My Mister has finally come to a close, but was the road towards happiness easy? Or did Ji An and Dong Hoon's road to happiness end in tears? Join Tiara, OhSoEnthusiastic and Firnlambe as they discuss the last two weeks of the series and go over why they thoroughly enjoyed the ending to this drama series as much as they did.

Firnlambe: I really, really appreciate the writers of this show. I was able to enjoy every moment to some extent. Even when I didn’t necessarily like the characters. They pushed the plot while indulging us in side plot development, yet said side plot (generally) contributed to the progression of the main plot. Hardly anything happened in this series without a reason.

Tiara: This drama is a masterpiece and darn near perfect. The best drama of 2018 and it’s going in my top favorites of all time. I’m with you Firnlambe about the characters. However when I think about My Mister as a whole it warms my heart and makes me think about what it means to be human. I cried, laugh and I too want to be find that happiness these characters finally found.

OhSoEnthusiastic: All I can say is Holy Shit. This drama is a masterpiece. (The comparisons to Misaeng/Incomplete Life I was seeing when it started are 100% warranted.) I’m super impressed with how consistent the writing has been. No loose ends or dropped plot points or things that went inexplicably unexplained. And the finale had me an emotional mess that I may never recover from. It may just be the perfect finale.

This is why I watch dramas. This right here.

Firnlambe: Emotions ran high these last two weeks. I for one was not expecting Kwang Il to A) develop the way that he did towards the end & B) did not expect him to have such a history with Ji An. I knew his father was the man that she killed in self defense, but seeing him being such a sweetheart as a small one was touching. I’m glad they didn’t make him to be the horrid character he started out as.

Tiara: The man Kwang II could have been is something I wished to have seen. I loved that he learned Ji An’s feelings about him by listening like she did on Dong Hoon. He too learned why she allowed him to treat her as such and he too saw the monster he became. Redemption isn’t easy and I see Kwang II trying to earn it one step at a time. Giving the recordings to Dong Hoon was a step in the right direction.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Kwang Il was the MVP of the finale, no doubt about it. The interesting thing is his character could have gone either way, and it would have worked for the story. I’m glad the writers chose to give him his bit of redemption, but I would have been just as willing to watch them make him even worse than he was before. Not because I wanted him to be worse, but because it would have made total sense. There are just some characters, some real life people at that, where you can totally see it going either way for them depending on their personal choices. I think Kwang Il was a good example of that.

Firnlambe: Agreed Tiara, and to expand on that, I was really glad that he had the foresight to steal the computer in the first place. It sucked that our hacker got caught, but it could have been a thousand times worse if the computer had fallen into the hands of the police first. And I’m not ashamed to say I was exceptionally happy to see the house of cards come crashing down around Joon Young.

Tiara: Joon Young is probably the only one who didn’t learn anything from this drama. He thinks he is clever, but whenever he’s in a room with Ji An I think his IQ goes down. I’m glad Yoon Hee was Ji An’s lawyer. Sure Ji An was Dong Hoon’s life saver, but I think she was to Yoon Hee too. Ji An pointed out the kindness thing Dong Hoon said to Yoon Hee every night, ”Want me to buy anything on my way home.” She recognized Dong Hoon asking that and finally took him on the offer probably for the first time. It’s yet again another step in healing the wounds and making amends.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I’m sad for Joon Young. What a different life he could have led if he had simply tried to be a real friend to people rather than using them for his own gain. He is forever alone, and it’s his own doing. I’m very pleased with the progress that was made with Yoon Hee’s character though. I will never turn down an earned redemption arc, and I really do think she earned it. Her taking on the job of being Ji An’s lawyer is one of the best ways she could have apologized. I’m sad she went to America, but hopefully it’s only temporary. Now that their relationship is doing better, I really would like to see her and Dong Hoon make it work. I truly think they can.

Firnlambe: Hahahaha. His IQ goes down in the presence of Ji An….facts only….I enjoyed Yoon Hee’s sudo redemption, and I definitely agree that Ji An was her life saver just as much as Dong Hoon’s. Yoon Hee needed someone to be blunt and upfront with her. She never would have been able to see all the small things Dong Hoon did for her if Ji An hadn’t pointed them out. I’m also reeeeeally glad she went to America. Not because she needed space from Dong Hoon, though I’m sure that had something to do with it, but because she wanted to be closer to her son while finding herself again. Though watching Dong Hoon have his breakdown at the end of 16 really pulled at my heart-strings.

