This drama is a slow burn. If you’re here for thrilling action, heart-stopping romance or uproarious comedy, you’re here for the wrong reason. But if you’re here for a story that’s pensive, heartbreaking and perfectly comfortable with making you sit with the painful moments until they rub your heart raw, then this is the drama for you. Join me, Firnlambe, and Tiara as we talk about what happened this week on My Mister!

OhSoEnthusiastic: So I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to say that a lot happened over the last week, since this drama is such a slow burn (which I mean in a totally complementary way), but there was one important thing that happened this week. Dong Hoon finally discovered that Yoon Hee is cheating on him with Joon Young. I wondered when that reveal would take place, and we’re finally here.

Firnlambe: I’m loving how Ji An is the one who seems to be changing her tune. The way she revealed that the number is a public phone number was very telling to me. The whole time she’s spent listening to his daily life has steadily done a number on her conscious, and I am HERE for it. I really want her to have an epic redemption moment. Particularly since I know it's all going to come crashing down on her when Dong Hoon learns what she has been doing to him.

Tiara: It’s such a big moment for Dong Hoon to learn about his wife’s affair and his boss' betrayal. Confronting these two might send his life into a downward spiral. I’m really worried about Dong Hoon’s headspace and so is Ji An. Her spying is only going to make it harder for her to complete her mission. She’s learning that Dong Hoon really is a good guy, and he’s slowly moving Ji An’s heart with his kindness. He does nice things for her and expects nothing in return but he is a good person.

OhSoEnthusiastic: It amuses me to no end to see Ji An pulling all the strings. She’s not in charge by any means, and she has no idea what she’s doing, but she’s so haphazard and aggressive that everyone else thinks she might secretly be in charge, which I certainly wouldn’t have a problem with. Like you, Firn, I’m really glad to see her relating to Dong Hoon more and having empathy for him and instinctively wanting to fight for him, even if it goes against everything she knows about survival. Their lives are very, very different, but they’re kindred spirits in their pain, and she can’t ignore that so easily anymore.

Firnlambe: They really are similar, aren’t they? I have to wonder though. How did Joon Young figure out that Ji An had committed murder? I can’t imagine that many people are aware of that since she has so many jobs…..also, thank God we got an answer as to why that debt collector is so invested in her. I mean, on the one hand I feel bad for him, but then on the other I feel no sympathy since his father was clearly a cruel man.

Tiara: The relationship between Ji An and Dong Hoon is my favorite thing about this drama. It’s not about love or romance but two people who feel like outcasts sharing the same pain. I always thought he took Ji An at face value when she told him she killed a person. Speaking of that, Kwang II spending his father’s death anniversary with Ji An and Grandma is just unsettling, but also heartbreaking. I had a moment of feeling bad for Kwang II until he turned his pain and anger into violence towards Ji An. However, the fact that Ji An lets him use her as his punching bag just breaks my heart. She may not back down to his tough guy talk but she allows the beatings because a tiny part inside her believes she is a bad person, a murderer who deserves to be punished. The moment that Dong Hoon told her, “You’re a good person” is the first time someone probably has ever told her she was one.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Well, she went to prison for it for three years, so it’s public record. He obviously did some digging on her after agreeing to take her help (and then subsequently realizing she might be a little too effective, lol), so it would come up. I’m more surprised she was able to get a job at all considering she has a record. Let alone multiple jobs. We’ve also known for a little while now that Kwang Il was hounding her because she killed his father. Which on the one hand is incredibly tragic and part of me wants to envelop him in a hug to make up for all the time he spent not being loved by anyone, because it’s made him a very angry and bitter man. But on the other hand, I just want him die so that he can finally be at peace and Ji An doesn’t have to live under the intense weight of (unfair) guilt for protecting her family from a man who was clearly evil. If this were a more stereotypical drama, I would hope for Kwang Il to get a redemption arc, but I don’t foresee that happening here, so death really seems like the only way to end his part of the story. (I feel so incredibly terrible for saying that.)

Firnlambe: I feel that you’re right. A redemption arc seems unlikely. Honestly, for how slow this story seems to be progressing, they sure do like to dump multiple plot lines on us. We have our main story-line, then we have our youngest brother plot point with the crummy actress, the co-workers all talking in the shadows, the whole plot point with the chairman and then that doesn’t even take into account the debt collector. With these many points it's no wonder things seem to be progressing slow. I hope that Dong Hoon really starts to light fires under Joon Young. Ideally without letting him know that he has unearthed the affair.

