it. That and I really missed her the past couple weeks.

So what about you guys. What are your thoughts on episodes 11 and 12? Are you glad to see things looking up for our leads? Are you excited to watch the bad guys fall? Do you miss grandma as much as I do? Let us know in the comments below!

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