Tiara: Seeing Dong Hoon let out the emotions he’s been bottling up for years is just heartbreaking but therapeutical. It really does just take one person to change a life. Dong Hoon needed Ji An in his life just as she needed him. Dong Hoon showed her what it’s like to be a decent person, but it was the neighborhood that showed her what it’s like to live like one. I love the relationship between Ji An and Dong Hoon, however, I adore the relationship between Jung Hee and Ji An. I hope they still meet up for holidays and keep in touch much like how Dong Hoon and Gyeom Duk stay in touch during those years.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Ugh, watching him cry was like ripping out my soul. I was positive her leaving was a sign that they would be getting divorced, and I was just not ready to watch that happen to our ahjussi. (The amount of ugly tears I would have been crying if that happened...I can’t even express it.)

Firnlambe: Yes! Jung Hee taking Ji An under her wing was nice to see. Ji An really needed that positive female influence in her life. Particularly since her only female role model of the positive variety was her grandmother. I was really glad Dong Hoon was able to track Ji An down before Grandma passed away. That would have been horrible if he hadn’t.

Tiara: Hearing Dong Hoon say, “Ji An. Call me” will forever give me goosebumps. I’m glad Dong Hoon took the time to understand Ji An instead of making assumptions after finding out about the bug on his phone. The worried look on his face trying to find her and his dedication to hunting her down had me worried he might not find her. Yet, that hug they shared before she left had me in tears. No this drama isn’t a romance but it is about love. The love of a person that doesn’t have to be romantic or defined. As Grandma said, “what a wonderful relationship you have with him.” Grandma leaving Ji An alone in the world was heart wrenching. However, she’s not alone. Thanks to Sang Hoon, neither Grandma nor Ji An are alone anymore.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Grandmaaaaaaaaa. Her death might have been the roughest part for me during the finale. It was also the most unexpected. I didn’t think they would take her from us so soon after everything was settled and taken care of. But as much as it hurts for her to be gone, and I would obviously have been just fine with her not dying, I accept it. She was old and in poor health and had finally gotten to see her granddaughter living a better, more happy and secure life. She was ready to go, and I can’t argue with her about it.

Firnlambe: We said it earlier, but this show really is in a class of its own. Even with all of the information and plot development we were given here at the end, we still had closure after closure with the main plot and side plots. I liked watching the time lapse over Ki Hoon and Yu Ra’s relationship. It helped prove that time has moved on, and kept us apprised of their development. I wasn’t surprised when they broke up, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Ki Hoon start to really work on his writing after he saw Yu Ra’s success as an actress. Dong Hoon becoming the CEO that Yoon Hee always wanted was a nice touch, but I also was really happy to see Ji An thriving at work and teaching others sign language.

Tiara: It’s great that Ki Hoon is able to write again. I think he was happy with cleaning but it was never his passion. Seeing him pick up his dream again gives hope for a happier future. The visuals in these episodes were a character in themselves. Seeing Ji An and Dong Hoon towards the end living life shows how bright their life has become since their first meeting in darkness. The emotional darkness is gone from their life as color and brightness is clear in every scene. These two may not be in each other lives, and it’s bittersweet. Yet Ji An still wanted to buy Dong Hoon a meal. Probably with some liquor. But it’s a new beginning, and she’s taking grandma’s advice. “You must repay them. Live a happy life. That’s how you can repay the people in your life.”

OhSoEnthusiastic: I hadn’t noticed it before, but the drama did actually look brighter at the end compared to the beginning. I love when director’s/writers do things like that, draw out the layers and meanings of a story in the visuals and music, etc. It really helps the audience fully connect with the peace and joy that the characters are feeling. I think Ki Hoon and Yoo Ra’s breakup was probably due to Ki Hoon’s own insecurity and unwillingness to try again at something he’d failed at so miserably, so I’m a little disappointed that they weren’t able to patch things up, but I can’t be mad at the writer for being honest about it being a genuine barrier in their relationship. He was always going to be feel inferior to her in some way because of it.

I think grandma’s advice is probably the most fitting way to sum up a huge part of the message of this drama. Live a happy life. It’s the best way to thank those who have done you a kindness, and it’s the best way to get revenge on those who have not treated you kindly. Simply live a happy life.

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