Our pace picks up this week, but the direction life takes isn't always what you'd expect. It's a rocky road trying to navigate an affair. Joon Young and Yoon Hee take the brunt of it, while Ji An is slowly coming to grips with how her actions effect Dong Hoon. Will Ji An's next set of choices improve things for the better? Or will the choices she make only bring them all more trouble? Join OhSoEnthusiastic, Tiara and Firnlambe as they discuss this and more for episodes 7 & 8 of My Mister.

Firnlambe: I really am enjoying how much of an enigma Ji An is for our trio of sad lovers.

OhSoEnthusiasitc: What struck me about her this week, and actually really surprised me, was when she seemed to truly...break, I guess, and show a little doubt about just how comfortable she really is with the things Joon Young is asking her to do. Up until now, there have been moments where she looks conflicted, but always privately where no one else can see it. When Joon Young point blank asked her to ‘date’ Dong Hoon, she looked genuinely startled, like her doubts about what she’s doing are starting to really take root.

Tiara: I love how she’s trying to make a connection with someone and is finally succeeding. The hard armor that Ji An carries around is starting to come undone after her heart to heart with Dong Hoon. He is slowly earning her trust as she continues to listen to his daily life. This is a huge moment for Ji An as she probably hasn’t trusted someone in a long time. I’m worried about her deal with Joon Young too because he’s asking her to do something she wants which is to spend more time with Dong Hoon. I'm worried and interested in finding out if she’ll let her friendship with Dong Hoon go while probably destroying his life. I hope it’s plan B and she’ll go with her own feelings and fight for the only friendship she’s ever known.

Firnlambe: I admit that I thought the heart that would change first, towards some semblance of real feelings, would have been Dong Hoon between the two of them. That being said, I’m really happy that Ji An caved first. Watching her doubt the roads she’s traveled so far, while on this ridiculous office journey, has been a treat. I really do love her character, but then I also pity her too. She had to grow up in a very hostile environment with no one to guide her. I would hate to think what would happen to Grandmother if Dong Hoon hadn’t let her know about the free care they could receive if they were registered to different addresses.

Tiara: I love the relationship between Ji An and Dong Hoon because it isn’t romantic. They are two lost souls that have different lives, but they get each other. They don’t ask each other for things. Yoon Hee wants him pay less attention to his mother and brothers and to quit his job for her to divorce him for her own needs. His brothers want him to keep his job to pay for their mom’s funeral. Then you have his own mother who wants her son to be successful so she doesn’t feel like she failed. When Ji An gave him a “fighting”, it’s the first time someone gave him encouragement without asking for something in return. It was heart moving moment for both.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I’m pretty sure hearts changing isn’t going to be in a romantic way though, like some people are probably hoping for, especially since I believe the leads have already said publicly that their characters will not be romantically involved with each other. It does seem like she might like Dong Hoon, but I’m not sure that he necessarily feels anything deeper than kinship and concern for her. And I’m personally happy to let it stay that way. I am certainly glad Dong Hoon is around though. All the help he’s provided her for her grandmother alone has made their weird...friendship...whatever...more than worth it. Of course, he’s going to find out eventually all the things she’s been doing, and I’m pretty nervous for what will end up happening then.

Firnlambe: Oh, for sure, the changes are not going to be of the romantic variety, at least not in both directions. I can see Ji An play with the idea of developing true feelings, but I can’t see her really act on them either. Especially, as you said OhSo, when Dong Hoon figures out (or is told) she’s been playing him since the beginning. When THAT shoe drops it's going to be a doozy. Probably just as much, if not more so, from when Ji An revealed to Yoon Hee that her “super secret romance affair” is not as secret as she thought it was. I can’t decide if I want the shoe to drop before or after her murder is brought to the forefront.

Tiara: Ji An isn’t going to tell him she bugged his phone and knows all of his most humiliating things. He already told her as long as nobody knows it isn’t a big deal. She’s taking this secret to the grave. However, I can see Joon Young using Ji An to get under Dong Hoon’s skin. Heck, I worried that Kwang II might learn about Ji An’s deal with Joon Young or meet him. Horrible and Terrible working together just makes me sick thinking about it.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I can honestly see both of them toying with the idea of romance, but ultimately, I just don’t think that’s what the writer/director/producer team are going for with these characters. I get the feeling they are trying to explore a type of friendship/relationship that is a little fuzzy and not truly either kind, and so far I think they’re doing a fabulous job. I actually just read today that the producer for My Mister also directed Misaeng/Incomplete Life (and Signal, which is a drama I need to watch), which just makes me feel super smart for seeing the similarities between them so early on, lol.

