Arthur Schopenhauer’s quote, “The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom” sums up the world of My Mister. This week the office politics have accelerated with one battle won for Joon Young, who's weary about his alliance with Ji An. Our tough girl is freaking people out with her astuteness and quick thinking. The Brothers become their own boss’ and take one step closer to becoming adults. Dong Hoon is concerned about Ji An being able to see through his walls of loneliness. They both seem to recognize and understand each other’s boredom and pain. Come join OhSoEnthusiastic and I, Tiara, as we discuss this week’s skirmish.

Tiara: Ji An continues to amaze me with her quick thinking. It also makes me worry about her “working” for Joon Young. She may have gotten rid of Director Park, but she promised to get rid of Dong Hoon too. She’s in survival mode, but I’m also wondering if her sleuthing on Dong Hoon might backfire.

OhSoEnthusiastic: After watching episode 4, I was left with the impression that she might be hesitating about her plan now that she’s learned a bit more about Dong Hoon. There’s an affinity starting to grow between them, and I think both of them are recognizing it now. And she hasn’t gotten rid of Director Park just yet. He may have been sent off to Busan, but he’s still around. He’s still a potential threat to Joon Young’s plans. I imagine sending him off to Busan was not quite what he wanted. He wanted Director Park out of the picture entirely. Of course, I love how haphazard and effective and off the script Ji An has been at attacking Director Park and Dong Hoon. She goes straight for the jugular with zero hesitation. Not to mention how her behavior clearly terrifies Joon Young. I like watching him squirm.

Tiara: Ji An and Dong Hoon are, in a way, kindred spirits. Their circumstances are hugely different, but they both seem to share a boredom with life while still caring about their families. Ji An would rather kill her grandmother than allow Kwang Il to continue tormenting her while Dong Hoon’s vengeance tactics seem meek yet were very effective. She sees probably for the first time that violence isn’t the only way. They both may dislike each other, but they tend to have a lot in common. You’re right about the fact that Joon Young would rather have Director Park fired, but he paid Ji An the money. I’d say the demotion is a win in his column. Ji An is pretty scary. She may be small and quiet, but she doesn’t hold her punches. The look on Yoon Hee’s face when she found out Ji An killed a man when she was in middle school; priceless. I’m not surprised that wasn’t a lie when she told that to Dong Hoon.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Ehhhh, I think he paid her because he’s afraid of her. She’s a wild card, an unknown. He doesn’t have control over her like he thought he would and like he does just about everything else, and I think he’s probably in panic mode right now like ‘What have I done? Who is this woman?’ He paid her because he was too afraid to do anything else. It’s honestly quite hysterical to me that they all think she’s some kind of professional, lol. She’s just /that/ ruthless. And Dong Hoon! Who expected him to show up at that CEO’s office and threaten him like that? He’s so meek and mild that you expect him to just sit and take it no matter what. I’m glad to see him at least stand up for his family even if he won’t do it for himself. My only complaint with his character is that for someone supposedly so mature and responsible and level-headed, he sure does act awfully stupid sometimes. Obviously, he’s inexperienced at the whole subterfuge thing, but you’d think he’d at least know better than to openly flail around in front of everyone.

Tiara: Dong Hoon is a bit naive, but he’s also not completely stupid. He figured out how to track the bribe money. Heck, he totally knows his wife is cheating on him, and he’s gotta be putting some of the pieces together. She gave herself away the moment she asked about who threw the money away. She knows he doesn’t like Joon Young. She isn’t fooling anyone. She continues to just annoy me to the point that I kept asking myself why Joon Young even likes her. Is it the thrill or being able to throw this in Dong Hoon’s face? She seems to just complain about her husband all the time.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I actually wrote in my notes that for someone who doesn’t want to be with her husband anymore, she sure does talk about him an awful lot. She’s always so down in the mouth about him and pitying him and talking about how sad he is, and I’m just like ‘You’re part of the problem, ya trollop!’ I’m sure it’s real romantic for her lover to listen to, lol. Before episode 4, I could see why Joon Young might be attracted to her, but after they made their third or fourth appearance in a scene together and she spent it talking about her husband /again/, it stopped making sense. I didn’t get the impression that Dong Hoon knew she was having an affair though. Maybe that she’s hiding something, because it would strike you as odd, if you didn’t already know about the affair, that she would be having conversations with Joon Young about the bribe unless there was some kind of relationship there. But I don’t know that my mind would automatically go to affair. Maybe that’s just me though.

