The very cute romance comedy My Princess from 2011 was so delightful that it has become one of the all-time most popular dramas. Where are the royal couple Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun now? What about the other leads Park Ye Jin and Ryu Soo Young? Or the grandfather played by Lee Soon Jae and the friendly palace chef played by Kikwang of BEAST? Let's find out.

In My Princess, Kim Tae Hee played the last Korean princess who was "lost and found." Her character, Lee Seol, was a college student who had no idea of her birthright. She would fall in love with Song Seung Hun's chaebol heir whose inheritance was threatened by the princess' existence. The two would eventually fall in love after a journey paved with hilarious fun and adventure.

Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun made such a lovely couple together on screen that it is quite amazing that they have each found happiness with someone else in real life.

1. Kim Tae Hee - In real life she has been dating Hallyu megastar Rain, but she doesn't know when they'll marry.

In the new hit drama Yong Pal, she plays an heiress who needs Dr. Joo Won's help to free her from confinement. Her evil half brother wants to kill her so that he can control the powerful family's enterprise.

2. Song Seung Hun - In real life he is dating Chinese actress Liu Yifei. They met when they co-starred in the movie The Third Way of Love.

But we'll never forget his fantastic abs in My Princess

Song continues to stay busy. In recent years he has filmed in both Korea and China. His next project is Saimdang, the Herstorywith Lee Young Ae of the famous Jewel in the Palace.

3. Ryu Soo Young - He played the handsome professor who was Kim Tae Hee's college crush in My Princess.

In The Virtual Bride, he is again a handsome professor, this time a math genius, and has hilarious encounters with SISTAR's Dasom.

4. Park Ye Jin - In My Princess, she was the haughty director who pursued Song Seung Hun but was also Professor Ryu Soo Young's lover.

She is now in Yoon Kye Sang's thrilling drama Last playing a complex character who is stuck in the underworld but wants to gain freedom. This is a tough role, but Park Ye Jin has never shied away from demanding assignments.

5. Lee Soon Jae - He was the beloved grandfather to Song Seung Hun's character in My Princess. The veteran actor has played so many royal characters that he should call the Joseon palace home. He is currently King Hyeonjo in The Scholar Who Walks the Night.

Interestingly, he played a similar king as King Yeongjo in Yi San, one of my most favorite historical dramas. The Scholar Who Walks the Night presents an alternate world where the same Joseon king is besieged by the nasty vampire Gwi, but handsome hero vampire Lee Joon Ki will save the day.

6. Kikwang of BEAST played a cute and friendly chef in My Princess. His new job is a policeman in Mrs. Cop.

There you have it. If you are looking for a cute romance comedy series, you will have fun watching My Princess. You can also check out new dramas Yong PalThe Virtual BrideLASTMrs. Cop and The Scholar Who Walks the Night, where the stars from My Princess continue to entertain K-drama fans.

Which drama(s) are you watching now?

~ NancyZdramaland