Firnlambe: I have…..not seen any of those. //hangs head in Drama Club shame// I’ve been really lax on my drama viewings, but if those are anything like this show in terms of pace and plot, I’ll need to rectify that. It's still slightly baffling that this story has drawn me in like it has. Not one of the plot lines make me feel bored, not even our depressed actress. I’m not sure about you guys, but not gonna lie, outside of our trio of sad lovers, I feel most invested in our debt collector. His obsession with Ji An is terrifying and fascinating all at the same time.

Tiara: Kwang II being a creepy stalker outside the restaurant is haunting. The look on his face when he see Ji An genuinely smile just makes me worry for Dong Hoon. This boy is obsessed with her. His anger towards Ji An for the murder of his father is understandable, but he only sees things as black and white. He’s so caught up in his own grief and anger, that he can’t see how destructive his behavior and life has become. He’s an abuser and a creep. I’m looking forward to Dong Hoon giving Kwang II an “aha moment” to make him realize the true weight and impact of his behavior.

Firnlambe: Oooooooo an "aha moment" would be amazing.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I just want him to admit that he’s got a thing for her, cause it seems so obvious at this point. If he really hated her so much for killing his father, then I don’t think anything could stand in his way of killing her in return. So why hasn’t he just killed her and gotten it over with? Something is keeping him from doing it, and me thinks that something is romantic feelings. Speaking of our ‘actress’ though, I quite liked her this week. She seems so sad and scared of trying again. As selfish and childish as she had been behaving before, I totally related to her fear of trying again. She might have been truly terrible, but I have no doubt Mr. Director was probably pretty mean as well. He seems like the type to have a short fuse that could make any person a little gun shy. And oh was I happy to see our resident director take a step toward her in at least some semblance of friendship. That little hug was incredibly awkward and cringey, but it was also the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, lol. This is my ship in this drama, and I will go down with it.

Firnlambe: Right. So...while OhSo goes down with the entertainment duo--I’m sitting back and cackling as I watch our affair pair, Yoon Hee and Joon Young, crash and burn due to glorious misunderstandings. Watching Joon Young think that Dong Hoon has stepped up his game (like he threatened to at the campground) was priceless, but I think I really enjoyed how Ji An played Yoon Hee like a fiddle. I really hope she comes clean to Dong Hoon before he’s forced to reveal that particular hand to her.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I don’t foresee that happening. She’s far too caught up in herself and what she wants to ever care about his feelings. She’s really the one character in the drama I could care less about. I don’t want her to disappear, because even a selfish cheater can serve a purpose in a story, but I certainly don’t miss her when she’s not on screen. I will admit though, it surprises me how easy it is to rattle Joon Young. For someone so underhanded and treacherous and two-faced, he falls apart at the slightest hitch in his plans. Just goes to show he’s not really as skilled as he thinks he is. I won’t say I love seeing him struggle, because I’m honestly kind of sad for him. He has no idea how to form genuine relationships with other people. But I won’t say I hate seeing him taken down a peg or two either.

Tiara: I’m with Firnlambe and relishing in the sinking of the Yoon Hee and Joon Young ship. I totally loved all the confrontations this week. Ji An telling Yoon Hee to get her act together and stop thinking like a young girl in love for the first time. It was funny to see Yoon Hee startled when she realized it was Ji An. I wonder how much of Ji An’s records are known in the background check or if Yoon Hee isn’t good doing background checks because you'd think she’d find more about Ji An’s situation. I’m surprised Dong Hoon confronted Joon Young that soon. Yoon Hee moping around the house was aggravating. It made me want to give Dong Hoon a hug for having to deal with his atrocious cheating wife. Yu Ra just hasn’t warmed up to me. She just comes across as irritating. However, I do hope maybe she and Ki Hoon can work together and make up for their bad fate from the past. Maybe they can help each other make their dreams come true again.

Well dear readers, how did your emotions fair this week? Are you all happy with how everything has started to unravel for the Affair Pair? Are you looking forward to seeing Kwang II implode over his newfound knowledge of Ji An actually starting to enjoy her life without him? Or do you prefer to hold off judgment day until a few more episodes? Let us know in the comments below and we'll see you for episodes 9 & 10.

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