Starring Song Yoon Ah of On Air and Kim Sung Soo of Full House and Bad Love, My Sister tells the tale of a brave young woman who fights for her family to survive in the wake of tragedy, the lessons she and her family learn along the way, and the man who helps them in all their trials. Headstrong Yoon Seung Joo (played by Song Yoon Ah) has always had her way. The daughter of a wealthy father, she single-handedly raises her brothers after their mother dies. While studying in grad school as an art student, however, her father suddenly disappears, and her life turns upside down as the family is cast into abject poverty. Seung Joo is not about to give up however, and rallies her immature brothers to survive. Meanwhile, her younger cousin, Yoon Soo Ah (Heo Young Ran), who has grown up in her shadow, cherishes a quiet hatred of her, all the more so because the man she wants, Kim Gun Woo, is in love with Seung Joo instead. Kim Gun Woo (Kim Sung Soo) is a kind university lecturer who loves Seung Joo but has refused to pursue her for fear of dragging her down into his poverty. When her family is impoverished, he quietly helps in whatever way he can, standing by her side in spite of her fierce pride. Soo Ah will do anything to stop their pairing. Kim Gun Sae (Kang Kyong Joon), Gun Woo's brother, an avaricious young man who falls for the poor tough girl of his neighborhood, completes the quartet of young people who battle with romance, sorrow, and wealth or lack thereof, and learn what's worth fighting for in life. Watch My Sister on DramaFever!