Tiara: Yoon Hee and Joon Young seem to go back and forth about keeping up with their affair and having her divorce Dong Hoon. Their relationship has been doomed from the start. I don’t see the company being happy with him marrying another employee’s ex-wife. It would be even more awkward if Dong Hoon is ever fired. Joon Young just doesn’t seem very smart. Speaking of smart, Dong Hoon’s brother finally did something right. Not only did they get jobs, but they own the company. It may not be glamorous, but it’s a start. I felt like his brothers were a bit useless, but they are starting to slowly grown on me.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I don’t think Yoon Hee and Joon Young actually want to be together. I think they want to want to be together, but they’re both really just floundering in their own lives and decided to do it together. Which is quite sad, honestly. I don’t think Joon Young is dumb, but he’s definitely showed over these last two episodes that he lacks in some very fundamental ways. And yes to the brothers finally showing signs of growing up. The cleaning business was one of the only light-hearted moments of the last two episodes (minus the ordeal with the nasty CEO). They might hate cleaning for other people, but I have a feeling this is going to go a long way toward maturing them as people.

Tiara: Sang Hoon has a long way to go to pay off his debt, but he’s doing honest work. This work isn’t going to save his marriage. His wife clearly is ready to move on, but he can’t let go. He’s scared to be alone. It’s understandable, but it is selfish, and he’s not the only character who is. Finally, I’m starting to understand Kwang II’s actions toward Ji An since it was revealed she killed his father. He’s part angry and, deep down in some dramatic twist, part of him admires her. His violent act towards her is horrifying to watch, and it seems like Ji An allows the beatings because she feels guilty for killing Kwang II’s father. For her sake, she better stop letting it happen, because her body can’t be able to keep up.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I was actually going to say something similar. I do feel like she purposely instigates those beatings sometimes in an effort to exorcise her guilt for killing his father. Her brother said it himself that it doesn’t make sense for her to take it. She wouldn’t take it from anyone else. Now that we know she killed Kwang Il’s father, I’m questioning our hypothesis about him having a thing for her. I think it’s still possible, as crazy as that sounds, but it doesn’t seem as big of a driving force behind him hounding her the way he does. I think he honestly just wants to punish her for the rest of her life, and he begrudgingly likes/admires her for her resilience and grit and unwillingness to back down. She looks him in the eye instead of cowering. You’ve gotta admire that at least a little bit. Also, can we just talk about the brother for a minute? What an annoying, selfish little kid. He spends the entire first two episodes ignoring Ji An and their grandmother even when they clearly need help, and then he’s suddenly taking part in Ji An’s epic plots. Not that I didn’t like seeing him take part in some pretty ingenious subterfuge, but maybe it would be nice if he could start showing up in other areas of Ji An’s life too, not to mention in their grandma’s life at all.

Tiara: You’re right about Ki Bum. He even said part of the debt is because of him. It would be nice if he could give Ji An a hand. Maybe allow her to actually sleep and not cat nap would be a nice start. I’m still confused on Ki Bum and Ji An’s relationship. The way they worked together doesn’t seem like this is their first time pulling a scam. Yet, he knows grandma and confessed to being part of the debt. What did he do to cause the debt? Grandma’s medical bills probably didn’t help the debt, but Kwang II’s dad was in their life while Ji An was in middle school. Could it have been from her parents? I think we’ll have to wait for those answers. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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