Tiara: I love how this drama is just building all these plot-lines around. It feels like not much happens each episode, but really there is a lot of things that happen. TvN is known for their lengthy hour plus episodes in the last few years, but this is the first drama I’ve watched in awhile where I wish it was longer or I had more episodes. I’m so invested into the lives of these characters I just want to know more. I cannot express how much the drama does a really good job of placing humor to lighten the mood. It’s not easy when the drama is mostly dealing with painful and horrific parts of live.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Hm, I don’t feel like there are too many plot lines. There are just a lot of connecting pieces. And the coworkers gossiping isn’t really a plotline, just an extension of what has been happening to Dong Hoon. Speaking of, a lot of the gossiping wouldn’t be happening at all if he would Stop Doing Stupid Things! He most definitely should have been fired by now with how shady he’s been behaving. He’s innocent and yet he’s acting like he’s been caught in the middle of a crime. Calling all those numbers from his office desk, openly talking to Ji An like there’s some kind of secret between them. If I didn’t already know he was innocent, I would think he was guilty. It’s starting to grate on me, honestly. With the bribe, I understood why he would panic and hide the envelope in his desk instead of reporting it straight away. Something like that happens, the average person wouldn’t know what to do. But he keeps making silly mistakes. It’s driving me nuts. As for the affair, this might sound hypocritical next to my previous statements about doing silly things, but I want him to go up to Joon Young, right in the middle of the office, and just be like ‘I know. I know about everything.’ Then walk away. Don’t even tell him what he knows. Just say ‘I know.’ I want to see Joon Young nervous, looking behind every door wondering who knows what.

Firnlambe: Agreed in regards to making Joon Young nervous. Now, as for Dong Hoon. Even though he makes silly mistakes, at least his personality is staying the same. At his core, he is a kind person. It’s no wonder Ji An’s Grandmother took a liking to him.

Tiara: Yes, it does seem like it’s not smart to call these numbers from the office, but on the other hand, he just made a record of the numbers. This could just help prove Joon Young’s affair with his wife and the lengths they go through to communicate with each other. But I like the way you’re thinking, OhSoEnthusiastic. I think that would be brilliant for him not to elaborate on what he knows but he knows. It just might make Joon Young squirm and make a mistake.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I will concede that his personality has been consistent, and, apart from his silly mistakes, I quite like everything else about him. He’s just so honorable. Grandma is the one who really got to me this week though. I’ve cried in multiple scenes she’s been in, but this week just made me want to roll up into a ball and cry for a week. The terror she must have felt watching this young man beat her granddaughter; the heartbreaking moment with the moon, all swaddled in a shopping cart like ET; every single groan when Ji An drags her pallet across the floor. Ugh. It hurts. My grandmother passed away last year, and I couldn’t help watching this week’s episodes and feeling like I was watching this happen to her. She was in a lot of pain the last few days, and watching how terrible Ji An’s grandmother’s life is just dredged up a lot of feelings. It was just sad knowing that there are some grandmothers out there who actually live through this experience, and I was both sad that my grandmother’s last few days were not completely peaceful and grateful that they did not go down like this.

Moving on, because this is already a depressing drama without me adding to it. I think the most annoying yet simultaneously humorous part of this week's episodes was the brothers dealing with the wannabe actress. Such a vain, selfish girl. I was glad to see her show some maturity later on when she realized maybe it was her own fault she wasn't successful. I mean, she’s the one who not only couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag but then spent however many years blaming it on someone else and moping around 24/7. I think she’s going to be a nice character now that she’s gotten some perspective.

Firnlambe: Not gonna lie, she annoyed me greatly at the beginning, but I also really hope she is able to pull it together with said perspective. If she can get it together and somehow work with our mopey director, I’ll call it even.

Tiara: I love Grandma, and it just breaks my heart. I’m glad she has Ji An and isn’t completely alone, but she must feel awful towards her granddaughter whom she can’t help. My least favorite story is Director Park and Actress Yu Ra too. Mostly, I can’t stand Yu Ra either. She’s really annoying and I don’t find any humor in her delight about Ki Hoon’s failure.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Well if it can turn into a cute, little romance between them instead of her annoyingly yapping all over the place (Yes. I think they would look cute together. So sue me.), I would be quite happy, lol.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episodes? Do you feel like the story is slow or a slow burn? How do you hope Dong Hoon will deal with the revelation that his wife is having a affair with Joon Young? Do you love Ji An as much as we do? Do you hate Kwang Ill as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below!

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